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  • Niceness, by the Book

    By Susan Freudenheim

    March 30, 2011 | 10:59 am

    Right around the time the curtain was dropping on the opening night of Broadway’s new “South Park”-inspired musical, “The Book of Mormon,” I was in Salt Lake City, Utah, having dinner with two top-level elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, plus a few...

  • Letters

    December 29, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Midnight Clear

    Kudos to Darcy Vebber for her evocative account of childhood Christmases in the Arizona desert and her spiritual journey to Judaism as an adult ("A Midnight Clear," Dec. 23), particularly fitting this year, when Christmas Day and the first night of Chanukah happen to...

  • Letters

    December 8, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Interfaith Dialogue

    As Rabbi Harold Schulweis wrote ("Interfaith Dialogue Can Bring Change," Nov. 25), interfaith dialogue is indispensable for countering mainline Christian divest-from-Israel campaigns. But dialogue alone simply has not and cannot turn the tide, much as we wish it...

  • Letters

    December 1, 2005 | 7:00 pm


    It is not only American Jewry but younger Israelis, particularly, who are not aware of the sacrifice many North Americans made for Israel ("The Americans Who Fought for Israel," Nov. 18). Sabras take the state for granted; it was in existence when they were born.

    It was,...

  • Letters

    November 24, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Tookie: Live or Die?

    I was really quite shocked at the noose on the cover to illustrate the articles on the [scheduled] execution of Stanley Tookie Williams ("Should Tookie Die," Nov. 11). Pairing lynching imagery with a discussion about the controversial impending death of a black...

  • Letters

    November 17, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Tookie Williams

    Larry Greenfield's article pointing out the reasons why Tookie Williams should die defeats itself by way of his last paragraph ("Should Tookie Die?" Nov. 11). In it, he writes that if Williams is allowed to live, the tears of his victims' loved ones will not dry,...

  • Letters

    October 20, 2005 | 8:00 pm

    Ominous Signs

    Mark Pelavin of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism is exactly right in worrying that "the stepped-up faith-based push is an effort to push an ideological agenda, not disaster recovery" ("Faith-Based Hurricane Relief," Oct. 7).

    If it were only about giving...

  • Letters

    July 14, 2005 | 8:00 pm

    'Evil' Idea

    We always look forward to reading The Journal every weekend and find it mostly informative and worthwhile reading.

    The June 24 issue was an exception. I was appalled at the choice of your cover story, "The Evil Stepmother Dies," both the cover illustration and the story....

  • Letters

    June 9, 2005 | 8:00 pm

    One of the Best

    I want to congratulate Danielle [Magady's] family for finding an educator who really knows his business ("One of the Girls," June 3).

    Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg has hit the nail on the head when he says he is "less concerned with how much they [his students] know than...

  • Letters

    May 12, 2005 | 8:00 pm

    Seder Behind Bars

    This is in response to the article by David Finnigan ("Holiday of Freedom Spent Behind Bars," April 29).

    We were two of the volunteers that were at the seder, for the second year in a row, that Rabbi Yossi Carron held for the Jewish inmates at Men's Central Jail....

  • Letters to the Editor

    March 10, 2005 | 7:00 pm


    Burden of Truth

    I hate to rain on Deborah Lipstadt's Parade ("History on Trial," Feb. 25), but I feel, as an academic, I must make two points.

    First, while it may be that, as Lipstadt charged, David Irving distorted historical evidence and was "carrying out Hitler's legacy," it...

  • Letters to the Editor

    March 3, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Super Sunday

    As members of The Jewish Federation/Valley Alliance Super Sunday Committee, we were disappointed to find almost no mention in your articles of the Valley's participation in last month's Super Sunday. ("Super Sunday Calls Raise $4.6 million," Feb. 18).

    For months, our...

  • Letters to the Editor

    February 3, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Dear Editor:

    As a teacher at Shalhevet, I was disturbed and saddened by Julie Gruenbaum Fax's article on Shalhevet in the previous issue of The Jewish Journal. I found the piece to be untruthful in much that it did say and unbalanced in terms of what it left out. Ms. Fax...

  • Letters to the Editor

    January 20, 2005 | 7:00 pm


    YULA Questions

    I graduated YULA Girls School in 1999, and I can personally attest to the truth of the account set forth in Julie Gruenbaum Fax's article ("Girls School Debuts New Campus," Nov. 26) that was so categorically denied by the Torah studies faculty.

    First, none of my...

  • Inadequate Response

    By Rob Eshman

    January 6, 2005 | 7:00 pm


    The holiday season in New York wasn't magical. It was surreal.

    Fifth Avenue was thick with crowds of shoppers and gawkers. There was a line to get into Trump Tower, no tables available for tea at the Palm Court inside the Plaza Hotel and a long wait in 27-degree weather to catch a...

  • Letters to the Editor

    December 30, 2004 | 7:00 pm


    MTV Generation

    How sad! Fearing that the MTV generation of Jews might not support Jewish causes, The Federation introduced a group of 14 young Jewish girls and boys to the fundamental Jewish concepts of tikkun olam and tzedakah ("Charities Seek Ties to MTV Generation," Dec. 24).

  • Letters to the Editor

    December 2, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    Reality History

    With trepidation, I logged on to the Yad Vashem victims database ("Becoming a Nephew," Nov. 26) and typed in my grandparents' names.

    In my heart, I knew that their names and the names of my aunts and first cousins would be there. However, when my family name and...

  • Letters to the Editor

    November 25, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    For and Against

    What kinda mishegoss is that – "in place of the Torah Portion ("Behold, You Are Fair," Nov. 19)? Who died and left you guys in charge of God's work?

    I realize that you're the editor of this here newspaper, and I realize that machers like Ed Feinstein, 'scuse me –...

  • Your Letters

    July 29, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    Tisha B'Av Today

    I am disdainful of anyone who misappropriates the Torah to bolster his radical political views ("Tisha B'Av Today," July 23). I have been horrified when religious zealots used Judaism as a rationale for committing violence against others. But religious zealotry is...

  • Your Letters

    July 22, 2004 | 8:00 pm


    Students do it. Girl Scouts do it. Why don't congregants do it? Carpool, that is ("Gridlock," July 9).

    Why wait for perhaps decades for better public transportation? Each synagogue (church, mosque) could establish and distribute a carpool roster by area.


  • Your Letters

    July 15, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    Same-Sex Marriage

    The opinion piece by Sandy Frank on same-sex marriage raises some interesting questions. Frank claims that heterosexual marriage is important because it is prevalent in every society, ancient or modern ("Same-Sex Marriage Poses Key Questions," July 9). That...

  • Your Letters

    June 10, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    Powerful Photo

    As a Jew, with the knowledge that a person must be buried with all their body parts, the photo in the First Person, "Our Soft Underbelly" (May 28), speaks for itself. It is one of the most powerful photographs I have ever seen, not to discredit Shira Kaplan, but...

  • Your Letters

    June 3, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    Gay Marriage

    Dennis Prager is fond of presenting his audiences with either/or riddles to solve ("Gay Marriage," May 14). Here is one for him: Which is more harmful to society, homosexual marriage or heterosexual adultery?

    In my 25 years as a practicing clinical psychologist,...

  • Your Letters

    April 8, 2004 | 8:00 pm

    Arab American Protest

    I wanted to add one more dimension to your report about the March 27 rally against Israel's elimination of Sheikh Yassin, held in front of the Israeli Consulate ("Arab Americans Stage Protest at Israeli Consulate," April 2).

    I was there as part of a quickly...

  • Your Letters

    March 25, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    My Culture War

    Just a quick note to say thank you for standing up for both free speech and Howard Stern in your column ("My Culture War," March 12).

    My mother-in-law said to tell you that she is 78 years old, is also a Stern fan and appreciates the stand you took on this issue and...

  • Your Letters

    March 4, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    Robbie Conal

    It is a sad commentary that The Jewish Journal chooses to designate Robbie Conal's propaganda "message art" ("Conal's the Poster Boy for 'Art Attack,'" Feb. 27). I don't need The Journal to tell me how to vote in the upcoming elections but Conal's left-wing message is...

  • Your Letters

    February 19, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    GLBT Jews

    I'm a member of Beth Chayim Chadashim. I want to say how heartening it is to read your words, and the words of Rabbi David Ellenson last week ("'Til Death Do Us Part," Feb. 13 and "Countering the Family Values Monopoly," Feb. 6). You do so much to take the conversation...

  • Your Letters

    February 12, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    The Kosher Queen

    One month before the revolution, my family and I fled Iran and headed for London ("An Unkosher Affair," Jan. 23). Early on, I was invited to a Hadassah meeting at the home of Rabbi Emmanuel Jacobowitz, where Mrs. Jacobowitz welcomed me with open arms. One of the...

  • Your Letters

    February 5, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    Kosher Consumers

    I was dismayed to see inaccuracies in Gaby Wenig's article, "Kosher Consumers for a New Age" (Jan.23). She reports that USDA laws permit canned or packaged vegetarian or dairy products to contain up to .2 percent of unlisted animal byproducts, which could also...

  • Your Letters

    January 15, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    Arnold's Cuts

    As much as I sympathize with Ron Solomon's loss of his brother, his praise of the governor's supposed compassion is premature ("Schwarzenegger's Kindest Un-Cut," Jan. 2).

    Solomon credits Schwarzenegger's "compassion" with reversing cuts that have resulted in a denial...

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