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  • What Would God Say?

    By Beit T'shuvah

    7 hours ago

    By Rabbi Mark Borovitz

    I am so conflicted! The situation in Israel conflicts me. The situation in America conflicts me. The situation in life conflicts me. I seem to be in the midst of conflict in most areas of my life. This week, someone who had sought recovery and then sought...

  • European anti-Semitism exploding: It’s not just about Hamas

    8 hours ago

    Conventional wisdom would have us believe that the current explosion of anti-Semitism across Europe is caused by the war with Hamas in Gaza. But it’s not that simple.  The riots on the streets of Paris, the vicious anti-Jewish graffiti defacing the ancient streets of Rome, the...

  • Austrian Jews Stage Flashmob

    By tessc

    8 hours ago

    Rather than pursuing the traditional protest route, hundreds of Jewish youths in Vienna staged a flashmob in a major plaza center on Thursday, July 24. Simulating tzeva adom, an early warning radar system that detects incoming rockets fired by Hamas, a siren blasted through the unsuspecting plaza as the flashmob immediately responded with a "duck and cover." Activists held a banner: "In Israel You Have Fifteen Seconds to Save Your Life"

  • U.S. officials: Soldier’s capture during cease-fire ‘barbaric’

    9 hours ago

    Obama administration officials called Hamas’ apparent capture of an Israeli soldier in the hours a cease-fire was supposed to be in effect “barbaric” and “outrageous.”

    “That would be a rather barbaric violation of the ceasefire agreement,” Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman,...

  • There’s no nuance in hatred

    By David Suissa

    10 hours ago

    One of the cherished notions of the intellectual set is the notion of nuance-- the idea that nothing is ever truly black and white. There’s always a complicating factor or two that justifies a more nuanced view of any given situation.

    More often than not, that makes sense. But to...

  • Israel says truce over after soldier apparently captured in Gaza

    10 hours ago

    Israel declared a Gaza ceasefire over on Friday, saying Hamas militants breached the truce soon after it came in effect and apparently captured an Israeli officer while killing two other soldiers.

    Renewed Israeli shelling killed more than 50 Palestinians and wounded some 220,...

  • Rosner’s Torah-Talk: Parashat Devarim with Rabbi Rachel Isaacs

    By Shmuel Rosner

    14 hours ago

    Our guest this week is Rabbi Rachel Isaacs of the Beth Israel congregation in Waterville, Maine. Rabbi Isaacs was the first openly gay Rabbi to be ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary. Prior to the JTS, Isaacs earned her B.A. from Wellesley College in 2005, where she was the...

  • Dating, Motherhood, Growing Pains & Insomnia

    By Ilana Angel

    22 hours ago

    I haven’t had a good date in a long time. The truth is I haven’t had a date of any kind in a long time. I simply cannot be bothered to put myself out there. I’m not sure if it is because I am officially jaded, or just tired, but either way I am not dating. It is a shame because one...

  • Hamas says will abide by three-day Gaza truce to begin on Friday

    1 day ago

    Hamas, the dominant militant group in the Gaza Strip, said it would abide by a three-day mutual ceasefire with Israel to begin early on Friday.

    "Acknowledging a call by the United Nations and in consideration of the situation of our people, resistance factions agreed to a 72-hour...

  • Kerry sees ‘opportunity’ in Gaza ceasefire, urges search for common ground

    1 day ago

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday called the 72-hour ceasefire agreed to by Israel and Hamas in their conflict in the Gaza Strip a "lull of opportunity" and said it was imperative that the sides make their best efforts to find common ground.

    Kerry said Egypt's foreign...

  • U.S. defends supplying Israel ammunition during Gaza conflict

    1 day ago

    The United States on Thursday called on Israel to do more to protect civilians in its military offensive in Gaza and condemned an Israeli strike on a U.N.-run school, even as it defended moves to resupply its close ally with ammunition.

    The White House reiterated its position...

  • NYT on why it hasn’t shown photos of Hamas fighters: We don’t have any

    1 day ago

    After my piece Thursday morning asking why mainstream media outlets aren’t showing photos of Hamas fighters in Gaza, The New York Times offered me this response: We don’t have any.

    Of the 37 images that make up the Times’ most recent three slide shows of photos from the...

  • Israel and Hamas agree on 72-hour humanitarian Gaza cease-fire

    1 day ago

    Israel and Islamist militant group Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire in their conflict in the Gaza Strip starting on Friday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday.

    The ceasefire will begin at 8 a.m. local time (1.00 a.m....

  • Israeli tourists evacuated from Maldives

    1 day ago

    Israeli tourists in the Maldives had to be evacuated from the island nation after an Israeli surfer removed an anti-Israel sign placed outside a guest house.

    The tourists were evacuated earlier this week from Kaafu Thulusdhoo Island by security services after protesters on the...

  • Protesters threaten British cosmetics store that sells Israeli products

    1 day ago

    A cosmetics store in Manchester, England, that sells Israeli cosmetics has been victimized by callers threatening to kill the staff and burn down the store.

    Local police are investigating the ongoing threats, the Jewish Chronicle reported. The store, called Kedem, has been the...

  • Ayelet Waldman’s new book is more than a Holocaust novel

    1 day ago

    I devoured all 331 pages of Ayelet Waldman’s gripping and powerful novel, “Love and Treasure” (Alfred A. Knopf) in one 14-hour marathon on my flight from Los Angeles to Israel. Before the El Al plane made its descent into Ben Gurion Airport, I began this review with Waldman’s...

  • Rockets Launched Behind Journalist During Gaza Coverage

    By tessc

    1 day ago

    While reporting live from Gaza, Hamas recklessly fires a rocket behind a France 24 journalist.

  • Hamas releases video of tunnel infiltration

    1 day ago

    On Monday, July 28, five IDF soldiers were killed at Kibbutz Nahal Oz by Hamas terrorists, who infiltrated a tunnel network and filmed the attack. This is the video. 


  • Thousands attend pro-Israel rally in Paris

    1 day ago

    Thousands of people attended France’s largest pro-Israel rally since the launch of the Israel Defense Forces’ offensive in Gaza.

    The crowd, estimated by police at 8,000, gathered near Israel’s embassy in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement under heavy police guard Thursday, shouting “long...

  • U.S. sells munitions to Israel from its surplus stockpile

    1 day ago

    The U.S. Defense Department sold to Israel munitions from its Israel-based surplus stockpile.

    “The United States is committed to the security of Israel, and it is vital to U.S. national interests to assist Israel to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense...

  • Israel calls up 16,000 more reservists

    1 day ago

    Israel called up 16,000 extra reservists at short notice as its Gaza offensive intensifies and the death toll rises. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet approved continuing the assault saying it was days from achieving its goal of destroying cross border attack...

  • Israel, Palestinians locked in vicious circle of Gaza wars

    1 day ago

    When Israel ended its 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip by withdrawing settlers in 2005, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hailed it as a "disengagement" from conflict with Palestinians in the densely populated coastal enclave.

    But the conflict did not end, it only changed.

  • Genesis Philanthropy Group names Ilia Salita as new CEO

    1 day ago

    Ilia Salita was appointed the new CEO of the Genesis Philanthropy Group, which funds Jewish identity-building efforts for Russian-speaking Jews around the world.

    The Genesis Philanthropy Group is a consortium launched by wealthy Jewish businessmen from the former Soviet Union,...

  • Israeli Arab reinstated at job after suspension over anti-IDF Facebook post

    1 day ago

    An Arab nurse at an Israeli hospital suspended from his job for a Facebook post that calls the Israeli military “war criminals” was reinstated.

    The Arab-Israeli male nurse at Sheba Medical Center must issue a public apology to the hospital administration, according to reports.

  • Don’t dismiss California system’s fights over Israel divestment

    1 day ago

    Experts disagree about who first observed, “academic politics is so vicious because the stakes are so low,” but when it comes to the ongoing student debates about divestment in companies doing business with Israel, the sentence is only half true. The conflicts have been remarkably...

  • Learning to argue on Tisha b’Av

    1 day ago

    As we approach Tisha b’Av, the State of Israel is at war. The day’s commemoration of sorrow and pain, and urgent calls for introspection and reflection, couldn’t be coming at a more needed time.

    On Tisha b’Av we take upon ourselves the burden, and the grace, of our connection to...

  • Amsterdam apartment flying Israeli flag targeted with firebomb

    1 day ago

    A Jewish woman who displayed an Israeli flag from her balcony in Amsterdam was targeted with a firebomb and death threats.

    The firebomb landed on the balcony of neighbors of Leah Rabinovitch, a Mexico-born Jewish woman who flew the Israeli flag on Amsterdam’s Kruger Square,...

  • Belgian doctor refuses to treat Jewish woman, citing Gaza conflict

    1 day ago

    A Belgian physician who refused to treat a Jewish woman with a fractured rib suggested she visit Gaza to get rid of the pain.

    The physician made the remark on Wednesday while manning a medical hotline in Flanders, Belgium’s Flemish region, whose capital, Antwerp, has a sizeable...

  • The images missing from the Gaza war

    1 day ago

    There’s no shortage of images from the Gaza conflict.

    We’ve seen rubble, dead Palestinian children, Israelis cowering during rocket attacks, Israeli military maneuvers and IDF footage of Hamas militants emerging from tunnels to attack Israeli soldiers.

    What we haven’t seen are...

  • Israeli man seriously injured in rocket strike

    1 day ago

    An Israeli man was seriously injured when a rocket landed in Kiryat Gat, located halfway between Tel Aviv and Beersheba.

    The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted three other rockets above Kiryat Gat and another rocket over Tel Aviv in a volley fired from Gaza on Wednesday...

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