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  • Boxer reintroduces enhanced Israel ally bill with broad support

    22 minutes ago

    Citing the Gaza war as a catalyst, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) re-introduced with broad bipartisan support a bill that would enhance U.S.-Israel strategic ties.

    “While we work toward a just peace in the Middle East and an end to the tragedy of war, it is critical that we...

  • Gaza conflict to dent, not break Israel economy

    31 minutes ago

    Israel's war against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip is expected to cost it billions of dollars, temporarily hurt economic growth and put pressure on the government's finances.

    Analysts and officials compare the current operation to a one-month war between Israel and...

  • Bills condemning Hamas on ‘human shields’ introduced in Congress

    33 minutes ago

    Resolutions under consideration in Congress that condemn Hamas for placing its weapons and fighters close to civilians have strong bipartisan support.

    The House non-binding resolution condemning Hamas for using civilians as “human shields” during the current Gaza conflict,...

  • Israel knocks out Gaza power plant, digs in for long fight

    41 minutes ago

    Israel knocked out Gaza's only power plant, flattened the home of its Islamist Hamas political leader and pounded dozens of other high-profile targets in the enclave on Tuesday, with no end in sight to more than three weeks of conflict.

    Health officials said at least 79...

  • 100 Spanish celebrities accuse Israel of genocide in Gaza

    47 minutes ago

    A letter accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza was endorsed by 100 Spanish celebrities including Academy Award winners Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar.

    On Monday the renowned actors, writers and directors endorsed a letter that Spanish actor Javier Bardem published last week in...

  • UPDATE: Israeli TV retracts report Gaza that cease-fire was agreed upon

    49 minutes ago

    An Israeli television station retracted its report on Tuesday that a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict had been agreed, saying instead there was "movement" toward a truce between Israel and the Palestinian territory's dominant Hamas Islamists being brokered by Egypt.

    "A senior (Israeli) official has clarified that there is no agreement on a ceasefire," said Channel Two, which had earlier quoted a senior official, also unnamed, saying there was a provisional deal in place.

    Writing by Dan Williams; Editing by Kevin Liffey

  • More than 70 Israeli academics signed a petition condemning the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza.

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    2 hours ago

    On July 24th, more than 70 Israeli academics signed a petition condemning the Israel Defense Forces actions in Gaza. According to their statement: “The signatories to this statement, all academics at Israeli universities, wish it to be known that they utterly deplore the aggressive...

  • How one 16-year-old Brit mobilized a mobile app against Israel

    By Jonah Lowenfeld

    4 hours ago

    Buycott, a one-year old mobile app that allows consumers to support various social and political causes by purchasing some goods and avoiding others, wasn’t built to facilitate anti-Israel consumer activism. Until recently, its most popular campaign was focused on an effort to...

  • 6 war warnings: Israel hasn’t won or lost yet

    By Shmuel Rosner

    7 hours ago

    A three-week conflict is a cause for journalistic impatience. The stories begin to repeat themselves, the statements sound familiar, the novelty is gone. As writers run out of fresh angles, they begin to wrap it up – because as far as they are concerned it is time to move on to the...

  • Holocaust victim, artist Charlotte Salomon’s life premieres as opera

    16 hours ago

    The Berlin-born Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon left behind a body of watercolors and text she called "Life? or Theatre?" before she was killed at Auschwitz in 1943 at age 26, carrying her unborn child.

    Salomon's life, which has inspired films, plays and a musical, was turned...

  • Dermer: Attacks on Kerry ‘unwarranted’

    16 hours ago

    Israeli criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry is “unwarranted,” the Israeli ambassador to Washington said, as U.S. officials made public their unhappiness with the attacks.

    “Israel appreciates that President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice,...

  • Cruz lifts hold on State nominees prompted by FAA ban

    16 hours ago

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) lifted his hold on State Department nominees after the Federal Aviation Agency explained to him its reasons for a 36-hour ban on flights to Tel Aviv.

    “I appreciate the FAA’s efforts to respond to my questions, and so I have lifted my hold on State...

  • Struck by Venice lightning

    16 hours ago

    On Sunday afternoon, I was knee-deep in the ocean, right next to the Venice Fishing Pier, when the deadly lightning bolt hit the water. This rare bit of weather would kill at least one person and injure 13 others, making national news. But I didn’t know it right then.

    I had gone...

  • Hamas Gaza leader Haniyeh’s house hit by Israeli missile, no casualties

    17 hours ago

    An Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the house of Hamas Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh early on Tuesday causing damage but no casualties, Gaza's interior ministry said.

    An Israeli military spokeswoman had no information on the report but was checking for details.

    Haniyeh's son...

  • Son of Hamas founder: ‘Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians’

    18 hours ago

    Mosab Hassan Yousef (son of Hamas founder) discusses how Hamas and the situation in Gaza on CNN on July 24.

  • Anti-Semitic voicemail targets far-left Israel group

    By Ryan Torok

    19 hours ago

    L.A. Jews for Peace – a far-left organization that criticizes Israel’s policies toward Palestinians – has received a voicemail in which members of the organization are referred to as, “Jew traitors, filthy Jew traitors, bastard Jew traitors.”

    L.A. Jews for Peace representative...

  • Thousands attend N.Y. pro-Israel rally

    19 hours ago

    Members of Congress and thousands of Israel supporters gathered for a solidarity rally near the United Nations.

    The Monday afternoon rally, organized by the UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, was intended to show support for Israel...

  • Israeli concerns about Turkey and Qatar fuel dispute with Kerry

    19 hours ago

    Behind the feud between John Kerry and Israel over the secretary of state’s efforts to broker a Gaza cease-fire is a larger tension concerning the role of Turkey and Qatar in Palestinian affairs.

    Israeli officials rejected the proposal for a cease-fire advanced by Kerry in part...

  • Budapest synagogue site of interfaith rally supporting Israel

    19 hours ago

    Thousands filled Budapest’s Great Synagogue and the street in front of it in an interfaith rally in support of Israel.

    Sunday’s rally was organized by the Hungarian Jewish federation Mazsihisz and the Christian Faith Church and held in the downtown synagogue.


  • Judge allows $2 billion sale of NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers to proceed

    19 hours ago

    The record $2 billion sale of pro basketball's Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft Corp chief executive Steve Ballmer can proceed over the objections of co-owner Donald Sterling, a judge tentatively ruled on Monday.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas said the...

  • Anti-Semitic incidents double in Britain since start of Gaza op

    19 hours ago

    Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain have risen since the start of Israel’s operation in Gaza.

    The Community Security Trust told the Jewish Chronicle that 70 anti-Semitic incidents had been reported in the period between the start of the operation on July 8 and Friday.

    The Daily...

  • Netanyahu: Israel will not end Gaza war until tunnels destroyed

    20 hours ago

    Israel will not end its operation in Gaza before destroying all the Hamas-built tunnels, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an address to the nation.

    Neutralizing the tunnels is the first step toward demilitarization of Gaza, Netanyahu said Monday night in a...

  • One group’s proposal for Mideast peace? Build the Third Temple

    20 hours ago

    As Egypt, Qatar, the U.S. and the U.N. write proposals for Israel-Hamas cease-fires, one organization based in Jerusalem’s Old City hopes to compose a peace plan of a different kind: a detailed architectural blueprint for the Third Jewish Temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.


  • Hypocrisy and the war in Gaza

    By Steve Greenberg

    20 hours ago

    Why do journalists and social media commenters seem to care more about Palestinians than Syrian, Libyan and other Arab and Muslim civilian populations?  This infographic by Steve Greenberg measures the number of casualties over a limited period (ending July 24) in Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and Yemen, and compares the media coverage apportioned to each.  As Greenberg indicates, a true representation of the disproportionate media coverage given the Gaza conflict would literally go off the chart.

  • Israel ranks ‘very high’ on U.N. human development index

    20 hours ago

    Israel ranks 19th in the world in the United Nations’ Human Development Index for 2014, according to the U.N.’s 2014 Human Development Report, released Thursday.

    Israel is among 49 nations the report ranks as having “very high human development.” The report, titled “Sustaining...

  • Has Israel become a left-right issue?

    21 hours ago

    About a decade ago, my rabbi was promoting congregational AIPAC involvement.  His argument went that AIPAC was not necessary for our local liberal Jewish Congressman, who was a member of our synagogue.  If he ever did anything anti-Israel, the rabbi always had the option of...

  • Why would North Korea help Hamas build tunnels?

    By Jared Sichel

    21 hours ago

    According to a Saturday piece in the Daily Telegraph, unnamed Western security officials say North Korea is restocking Hamas's fast-depleting supply of rockets and equipment. 

    Even more worrisome, according to the report, the North Koreans have used their own expertise in...

  • Moeen probed after sporting ‘Save Gaza’ wristbands

    21 hours ago

    England batsman Moeen Ali is being investigated by the International Cricket Council after wearing wristbands that featured the slogans 'Save Gaza' and 'Free Palestine' during the second day of the third test against India at Southampton.

    Moeen, who has raised funds for charities...

  • Could a Hamas-owned SA-11 Buk destroy Israeli air travel?

    By Jared Sichel

    21 hours ago

    At 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 28, 2002, two men in Kenya propped Russian-made SA-7 “Strela” missile launchers on their shoulders, took aim for a nearby midair Arkia Israel Airlines passenger jet and fired at its 250 passengers.

    Both shots missed.

    At about the same time, 15 miles away in...

  • One dead after lightning strikes crowd at California beach

    22 hours ago

    One man died and at least eight people were injured on Sunday in a lightning strike during a rare thunderstorm at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, officials said.

    The bolt of electricity made a loud crack that sounded like an explosion on a warm and overcast afternoon, witnesses...

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