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  • Republican Paul Ryan on 2016 presidential race: Count me out

    April 12, 2016 | 2:03 pm

    House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said on Tuesday he would reject any attempt to draft him as a Republican presidential candidate, trying to quash speculation that he could surface as a unity choice should Donald Trump or Ted Cruz falter.

    "Let me be clear: I do not want...

  • Can Bernie Sanders still win after Super Tuesday?

    March 2, 2016 | 11:34 am

    Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump both won decisively on Super Tuesday, but neither swept the 11 states at stake on the biggest day of the presidential primaries.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., won four state Democratic contests, giving him a total of five after he took New...

  • Sanders: Bloomberg entry into race would prove my point on US politics

    January 25, 2016 | 1:02 pm

    Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said it would be “interesting” if former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg entered the presidential race.

    “I think it would be very interesting if Donald Trump became the Republican candidate who is a multi-billionaire, and Michael...

  • Obama says Sanders has ‘luxury’ of being long shot in Democratic race

    January 25, 2016 | 8:17 am

    Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has had the "luxury of being a complete long shot" so far in the race to be the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate, President Barack Obama said in an interview published by Politico on Monday.

    Obama said both Sanders and Hillary Clinton, his...

  • Interview with Jeb Bush: ‘I would win consistency award’

    January 11, 2016 | 10:40 am

    They keep on saying he’s dead, politically. His poll numbers are in the low digits and his protege, the charismatic Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, is leaping ahead of him in the sweepstakes and the crucial primary state of New Hampshire. But Jeb Bush is not showing any signs...

  • Jewish groups slam Trump for call to block entry of Muslims

    December 8, 2015 | 10:06 am

    Jewish groups blasted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his proposal to block all Muslims from entering the United States.

    “A plan that singles out Muslims and denies them entry to the U.S. based on their religion is deeply offensive and runs contrary to our...

  • Rubio and Paul clash over defense budget, Syria

    November 11, 2015 | 9:28 am

    Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul clashed over the necessity of increasing the defense budget while arguing for a smaller government during the 4th Republican presidential debate on Tuesday.

    During a discussion over tax reform, Paul attacked Rubio over his childcare tax credit...

  • Candidates in GOP debate divided on whether to honor Iran deal

    September 17, 2015 | 8:51 am

    Candidates in a Republican presidential debate were divided over whether to honor the Iran nuclear deal.

    The question of whether or not to abandon the deal drew unusually sharp divisions in the CNN debate on Wednesday evening at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum...

  • Trump’s lead grows as Bush slips in Republican White House race

    August 25, 2015 | 3:08 pm

    Republican Jeb Bush's support is slipping in the race for the party's presidential nomination, and front-runner Donald Trump has opened a 20-point lead over his closest rivals, a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll showed on Tuesday.

    Republican backing for Bush dipped from 16 percent to 8...

  • Republicans have the best bullies

    By Marty Kaplan

    July 20, 2015 | 12:13 pm

    It’s too soon to know how badly Donald Trump damaged himself by belittling John McCain’s war record on July 18 in Iowa. After all, George W. Bush wasn’t hurt in the 2000 South Carolina primary when his operatives rumored that McCain had an illegitimate black child, nor was W hurt...

  • And the Israel Factor’s 2016 favorite is… not Hillary Clinton

    By Shmuel Rosner

    January 3, 2013 | 12:33 pm

    The new Israel Factor panel had two surprises for us in our first ranking of the 2016 prospective presidential candidates. Yes, we’re already beginning the ranking of potential candidates on our regular good/bad-for-Israel scale. We started doing it more than two years before the...

  • Three very quick comments on Santorum’s departure

    By Shmuel Rosner

    April 10, 2012 | 4:46 pm

    Our Israel Factor panel was never overly generous with candidate Santorum - as you can ‎see in the graph below. The panel thought Santorum was too hawkish, too religious. ‎No one would doubt his support for Israel, but such support is apparently not enough. ‎


  • Do we now have proof that Jews are trending Republican?

    By Shmuel Rosner

    February 3, 2012 | 5:05 am

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the PEW Forum on religion and public life just published a new analysis of party identification by religion.  The bottom line, as far as Jewish voters go, is pretty clear: “Even Jewish voters, who have traditionally been and remain one of the strongest...

  • Letters to the Editor: GOP candidates, Christopher Hitchens, religion

    January 4, 2012 | 2:43 pm

    Israel Needs Evangelical Support

    Bill Boyarsky engages in character assassination when he implies that the real reason so many Evangelical Christians support Israel is out of a sick desire to see the Jews killed or converted at the end-of-times (“Taking the Pro-Israel Pulse of GOP...

  • 20 questions with John McCain

    By Rob Eshman

    April 3, 2008 | 6:00 pm

    "Hey, Rob, how are you!" John McCain said on the other end of the phone. He sounded like he'd been hovering over his cell phone, just waiting for me to dial his number.

    I spoke to the senator, now the presumptive Republican candidate for president, last Wednesday, while he was in Los...

  • Letter to Obama

    By David Suissa

    April 3, 2008 | 6:00 pm

    I am a right-wing Jew who doesn't trust "moderate" Palestinians, who believes the peace process is a charade orchestrated by weak leaders with personal and political agendas, and who is repulsed by the way the United Nations and a large part of the world unfairly singles out Israel...
  • Tar pit

    By Steve Greenberg

    March 27, 2008 | 6:00 pm

  • Obama ties to ‘separatist’ pastor raise big questions

    By Edwin Black

    March 20, 2008 | 6:00 pm

    In the end, it was not the lies about his religion, but the truth about his religion that may have irrevocably splattered the image of Barack Obama.

    Democratic presidential front-runner Obama survived a malicious viral e-mail campaign that he was a Muslim. But can the populist...

  • Six-pointed plan for victory

    By Rob Eshman

    December 13, 2007 | 7:00 pm

    Last week, Karl Rove, the architect of George W. Bush's election victories, offered Barack Obama free advice on how to defeat Hillary Clinton.

    In that spirit, I'd like to offer you my six-pointed plan on how to win the Jewish vote in '08.

    What makes me such an expert? I'm no Karl...