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  • Leonard Cohen Back on the Road, Still Looking for God

    By Danielle Berrin

    March 4, 2009 | 9:00 pm

    Nothing like having your business manager abscond with all your assets while you’re meditating on a mountaintop. Such was the unfortunate fate of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen,  according to an article in The New York Times. Cohen spent five years at a Los Angeles Zen Buddhist...

  • Tour Puts Kosher Boy Scout in Limelight

    By Susan Josephs

    April 7, 2005 | 8:00 pm


    As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, Edward Schwarzschild did a stint as a Kosher Boy Scout and hated it.

    "Carrying two sets of dishes into the wilderness was a real turn-off for me," he said.

    Now 40, Schwarzschild hails from a venerable tradition of writers who have mined...

  • Secular Fans Hip to Religious Rapper

    By Kelly Hartog

    April 7, 2005 | 8:00 pm


    He's into rap, hip-hop, reggae -- and religion. He's not a Christian rocker; he's a Chasidic reggae/hip-hop musician.

    Matisyahu is the artist formerly known as Mathew Miller -- until he found God, Lubavitch-style, almost five years ago.

    The 25-year-old certainly beats to his own...

  • Evan and Jaron

    By Amy Klein

    April 15, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    "Hey, Mr. Lowenstein, welcome to life."

    That's the wakeup call that Jaron Lowenstein, half of the pop duo "Evan and Jaron," says that he got this last year as he and his brother plan their comeback -- without a major studio backing.

    "We lived a charmed life, I felt like I've had...

  • Prez by Day, Punk by Night

    By Henry Benjamin

    September 26, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    Lawyer, lecturer, punk rocker --and executive president of an Orthodox synagogue.

    Welcome to the world of Bram Presser, 26, the Melbourne, Australia-based lead singer of Yidcore, a Jewish punk rock group that specializes in Jewish and Hebrew songs.

    As executive president of...

  • Campus Envy

    By Rob Eshman

    August 29, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    I am not a big fan of Jewish unity when it's ideological. A room full of informed

    and opinionated Jews, arguing their ideas back and forth, is a sign of a healthy people.

    But I do support Jewish physical unity. Life is with people, and Jewish life flourishes when we learn, play, pray...

  • ‘Ferris’ Singer’s Day Off

    By Michael Aushenker

    June 3, 1999 | 8:00 pm

    When Spectator caught up with Monique Powell, lead singer of the pop sensation Save Ferris, she was wandering around Anaheim, tired, displaced and searching for food.

    But this was no VH1 special in the making. After two years of nonstop global touring in support of her band's two...