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  • Anti-Semitism Olympic Style

    By Diana Emuna

    4 hours ago

    Another Olympics is over.  Rio provided a beautiful backdrop for the event.  The games are supposed to be an example of using sport to foster brotherhood. It is a lofty ideal that athletes often forget.  Four randy members of the U.S. swim team decided to get drunk and make fools...

  • How Paris public schools became no-go zones for Jews

    6 hours ago

    Twenty-five years after he graduated from a public high school in the French capital, Stephane Tayar recalls favorably his time in one of the world’s most thorough education systems.

    As for many other French Jews his age, the state-subsidized upbringing has worked out well for...

  • It is time to Do-Better, I’m Judging You!

    By Lisa Ellen Niver

    7 hours ago

    When Luvvie Ajayi moves to America in the 5th grade from Nigeria, she is misunderstood. Many Americans think of Africa as one place and not 54 separate countries with different cultures and issues. I loved when she answered a question from another elementary school student and...

  • Talking Trump with my father

    7 hours ago

    In my mind, I have arguments with my dad. In my mind, I am much more eloquent than my first grade Russian could possibly allow.

    If he were alive today, my father would vote for Trump--  just like most of the Russian Jewish immigrant population and a sizeable minority of Persian...

  • Hillary Clinton collects $5M at fundraiser hosted by Haim Saban

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    9 hours ago

    Democratic megadonor Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl helped raise some hard cash for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at a Monday evening fundraiser at their Beverly Park home.

    According to CNN, the Clinton campaign raised $5 million at the event, and another $1.3 million...

  • Ark-shaped museum to show evolutionary crossroads in Israel

    10 hours ago

    Legions of insects, sea creatures and ancient fossils are lining up in a new museum shaped liked a giant Noah's Ark, telling the story of a crucial evolutionary byway across Israel.

    Experts say all humans and other animals had to pass through Israel on their first journey out of Africa into Europe and Asia.

    Around five million specimens will go on show from next year in the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, based on Tel Aviv University campus and named after its main backer, U.S. financier Michael Steinhardt.

  • Lee Zeldin: Trump’s Jewish mini-me

    By Douglas Bloomfield

    12 hours ago

    At a time when most Congressional Republicans are trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump, one is behaving like a cheap clone of his party's presidential candidate, complete with mind-numbing outrageous charges and incendiary rhetoric.

    Rep. Lee Zeldin, the lone Jewish...

  • Israeli forces raid West Bank weapons factories as part of crackdown

    12 hours ago

    Israeli security forces shut down six illegal weapons manufacturing factories in the West Bank in what the army said was the biggest such operation of an ongoing crackdown.

    The raids conducted jointly by the Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet security service and Israel Police took...

  • London’s Muslim mayor hit with anti-Semitic messages for not backing Corbyn to lead Labour

    12 hours ago

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a European capital city, has been bombarded with anti-Semitic messages since he said he would not support Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership election.

    Several of the messages suggested that he had been influenced by...

  • The Gaza problem is a temperamental litmus test

    By Shmuel Rosner

    19 hours ago

    The launch of a rocket at the town of Sderot, by a Palestinian terrorist group, came out of nowhere. This summer, Hamas seems preoccupied with political shenanigans – wanting to score a victory in as many elections as possible both in Gaza and, more importantly, in the West Bank –...

  • PopFest LA

    By Joy Bennett

    1 day ago

    My colleagues at Entertainment Weekly Magazine would like me to mention their PopFest LA coming up October 29-30 at The Reef in Los Angeles.  This is a two day festival showcasing huge stars such as Nick Jonas, Jodie Foster, Diana Gabaldon (author of the Outlander series of novels,...

  • Is Donald Trump’s proposal to keep out anti-Semites practical — or ethical?

    1 day ago

    How extreme does vetting need to be to keep anti-Semites from entering the United States, and is Donald Trump’s plan worth the effort?

    The Republican nominee’s proposal to apply an ideological test to potential immigrants is based on precedent: The United States in the last...

  • Anger becomes comedian Lewis Black

    1 day ago

    Remember Pixar’s 2015 film “Inside Out?” It was about an 11-year-old girl, Riley, and the five primary emotions raging inside her: Joy and Sadness, Fear and Disgust. And Lewis Black.

    Sorry. We meant there was Anger. It’s an easy mistake to make.

    From railing against AT&T (“it’s...

  • ‘Ben-Hur’ flops with $11.4 million, ‘Suicide Squad’ still on top

    1 day ago

    "Ben-Hur" derailed spectacularly at the multiplexes this weekend, as the latest attempt to revive the chariot racing epic opened to an anemic $11.4 million. That's a disastrous result for the $100 million production, putting "Ben-Hur" in the ranks of the summer's biggest flops.

  • Mark Zuckerberg and wife sell $95 million in Facebook shares to fund philanthropy

    1 day ago

    Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, sold company shares valued at nearly $95 million to fund their charitable efforts.

    The funds reportedly were sold by the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation and CZI Holdings LLC, both owned by the couple, according to...

  • Voters split on Iran cash payment as WH rejects criticism

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    1 day ago

    The White House on Monday rejected renewed criticism of the Iran cash payment, insisting that the release of the $400 million contingent on Iran releasing the hostages was not a ransom payment.

    “I have never made the case that this was somehow a coincidence,” White House Press...

  • How Israeli women are gaining in the fight for Jewish divorce

    1 day ago

    In this case, the sins of the son are the sins of the father.

    Israel’s Supreme Rabbinical Court this month sentenced a haredi Orthodox man to 30 days in jail for pressuring his son to withhold a divorce from his wife for more than a decade. By upholding a lower rabbinical court...

  • Lou Pearlman, who formed Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, dies in prison

    1 day ago

    Lou Pearlman, who formed and managed the boy bands Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, died while serving a 25-year prison sentence for a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

    Pearlman, who suffered a stroke in prison in 2010, died Friday in the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana,...

  • UN to exhibit drawings by Israeli soldier whose body is held in Gaza

    1 day ago

    The drawings of Hadar Goldin, an Israeli soldier who was killed by Hamas in Gaza where his body is being held, will be exhibited at U.N. headquarters in New York.

    A main exhibition area of the building will display the drawings during the General Assembly in September.


  • Israel’s rhythmic gymnastics coach raps Olympic politics, poor training conditions

    1 day ago

    The coach of Israel’s rhythmic gymnastics team said she never expected to win a medal, citing poor training conditions and politics as two reasons.

    Ira Vigdorchik, whose contract with the national team expired at the end of the Olympics, told Israel’s Channel 2 that since Israel...

  • Israeli air strikes target Syria after Syrian fire hit its territory

    1 day ago

    Israeli aircraft attacked a target in Syria on Monday after errant fire from fighting among factions in Syria struck inside Israel, Israel's military said.

    The Syrian fire had hit an open area near the border in the Golan Heights, causing no injuries, and in retaliation the air force targeted a "Syrian army launcher," the military said.

  • Small majority of Israelis and Palestinians support a two-state solution

    2 days ago

    A new poll finds that only a small majority of Palestinians (51 percent) and Israelis (59 percent) support a two-state solution, meaning an independent Palestinian state next to Israel. There is a high level of distrust and fear on both sides and both sides believe there is little...

  • Why doesn’t anyone care about the Paralympics?

    2 days ago

    For the past two weeks, Israel has been cheering its Olympic team in Rio as judokas Or Sasson and Yarden Gerbi won bronze medals, bringing Israel’s total Olympic medal count up from seven to nine. But another set of games, the Paralympics, the international sporting event for...

  • Trump’s crocodile contrition and the cynicism of a political pivot

    By Marty Kaplan

    2 days ago

    If, like me, you think that a President Trump would be (not to coin a phrase) a total disaster, Hillary Clinton’s widening lead in the polls gave you about five minutes to breathe easier, until Trump replaced his campaign chairman with honchos blunt enough to admit that his...

  • An Ark is a terrible thing to waste

    By Roger Price

    2 days ago

    Ark Encounter is a theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky that invites you to “witness history,” to participate in a “life-sized Noah’s Ark experience” and to “be amazed,”  all for the single day price of $40 per adult and $28 for children over 5 years of age. Seniors get a discount....

  • Dershowitz helping Hillary prep for debate with Trump

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    2 days ago

    Harvard law professor and defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz is said to be helping Hillary Clinton prepare for the first televised debate with Donald Trump next month, according to a report by WNYC.

    “The Clinton campaign has been looking for a surrogate to play Trump so she can...

  • Bill de Blasio challenges progressives to oppose BDS

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    2 days ago

    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has a message to his fellow progressives: rejecting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is a progressive cause.

    “There are plenty of people who support BDS who have advanced degrees and who call themselves progressives. I look forward to...

  • IDF carries out dozens of air, artillery strikes on Gaza

    2 days ago

    The Israel Defense Forces carried out dozens of air and artillery strikes on Gaza, but said it did not intend to escalate violence between Israel and Hamas.

    Some 50 strikes on Sunday night and early Monday morning came in response to a rocket attack from Gaza earlier in the day...


    By Zoe Hewitt

    2 days ago

    KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS succeeds in creating a story that feels Japanese while being written and helmed by Americans.  It’s mystical in a way that feels both possible and magical at the same time.  The choice to do this as a combination of claymation and digital animation fit the...

  • Anti-Semitic apprehension in America: Four conclusions

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 days ago

    Let’s parse the various reasons for which Donald Trump, or the Trump “campaign,” has been called anti-Semitic in recent months.

    1. Because he lets allegedly anti-Semitic people advise him or play a role in his campaign – such as Josef Schmitz, who is “accused of boasting about...

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