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  • OMG! Cooties! I’m gonna wash that Jew right off of my hands [VIDEO]

    By The Web Guy

    December 7, 2008 | 8:03 pm

    From Ha’Aretz:

    Several opposition newspapers and lawmakers in Egypt called on the country’s top Islamic cleric to resign Saturday for shaking the Israeli president’s hand at a conference.

    Egyptian media has been running a photo of Grand Sheik Mohammed Seyed Tantawi shaking hands...

  • Biblical Logotherapy

    By Rabbi Haim Ovadia

    June 24, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    This week's Torah portion discusses one of the most bizarre and indecipherable rituals in the Torah: parah aduma, which is the ritual of purifying a person who has come into contact with a dead body. During the ritual of parah aduma, the Kohen slaughters a red cow that has never born...