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  • Donald Trump endorsed by Sheldon Adelson-owned newspaper

    14 hours ago

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal, owned by Jewish philanthropist and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, has become the first major newspaper to endorse Donald Trump for president.

    In the editorial published Sunday, the newspaper acknowledges that the Republican nominee’s...


    By Zoe Hewitt

    16 hours ago

    This week I review JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK.  It’s the sequel to the 2012 movie JACK REACHER also starring Tom Cruise in the title role.  This time around he teams up with Major Susan Turner, played by Cobie Smulders (“Agents of SHIELD”, “Avengers”) as they both try to clear...

  • Real Housewives of New Jersey Week 15 Recap

    By Ilana Angel

    1 day ago

    Typos are generously sponsored by Jose Cuervo.

    When Melissa read my blog last week, she wrote to clarify what happened when she was at Teresa's house the morning Juicy left. Melissa wrote me this message on Twitter: 

    Wrong about a couple things though. Joe was not with me when...

  • Rosner’s Torah-Talk: Simchat Torah with Rabbi Daniel Freelander

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 days ago

    Our special guest for Simchat Torah is Rabbi Daniel Hillel Freelander, president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. With offices in New York and Jerusalem, Rabbi Freelander leads the coordinating body of over 1.8 million Jews, representing almost 1000 congregations and 7...

  • My Week Old Yom Kippur Vow

    By Craig T.

    3 days ago

    It’s been a week since the Holy Days!  One down, 51 to go! This is my Vidui, the confession I shared on Yom Kippur evening immediately before Kol Nidre.

    Take note of this room, this 108-year-old sanctuary.
    Imagine those who have sought sanctuary in this room for over a century....

  • Hebrew Word of the Week: ‘atseret

    By Yona Sabar

    4 days ago

    The last day of Sukkot is known as Shemini ‘Atseret. It seems to be connected to the common verb ‘atsar, “stop, halt, arrest”; and by a semantic extension, “stop work (similar to Shabbat); assemble, celebrate, etc.,” as in Leviticus 23:36: “The eighth day ... is a solemn gathering...

  • Paris regional council vows to strip funding from BDS promoters

    4 days ago

    A regional council in France that includes Paris passed a precedent-setting amendment that excludes funding from promoters of boycotts against Israel. The council of the Ile-de-France region, where right-wing parties have a majority, adopted the amendment Oct. 13, the Le Monde Juif...

  • Despite gains against ISIS, Libya faces misfortunes

    4 days ago

    This story originally appeared at themedialine.org.

    Even as Libya is tossed as a political football during United States presidential candidates’ debates, ground-level complications are increasing in Benghazi and beyond despite recent blows to ISIS and a tentative return to oil...

  • Do media freedoms exist in the Middle East?

    4 days ago

    This story originally appeared at themedialine.org.

    On the morning of Aug. 13, Iraqi Kurdish journalist Widad Hussein Ali, 28, from the RojNews Agency, was abducted and later beheaded by Kurdish security forces in Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan. 

    His body was found in the street. He...

  • Moving and Shaking: Foundation for Camp Bob Waldorf, Nashuva, Open Temple and Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts

    By Ryan Torok

    4 days ago

    “Brunch and Family Day” at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Oct. 9 raised $220,000 for the Foundation for Camp Bob Waldorf, which supports the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA) nondenominational, residential summer camp for underserved children.


  • Andrew Friedman stands by friends — and principles

    By Ryan Torok

    4 days ago

    On a Sunday evening this past July, attorney and Congregation Bais Naftoli President Andrew Friedman stopped by Pat’s Restaurant in Pico-Robertson, ordered take-out food and made his way over to former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca’s house. There, Friedman and his wife,...

  • Terrorist attacks doubled in Jerusalem in September, Israel says

    4 days ago

    Terrorist attacks in Jerusalem doubled last month compared to August, according to Israel’s security agency, the Shin Bet.

    There were 26 attacks in the capital in September, compared to 13 in August, the Shin Bet wrote in its monthly report for September published this week. The...

  • Frustrated with Trump, Sheldon Adelson said to focus on Senate

    4 days ago

    Jewish philanthropist and top Republican donor Sheldon Adelson’s reported impatience with Donald Trump is reflected in the emphasis Adelson is placing on the battle for control of the Senate, CNN reported.

    Adelson has given at least $40 million to super PACs focused solely on the...

  • End of Story - a poem for Parsha Vezot HaBerachah

    By Rick Lupert

    4 days ago

    You’ve had this experience.
    The bookmark is as close to the end
    as possible. You want to savor every word
    before the last page is turned.

    This is pure denouement.
    All the action has happened and the
    main players are behaving with a nostalgia
    that encompasses all history.

  • Dating is Personal

    By Ilana Angel

    4 days ago

    I recently went on a date with an Israeli man. He was divorced, had one son, and was ridiculously attractive. We had a great date. We met for drinks, spent hours together, ended the night with a lovely kiss and plans to see each other again. I did not hear from him again until...

  • How Jacob Neusner brought Jewish studies into the mainstream

    4 days ago

    Jacob Neusner, the famed scholar and almost mythically prolific author, who  suffered from Parkinson’s disease and died on Oct. 8 at age 84, almost singlehandedly created the modern study of Judaism. In doing so, he revolutionized our understanding of the history of Judaism and our...

  • How to make a fall harvest centerpiece

    By Jonathan Fong

    4 days ago

    I love flowers, but when fall rolls around, I prefer making arrangements with fresh herbs and vegetables. It’s a great way to celebrate the bounty of autumn, and the centerpiece can be deconstructed — and used for cooking — after you display it. This arrangement also makes a...

  • Experiencing Israel within the tension of perceptions and politics

    5 days ago

    If you had asked me two years ago what was the likelihood of me traveling to Israel, I would have said 5 percent, simply because I always like to leave some room for the universe to surprise me.

    My aversion to Israel was mostly due to negative feelings in my LGBTQ community. I...

  • Sepulveda Pass tunnel would connect Jewish L.A. — if it ever gets built

    By Eitan Arom

    5 days ago

    Since the Jewish population began to emigrate from its old East Los Angeles haunts, large communities began to settle on either side of the Santa Monica Mountains in the West Valley and West Los Angeles — and never the twain shall meet.

    But if county voters approve a sales tax on...

  • CareerUp: Linking careers, high tech and Jewish millennials

    By Eitan Arom

    5 days ago

    Jewish networking in Los Angeles is a cottage industry, with a number of organizations trying to help young Jews find career advancement, social connections and romance.

    The newest entry into that market, CareerUp, recently held its debut event at the UCLA Hillel Center for...

  • Kidnapped, tortured, then living to tell of his Middle East ordeal

    By Gerri Miller

    5 days ago

    In October 2012, American freelance journalist Theo Padnos crossed the Turkish border into Syria with the aid of three smugglers, planning to report on the civil war there. He never got the chance. The young men kidnapped him and turned him over to the Nusra Front, a branch of...

  • Democrats recruit Joe Lieberman in targeting Jewish voters in Florida

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    5 days ago

    Like many of his controversial comments in the past, Donald Trump stepped on his toes by hesitating to say that he would accept the outcome of the Nov. 8 election, former vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman said on Thursday.

    “I thought Trump, actually for part of it, did...

  • 7 sites near University of Toronto defaced with swastikas

    5 days ago

    Swastikas were found at seven sites on and near the campus of Canada’s largest university in what appears to be two separate anti-Semitic incidents.

    The first three swastikas near the University of Toronto’s downtown campus were discovered late last month. Just before Yom Kippur...

  • The final debate: RBG, Soros and Iran lost amid concession outrage

    5 days ago

    Donald Trump wants to keep us in suspense.

    The Republican nominee’s refusal to say Wednesday evening during the final debate whether he would accept the results of the election is the stuff of breaking news and six-column headlines.

    “What I’m saying is that I will tell you at...

  • 2016 Election: Israel out, anti-Semitism in. 5 post-debate notes

    By Shmuel Rosner

    5 days ago

    Another post-debate morning – an interesting and lively debate. If you want to talk winners and losers, look elsewhere. I am writing about Trump, Clinton, the Jews, and Israel.


    On October 22, 2012, Barak Obama and Mitt Romney had their last Presidential debate. Following...

  • Trump video should be a call to action

    6 days ago

    Something is unfolding that has the possibility of changing things forever. This is a tipping point. It’s the moment when we get real about growing up female in our country and the stories we have hidden. 

    It’s not just the pure shock of the “Access Hollywood” recording from...

  • My sexual assault, and yours: Every woman’s story

    By Danielle Berrin

    6 days ago

    I remember staring at his scotch glass.

    The swirling, caramel-colored liquid caught the dim light of the hotel lobby, reflected it back to me. The light was a relief from the glare of his dark eyes, his black hair, the lecherous look on his face.   

    I’d agreed to meet him, an...

  • Five heroes of 2016

    By Rob Eshman

    6 days ago

    In some respects, Election 2016 has not been American Jewry’s finest hour. 

    Many of the major Jewish organizations that purport to represent the larger community  have not said a word in opposition to Donald Trump’s statements barring Muslims from entering the United States, or...

  • UNESCO vote loco, Hispanic Christians say

    6 days ago

    Thousands of Christians from around the world are visiting Jerusalem this week tracing the footsteps of Jesus through the cobbled winding streets of the Old City as they do every Sukkot, one of the three Jewish festivals where Jews made the pilgrimage to the Temple centuries ago,...

  • Dodgers go to bat for Israeli startup’s video technology

    6 days ago

    If you watch an NBA highlight on Facebook, Twitter or the league’s website, chances are an Israeli startup’s software produced and distributed it — automatically. Now, the Los Angeles Dodgers are betting that the company’s groundbreaking technology will dictate the future of sports...

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