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  • Harris Newmark: The Jewish father of L.A.

    4 days ago

    With resolute eyes, a large portrait of the Jewish pioneer businessman and chronicler Harris Newmark gazes across a hall in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. It’s a space dedicated to how L.A. became a great city, and with this image, Newmark welcomes visitors to trace the...

  • Physician-assisted death law raises hard questions for medical professionals

    4 days ago

    If a terminally ill patient requesting a prescription for aid-in-dying medication approaches Dr. Gary Schiller, a Reform Jew and hematologist with the UCLA Health System, Schiller already knows what he’ll answer.

    “I will certainly not practice according to this law,” he said,...

  • Hebrew word of the week: Compliment/MaH(a)ma’ah

    By Yona Sabar

    4 days ago

    I have been asked whether there is any connection between maHma’ah “compliment” and Hem’ah “butter.” Indeed, there is. It is based on the one occurrence of maHama’ot in Psalms 55:22, which seems to be a misreading of me-Hem’ah. Compare to the JPS translation: “his talk was smoother...

  • Poem: Sabbath in the Last Temple

    4 days ago

    The house of God breathes still.
    The house is a snoring old man,
    surprising the neighbors
    as it inhales sand.

    Nearby, vendors & traffic echo angry bees.
    In the empty hour of the setting sun,
    hounded by duty & tradition,
    one Rabbi remains.

    The holy house rattles,
    ready to...

  • Auschwitz railcar finds new home on expanding Jewish trade campus

    By Eitan Arom

    4 days ago

    The 90-foot wooden train car that made its way earlier this month to a dusty hillside in Granada Hills once shipped entire communities of Jews from Warsaw to their inglorious end at Auschwitz. 

    But in its new home on the campus of the Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS), it...

  • Adviser: Trump will increase military aid to Israel

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    4 days ago

    Donald Trump, if elected president in the fall, will give in to Israel’s demands should negotiations with the Obama administration over a new long-term “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) hit a wall, Trump’s Israel adviser said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday.

    “I can’t...

  • A new dawn, happier end for character in ‘Wiener-Dog’

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    4 days ago

    “I grew up with a number of dogs, but none of them lasted very long,” Todd Solondz, one of independent cinema’s most persistent provocateurs, said during a phone conversation from New York.

    The canines would die or run away or simply disappear, courtesy of his parents, only to be...

  • Rabbi Laura Geller moves from senior rabbi to study of aging

    By Danielle Berrin

    4 days ago

    Leaning against the chair at a small glass table in her office, Rabbi Laura Geller exudes the energy of a meditative state. Aided by a stream of afternoon light, she is the picture of equanimity: relaxed, well postured, comfortably adorned in a coral cotton dress that sits pillowy...

  • Half-Jews outlast Nazi regime in ‘The Kaminsky Cure’

    4 days ago

    It is to the great credit of Christopher New, the author of the “The Kaminsky Cure” (Delphinium Books), that one is able to laugh, if not out loud, at least to smile sadly, while utterly immersed in a story that takes place in Europe during the most shameful time in our...

  • Empty nest decorating: Ideas for your grown kids’ old bedrooms

    By Jonathan Fong

    4 days ago

    After more than two decades of occupying space in your house, your kids have finally graduated from college and landed their first jobs. (We’re thinking optimistically here.) Although it’s sad to see them move out to start life on their own, you can take solace knowing one thing:...

  • Iranian revolution overturns lives and viewpoints in ‘Septembers of Shiraz’

    By Gina Nahai

    5 days ago

    How does an Australian director whose only previous feature-length film, “The Sapphires,” about a quartet of talented aboriginal girls entertaining American troops in Vietnam, direct a movie about an Iranian-Jewish family caught in the fury of the 1979 revolution? 

    Wayne Blair’s...

  • Hollywood’s reform Rabbi takes on a top American zionist role

    By Eitan Arom

    5 days ago

    The Israeli Reform movement is a shadow of its American counterpart. Look no further than a recent Pew Research Center poll: Whereas 30 percent of American Jews identify as Reform, merely 3 percent of Israeli Jews say the same.

    Yet Reform Judaism is far from irrelevant in Israel....

  • Students connecting with growing B’nai Mitzvah Revolution

    By Kylie Ora Lobell

    5 days ago

    A revolution doesn’t happen overnight — especially when it involves centuries-old rituals.

    But members of the Union for Reform Judaism’s B’nai Mitzvah Revolution have spent the last few years trying to bring relatively quick and drastic change to b’nai mitzvah preparation and the...

  • Alternative rituals for girls’ naming ceremonies

    5 days ago

    It’s a girl!

    Now what?

    While Jewish tradition is clear about the ceremony for welcoming a baby boy, there is no set ritual for welcoming a baby girl. In more traditional communities, the father of the baby takes an aliyah to the Torah on the first Torah-reading day after...

  • Egyptian peace plan looks to engage ‘most extreme elements in Israel’

    5 days ago

    Last year’s Egyptian television series for Ramadan “Harat al Yehud” (Jewish Quarter) displayed nuance and nostalgia toward Egypt’s mid-century “Israelites.”

    This holiday season’s “Alqayasar” (The Kingpin) reveals a full-frontal hardening of attitudes toward the Muslim Brotherhood...

  • Israel-German Congress aims to ensure support for Jewish state

    By  Orit Arfa

    5 days ago

    A year after the 50th anniversary celebrations of Israeli-German diplomatic relations, Israel advocates held the fourth Israel-German Congress in Frankfurt on June 19, expressing concern that Germany’s proclamations of support for Israel are becoming disingenuous. 


  • Calendar: June 24-30, 2016

    By Amanda Epstein

    5 days ago

    FRI | JUNE 24


    This Tony Award-winning musical shares the early life and career of legendary singer-songwriter Carole King. “Beautiful” tells the inspiring true story of King’s rise to stardom. Originally Carol Klein from Brooklyn, she fought...

  • Torah portion: Do you believe?

    5 days ago

    Do you believe, or don’t you?  

    When someone asks whether you are a “believer” in God, in Torah, in revelation, it is often a trap — whether intended that way or not. 

    The question presumes two problematic things: First, it presumes that the answer is binary: a “yes” gives you...

  • Letters to the editor: Orlando, Dennis Prager and atheism, Muhammad Ali and more

    5 days ago

    An Astute Reaction to Orlando

    I’d like to thank Rob Eshman for his insightful response to the Orlando tragedy (“Pulse and Pride,” June 17). It had the merit of being the smartest and most comprehensive reaction I read this week, while remaining succinct and...

  • JQ helpline responds to Orlando

    By Tess Cutler

    5 days ago

    “When the first responders arrived at Pulse, they called out: ‘If you’re alive, raise your hand.’ ”

    Such was the scene described by Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or of JQ International, when she took to a podium at Beth Chayim Chadashim (BCC) in West L.A. during a candlelight vigil June 13,...

  • Why are Zionists mocking Abbas for acknowledging Zionism?

    5 days ago

    Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, visited Saudi Arabia this month and presented King Salman with a framed 1930s-era copy of the Palestine Post.

    The gift is not exceptional, maybe a little dull. But there are folks who are calling Abbas out – mocking him,...

  • NY Hasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer stars in Israeli Pepsi Max ad

    5 days ago

    Lipa Schmeltzer, Hasidic pop star and glasses fashionista, can now add another line to his resume: Israeli Pepsi Max endorser.

    Lipa, who has broken with his Brooklyn haredi Orthodox community in supporting the State of Israel, recorded a minute-long Pepsi Max commercial...

  • Anti-Semitism unchanged in 2015, ADL says, but cause for worry remains

    By Eitan Arom

    5 days ago

    The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States stayed roughly stable in 2015, rising 3 percent, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

    Despite the modest increase from 912 to 941 occurrences between 2014 and 2015, however, there are reasons to...

  • Progressive Jews convene in Latin America to debate democracy as a Jewish value

    5 days ago

    Hundreds of Jewish activists from several countries are meeting in Brazil for the biennial congress of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, one of the world’s largest Jewish organizations.

    Rabbis, spiritual leaders, cantors, scholars, teachers, volunteers and other activists...

  • Obituaries: Week of June 24, 2016

    5 days ago

    Gloria Averbook died May 23 at 87. Survived by daughter Lorene; sons Allen (Emily), Bruce; 5 grandchildren. Hillside

    Arlene Barco died May 23 at 78. Survived by son Jeff. Hillside

    Benjamin Berris died May 20 at 94. Survived by wife Elaine; sons Alan (Lila), Steven (Debbie); 3...

  • German lawmaker accused of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial

    5 days ago

    A right-wing lawmaker in Germany accused of anti-Semitism in his writings has avoided being expelled from his party, at least for now.

    Dr. Wolfgang Gedeon will remain a voting member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament with no party affiliation after temporarily waiving his...

  • Jews should be wary of Trump’s rhetoric

    By Bill Boyarsky

    5 days ago

    Delete the word “Muslim” from Donald Trump’s rants. Substitute Jew, Latino, African-American, Asian American or any other ethnicity or religion that has felt the oppression of racist governments.

    This would be a useful exercise for casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who, The New...

  • Ethiopian chief rabbi in Israel to stay in post following reports of forced retirement

    5 days ago

    Israel said it would extend the contract of the Ethiopian community’s chief rabbi by six months a day after reports that he would be forced into retirement.

    The Religious Affairs Ministry’s CEO, Oded Fluss, wrote to Rabbi Yosef Hadane telling him that his three-decades long...

  • Gender solidarity is regressive

    By Dennis Prager

    5 days ago

    In 2000, when Sen. Joe Lieberman was the Democrats’ vice presidential candidate, almost every member of my extended family (for the record, not my immediate family — neither of my sons was of voting age) voted for the Gore-Lieberman ticket. Even the few relatives who generally...

  • Israel, US sign cyber defense cooperation agreement

    5 days ago

    Israel and the United States have signed a joint declaration on operative cyber defense cooperation.

    The agreement was signed Tuesday in Israel by Israel National Cyber Bureau head Dr. Eviatar Matania and National Cyber Security Authority head Buky Carmeli in the presence...

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