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  • White House: Fordow explosion reports ‘not credible’

    January 29, 2013 | 10:57 am

    The White House said reports of an explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility were not credible.

    "We don't believe those are credible reports," spokesman Jay Carney said Monday afternoon. "We have no information that would confirm them and do not believe that those reports or that...

  • As Iran achieves nuclear weapons capability, a red line is passed

    November 21, 2012 | 11:23 am

    The debate about red lines on Iran appears to be over.

    With its massive increase of operative centrifuges at a secured uranium enrichment site, Iran appears to have moved beyond the question of whether capability to build a nuclear weapon or actual acquisition of a nuclear weapon...

  • U.S. should heed call for a clear Iranian red line

    October 2, 2012 | 9:23 am

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a persuasive case at the United Nations General Assembly Thursday for a clear red line to ward off Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Time is running out and the United States should listen to the Israeli leader and draw a clear line for...
  • Clinton slams Iran on enrichment announcement

    January 11, 2012 | 10:47 am

    The Obama administration condemned Iran’s declared intention to launch uranium enrichment at a site it had kept secret until recently.

    “This step once again demonstrates the Iranian regime’s blatant disregard for its responsibilities and that the country’s growing isolation is...