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  • MLB’s Rays credit wins to saying, ‘Get behind me, Satan’

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    October 10, 2008 | 2:00 am

    Sorry for the absence. I’ll have you know my first Yom Kippur was pretty awesome, and I’ve written a first-person account of my exploits—OK, it’s not that sexy—for next week’s paper.

    Unfortunately, the Day of Atonement was followed by the Dodgers choking in Philadelphia and giving...

  • Riding shotgun with the Prince of Darkness

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    July 8, 2008 | 1:53 am

    Heading up Highway 101 last week en route to a buddy’s wedding, I found myself behind this beast of a truck. Traffic was moving freely, so I lived dangerously for about five minutes as I inched closer and closer before snapping a photo and then dropping back. Satan, as I learned...

  • If Satanists wanted their own license plate

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    April 25, 2008 | 3:05 pm

    Prompted by the previous post about a Christian-themed license plate, Mr. Bloggish shows why some Christians might not want to open the door to faith-based vehicle tags.

  • Sibling spat: Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    December 12, 2007 | 3:52 pm

    Get ready for an uproar, folks. Mike Huckabee apparently told a New York Times reporter that Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers. The story isn’t going to run until Sunday, but somebody leaked details to the Associated Press. AP has now moved a story suggesting that Huckabee’s a nut and an ignoramus for making such a crazy intolerant statement. There’s only problem—Huckabee is right…

    That’s from my man in Arkansas, the Bible Belt Blogger. Read the rest here.

    (Image: FrenBlog)

  • Muslim metalheads rock out in Egypt

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    October 24, 2007 | 6:35 pm

    A shorty from GOOD:

    In Egypt, you’re much more likely to hear the call to prayer than a face-melting guitar solo, so Dutch photographer Aukje Dekker was surprised to find a thriving underground heavy- and death-metal scene. Fascinated, she documented it in a series of photos.

  • Israelis Identify With U.S.

    By Larry Derfner

    September 13, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    The contrast between the Palestinian and Israeli reaction couldn't have been more stark -- while crowds of Palestinians were celebrating in the streets of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, Israel was observing an official national day of mourning, with flags flying at...