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  • Long a rival, Ted Cruz endorses Trump in U.S. presidential race

    September 23, 2016 | 1:43 pm

    In an abrupt shift, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday, saying he is the only candidate who can stop Democrat Hillary Clinton from winning the White House on Nov. 8.

    "A year ago, I pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and I...

  • Mindful voters, mindless news: Trump is a teachable moment

    By Marty Kaplan

    July 25, 2016 | 12:27 pm

    The sun rose blood red this morning. Sunlight stained the pine of my bedroom bookshelves a shade of Indian paintbrush. For minutes I just stood there, ambushed by the angled light in the silent room. As the sun crept across the carpet, I knew I was watching – even thought I could...

  • Cruz may be down, but he is not out as a favorite of the pro-Israel right

    July 21, 2016 | 2:18 pm

    Wednesday night’s gripping tale of a dramatic, sudden repudiation of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by Sheldon Adelson, the major pro-Israel philanthropist and Republican donor, seems a little less consequential in the light of Thursday morning, according to folks who are close with Adelson...

  • Cleveland Diary: Why aren’t they talking about Israel?

    By Shmuel Rosner

    July 21, 2016 | 4:11 am


    Either I am talking to the wrong people, or very few Republican voters expect their candidate to win this November. My guess: I am talking to the wrong people. That is to say – at least yesterday, I was talking mostly with Jewish Republicans.

    With some of them I had...

  • Reality ‘Trumps’ preference for much of Republican Jewish Coalition

    By Jared Sichel

    May 16, 2016 | 6:18 pm

    Joel Geiderman’s view of a potential Donald Trump presidency has shifted since March.

    Two months ago, in an op-ed in these pages, Geiderman — the California chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and co-chair of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Emergency Department —...

  • Trump wins big in Indiana, with a clear path as Cruz quits

    May 3, 2016 | 6:03 pm

    Republican front-runner Donald Trump swept to a commanding victory in Indiana on Tuesday, putting him on a glide path to the party's presidential nomination as Ted Cruz finally ended his campaign.

    The New York billionaire won decisively in a state where Cruz, his nearest rival,...

  • Cruz: Vote for Trump if you support the Iran Deal

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    May 2, 2016 | 10:15 am

    Barnstorming the state before the critical primary in the Hoosier State, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz insisted that he still has a path towards winning the nomination if he loses on Tuesday.

    “I am in for the distance. As long as we have a viable path to victory, I...

  • Republican Cruz to name Fiorina as running mate

    April 27, 2016 | 11:50 am

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, looking to slow front-runner Donald Trump's momentum, was expected to announce on Wednesday that former business executive Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential running mate if he wins his party's nomination, media reports said.

  • Ted Cruz in, Bernie Sanders out on senators’ letter urging more ‘robust’ defense package for Israel

    April 25, 2016 | 9:44 am

    An AIPAC-backed letter to President Barack Obama urging a more “robust” defense package for Israel reportedly has garnered the signatures of 83 senators, including Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz but not Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders.

    Reuters reported Monday that...

  • Cruz shows off ‘pastrami on rye’ during campaign stop in Indiana

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    April 21, 2016 | 3:41 pm

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz did all the mitzvahs needed to court Jewish voters in the Republican presidential primaries. He spoke at shuls during Shabbos services, printed red yarmulkes for his Jewish supporters, and even tried his shot at baking matzos during a tour...

  • Cruz Endorses Netanyahu’s call to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    April 18, 2016 | 9:51 am

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Sunday endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

    Speaking at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting held on Israel’s border Sunday morning, Netanyahu said he...

  • In New York, Cruz decries White House boycott of Netanyahu’s ‘positive’ speech to Congress

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    April 15, 2016 | 10:44 am

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz blasted the Obama administration’s treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he pitched his candidacy in a front of a skeptic crowd of hundreds of New York Republicans on Thursday.

    “For seven years, we’ve seen an...

  • The chasidic bloc vote and other notes from N.Y. primary

    April 13, 2016 | 11:17 am

    Jewish voters are all over the map when it comes to their plans for voting in New York’s presidential primary on April 19.

    Except for New Square, the all-Chasidic village of 8,000 in Rockland County, about 30 miles north of Manhattan. In this insular Charedi Orthodox community...

  • Fearing Trump, Republican Jews give Cruz another look

    April 11, 2016 | 3:50 pm

    Ted Cruz came here to woo Republican Jews over the weekend, and in the absence of his opponents for the GOP presidential nomination came away with qualified support based not on who he is but who he is not — Donald Trump.

    Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich skipped the spring meeting...

  • Debra Messing, matzah baking, bashert making — what to expect ahead of the New York primary

    April 8, 2016 | 12:43 pm

    For the first time in decades New York, politically, is about to live up to its “make it here, make it anywhere” promise.

    The vast state and its huge Jewish community –nearly 2 million, or just under 10 percent of the population — have not figured as crucially in an...

  • NORPAC to host Cruz fundraiser on eve of NY primary

    April 8, 2016 | 11:25 am

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is expected to spend the eve of the New York primary at a high-dollar fundraiser hosted by NORPAC in Manhattan.

    The NYC fundraiser is hosted by the group’s president Dr. Ben Chouake, Elliott Lauer, Ben Heller, Batya Klein, and Steve...

  • Cruz takes a shot at matzah baking in Brooklyn

    April 8, 2016 | 9:15 am

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Thursday tried his luck at baking matzah as he seeks to earn the support of the Jewish community and compete for delegates in the New York primary later this month.

    Flanked by Jewish community leaders and guided by Rabbi Moshe Winner...

  • Podcast: Interview with Drew Kugler, communication and leadership coach

    By Jared Sichel

    April 7, 2016 | 1:49 pm

    Leadership and communication coach Drew Kugler shares some of his dos and don'ts of communication and public speaking, culled from decades of consulting major clients and brands. Drew and Jared also analyze the communication styles of the presidential candidates, and Drew ends the show with a bit of an impromptu coaching session.

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  • In Wisconsin, Cruz stumps Trump, Sanders bests Clinton

    April 6, 2016 | 8:30 am

    In the Wisconsin primaries, Ted Cruz wounded Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination and Bernie Sanders gained momentum in his bid to stop Hillary Clinton.

    With his win Tuesday, Cruz, a Texas senator, considerably narrowed the likelihood Trump, the real estate magnate...

  • Poll: Cruz threatens Trump’s nationwide lead

    April 5, 2016 | 1:54 pm

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has pulled into a statistical dead heat with front-runner Donald Trump, a new Reuters/Ipsos national poll showed on Tuesday, as the Texas senator appeared poised to pick up a key victory in Wisconsin's primary.

    Cruz's recent gains mark...

  • Attention must be paid (except to climate change)

    By Marty Kaplan

    April 1, 2016 | 4:04 pm

    A bombshell dropped the other day. But if nobody heard it explode, did that make it a dud?

    This is from a news story on Thursday: “We are not saying this is definitely going to happen. But there’s a danger, and it should receive a lot more attention.”

    What danger? Sez who? I’ll...

  • Trump urged to shift tone ahead of Wisconsin contest

    April 1, 2016 | 10:18 am

    Donald Trump is facing pressure to adopt a more presidential tone in his White House campaign from Republican supporters worried that a string of missteps may do him lasting damage in the remaining state contests needed to clinch the nomination.

    Trump lost ground on the online...

  • My dinner with Ted Cruz

    By David Suissa

    March 31, 2016 | 4:30 pm

    Does Senator Ted Cruz have a shot at replacing Barack Obama as leader of the free world in January 2017? I think so.

    All candidates love to create the impression that they will win. At a private dinner in Los Angeles Wednesday night, Cruz was no different. He knew just what to...

  • Cruz to speak at RJC Spring Summit in Las Vegas

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    March 29, 2016 | 1:42 pm

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz will be addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Spring Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas in April, the RJC announced on Tuesday. 

    Governors Scott Walker, Tim Scott, Charlie Baker, Greg Abbott, as well as Senator Ron Johnson and...

  • Jewish PAC endorses Hillary Clinton for president

    March 28, 2016 | 2:39 pm

    A Jewish political action committee endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and pledged to help get out the vote for her.

    JACPAC cited Clinton’s work as secretary of state in trying to bring about Israeli-Arab peace and her embrace of pro-Israel positions, as well as her...

  • Fired Trump aide endorses Cruz

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    March 28, 2016 | 11:36 am

    Sam Nunberg, a former political adviser for Donald Trump, has decided to support Ted Cruz for president, Politico reported.

    “Cruz is a Reagan Conservative. Donald Trump does not have a coherent political ideology — if anything, I would describe him as a Chris Christie...

  • Hillary Clinton in 2000: Move embassy to Jerusalem

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    March 28, 2016 | 11:24 am

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made headlines last week when he announced his plan to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if elected as president. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made this a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

    But it appears that...

  • Poll: Jewish voters view Trump, Cruz unfavorably

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    March 25, 2016 | 12:37 pm

    For weeks, Ted Cruz has been hammering Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for suggesting that he would be “neutral” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet despite his strong pro-Israel bona fides, and his attempt to beat Trump in the remaining contests, Cruz is the...

  • ADL condemns Cruz for call to patrol ‘Muslim neighborhoods’

    March 23, 2016 | 3:52 pm

    The Anti-Defamation League condemned Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for calling on police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S.

    On Tuesday, Cruz called in a statement for new powers for law enforcement to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods” in the...

  • Lindsey Graham to host Ted Cruz fundraiser in DC

    March 17, 2016 | 11:23 am

    South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham will host a fundraiser in support of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Washington, D.C., on Monday, CNN reported

    Graham, a former presidential candidate, who later supported Jeb Bush’s bid, invited guests to “honor and support a...

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