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  • Arm of Jewish woman protester at Standing Rock nearly torn off

    5 days ago

    The arm of a Jewish woman was mostly torn off while she was protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

    Sophia Wilansky, 21, of New York City, was taken on Monday to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, according to Reuters,...

  • MOANA *Movie Review*

    By Zoe Hewitt

    5 days ago

    In the latest Disney animated film MOANA, the title character voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, is features a young woman who goes on a quest to save her village and finds herself in the process.  In her journey she must seek out the demigod Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, and return the...

  • What type of Jew are you?

    By Shmuel Rosner

    5 days ago

    The new study of the Boston Jewish community is hardly a media-friendly study. At the heart of it, there is a complex scale of Jewish engagement – one that divides Jewish Bostonians to five groups: the Minimally Involved (17% of Jews), who have relatively low Jewish engagement; the...

  • Sunday Reads: Castro and Israel, The future of the Iran deal, Make America’s allies great again

    By Shmuel Rosner

    6 days ago


    Hugh White discusses the American public’s rejection of America’s global leadership role:

    Does fulfilling the post-Cold War vision of U.S. leadership matter enough to the American people for them to shoulder these costs and risks for decades to come? It is far from clear...

  • Do you want to tell your tale of Gratitude?

    By Lisa Ellen Niver

    1 week ago

    We Said Go Travel Gratitude Fall 2016 Writing Award:

    Theme: Where did you find the spark to follow your dreams?

    Seth Godin says “The self starter creates a spark, turning nothing, or what certainly appears to everyone else as nothing, into something. The self starter doesn't...

  • Against hysteria

    By David Suissa

    1 week ago

    Whether you’re on the left or the right, it feels good to be outraged — to feel you have truth and justice completely on your side. Drumming up and sharing this outrage can galvanize volunteers, motivate donors and spur on like-minded comrades.

    The election of a wild man like...

  • 7 Haiku For Chayei Sarah - Spoiler Alert: Lots of Main Characters Die

    By Rick Lupert

    1 week ago

    Sarah’s Life begins
    with her death. Abraham does
    not flinch at the cost.

    Sarah under ground.
    Now it’s time to find Isaac
    a nice Jewish girl.

    Rebecca waters
    the camels. This, the first sign
    she was a keeper.

    All parties agree
    this match was made in Heaven.
    Laban spends the night.

    Isaac marries and
    loves Rebecca. The loss of
    his mother consoled.

    Abraham gets hitched
    again. Many more kids, the
    very first Jew dies.

    Never forget the
    sent away son. Another
    nation’s father dies.

  • Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parashat Chayei Sarah with Rabbi Wendi Geffen

    By Shmuel Rosner

    1 week ago

    Our guest this week is Rabbi Wendi Geffen, leader of North Shore Congregation Israel in Glencoe, IL. Rabbi Geffen has served as one of the rabbis at North Shore Congregation Israel since her rabbinic ordination in 2002, assuming the role of senior rabbi in July 2015. She has served...

  • On anti-Semitism, Trump can’t just lead from behind

    By Shmuel Rosner

    1 week ago

    President-elect Donald Trump is not an anti-Semite. The people around him – so I assume, with good reason – are not anti-Semites. At least most of them aren’t. Or don’t intend to be. If some of them harbor certain prejudices, if some of them, including Trump himself, tend to...

  • One Mile Art Walk

    By Joy Bennett

    1 week ago

    Coming up next week:  One Mile Art Walk.  "One Mile is an interactive public art installation that investigates hunger, social sustainability and systemic change.  Using everyday objects, sounds, visuals, story, performance and audience interactivity, we will convert public space...

  • Dershowitz: ‘Trump knows how to show outrage’

    By Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

    1 week ago

    This story originally appeared on jewishinsider.com.

    Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on Tuesday called President-elect Donald Trump’s disavowal of the alt-right movement “not even a condemnation.”

    “One thing we know about Donald Trump, he knows how to show outrage,”...

  • French presidential candidate: Jews wished to break our laws

    1 week ago

    Francois Fillon, a leading contender in the upcoming French presidential election, suggested Jews do not respect French law.

    Fillon, a former prime minister who this week won the first round of the presidential primary in France’s center-right Republicans party, made the...

  • Trump: Kushner’s White House role could range from nothing to peace broker

    1 week ago

    President-elect Donald Trump said his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner’s role in the White House could range from nothing to brokering peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Trump was asked Tuesday in an on-the-record meeting with New York Times editorial staff what role...

  • Nazi-obsessed loner gets life for murder of British lawmaker Jo Cox

    1 week ago

    A loner obsessed with Nazis and extreme right-wing ideology was sentenced on Wednesday to spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering lawmaker Jo Cox in a frenzied street attack that stunned Britain a week before the European Union referendum.

    Armed with a sawn-off rifle...

  • Nazi-obsessed loner gets life for murder of British lawmaker Jo Cox

    1 week ago

    A loner obsessed with Nazis and extreme right-wing ideology was sentenced on Wednesday to spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering lawmaker Jo Cox in a frenzied street attack that stunned Britain a week before the European Union referendum.

    Armed with a sawn-off rifle...

  • The Eisenhower exchange, part 1: How Ike changed his views on the Middle East

    By Shmuel Rosner

    1 week ago

    Michael Doran is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. He specializes in Middle East security issues. In the administration of President George W. Bush, Doran served in the White House as a senior director in the National Security Council, as a senior advisor...

  • A Taharah Thought for Thanksgiving

    By Rabbi Joe Blair

    1 week ago

    Tomorrow, November 24th, 2016, is Thanksgiving in the U.S. Lots of people will be gathering with loved ones, enjoying a favorite meal and special treats, chatting about events, possibly arguing about views of what the future holds. Some will be watching football (American, not the...

  • Eclectic array of books a holiday gift for readers

    By Jonathan Kirsch

    2 weeks ago

    The good news in the publishing industry is that books, whether the old-fashioned or the new-fangled kind, are continuing to attract the attention of readers, which explains why there are always so many gift-giving opportunities for the holidays. As Chanukah approaches, here is a...

  • This just in: ‘Breaking News’ at The Getty

    By Avishay Artsy

    2 weeks ago

    In the relentless, 24/7 world of broadcast and online journalism, truth can become blurred by constant breaking news alerts, opinion masquerading as objective journalism and shouting matches between pundits. This past election cycle has, in particular, tested the news media’s...

  • Calendar

    By Amanda Epstein

    2 weeks ago

    WED  |  NOV 23


    Come experience a rarely seen Stephen Sondheim musical, based on a 1934 play by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. The story focuses on a talented composer of Broadway musicals who turns his back on his songwriting career to become a...

  • Anti-Semitism at Amazon is the real scandal

    2 weeks ago

    A constant drumbeat of sharp headlines has heralded former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon, president-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist, as an open anti-Semite. The attack is rooted in nothing more credible than an unverified accusation by a crusading left-wing journalist,...

  • Trump’s choice: Discriminatory policies or delivery on his economic promises

    By Rob Eshman

    2 weeks ago

    Last Sunday, I was 20 minutes late to the Dolores Mission Church. When I arrived, there was no place to sit, or even stand. I waited with dozens of other latecomers just outside the front doors, thinking, What kind of people get to shul on time? 

    The answer is angry and anxious...

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui leads Jewish stars, characters coming to TV in December

    By Gerri Miller

    2 weeks ago

    Even if you’re behind on your Chanukah preparations, you’ll want to take time to watch — or record — these December TV offerings with Jewish themes or personalities.


    “Shut Eye”

     “I’ve had such an amazing ride,” actress Emmanuelle Chriqui said, reflecting on a career that...

  • Female boxer goes toe-to-toe with violence in ‘The Wholehearted’

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    2 weeks ago

    In 2012, playwright and director Deborah Stein was riveted by a conversation with her artistic partner, Suli Holum, who described a startling newspaper article she had read on a female boxer, Christy Martin. 

    Martin, a world champion, had been the first woman in that sport to...

  • Moving and Shaking: Israel Film Festival, Tour de Summer Camps and more

    By Ryan Torok

    2 weeks ago

    Choking back tears, Israel Film Festival (IFF) founder and director Meir Fenigstein thanked the 500 guests who attended a gala event Nov. 9 at the Beverly Wilshire hotel marking the 30th anniversary of the annual festival in the Los Angeles area.

    “Thirty years ago, I could not...

  • Klezmatics bringing a healthy dose of heresy on tour

    2 weeks ago

    Grab your children and your grandparents! A band of Yiddish heretics are zingen their way to Southern California!

    Not that you should worry. These heretics, the Klezmatics, are happy and coming to share their zest for Eastern European Ashkenazi-inspired music.

    What is so...

  • Play about Chaplin’s ‘Great Dictator’ echoes politics of today

    By Tom Tugend

    2 weeks ago

    In the late summer of 1939, Europe’s statesmen and generals were worrying about whether and when Adolf Hitler would launch his military to start World War II.

    In Hollywood, the gossip mills were grinding about Charlie Chaplin. The beloved tramp of the silent movie era, it was...

  • Jackie Hoffman gets her Scrooge on in ‘Chanukah Charol’

    By Tess Cutler

    2 weeks ago

    Bach! Chumbug!

    Jackie Hoffman has got the guttural “ch” sound down like nobody’s business. And she’ll be showcasing her throat-clearing Hebrew in her upcoming one-woman show “A Chanukah Charol” on Dec. 7 at the Skirball Cultural Center.

    An actress, singer, comedian and...

  • After Trump: Can Bipartisan friendships be saved?

    By Judy Gruen

    2 weeks ago

    OK, I’ll come clean: I voted for Donald J. Trump. More accurately, I voted against Hillary Clinton. Trump was a bully and a braggart, poorly read yet untroubled by it, unfiltered and sexist, who made outrageous claims about deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. His cruel...

  • Calendar: November 25- December 1

    By Amanda Epstein

    2 weeks ago

    MON | NOV 28


    Three art exhibitions are on display at Hillel at UCLA. “Seek My Face: The Art of Joshua Meyer, 2000-2016” features the work of Lubbock, Texas-born oil painter Joshua Meyer. He went to school at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design...

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