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  • The Conversion exchange, part 2: How strict is the Israeli public when it comes to Jewish identity?

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 days ago

    Dr. Netanel Fisher is a visiting lecturer at Israel’s Open University and head of a research group at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Dr. Fisher holds a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has served as a an adjunct lecturer at the Hebrew University and as an...

  • An update: Jews Democratic, Orthodox Jews Republican

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 days ago

    This is not much more than an update, containing two links to two recent posts in which there was data about the composition of the Jewish vote.

    The first post is by Prof. Steven Cohen, based on the recent Jewish Journal survey of Jewish opinion. Cohen writes that "If the 2016...

  • Promoting Options for the Dying

    2 days ago

    [Editor’s Note: This is the second of two or more entries looking at topics in the realms of ‘Planned Dying’, Suicide, ‘Assisted Suicide’, Euthanasia, and a ‘right to die’. These entries look at the subject from different perspectives. The thoughts expressed are those of the...

  • A New Tradition is Born

    By Susan Esther Barnes

    2 days ago

    The mikvah has a long history among the Jewish people. Along with a cemetery and a synagogue, it was one of the first things to be built in any new Jewish community. Examples of mikvaot are found in many ancient ruins of places where Jews used to live.

    However, the mikvah fell...

  • Half-Truths and Israel-Blaming Don’t a Make a Convincing Case for the Iran Deal

    By Rabbi Yonah Bookstein

    2 days ago

    The reason [the Iran Deal] it is so controversial in the United States is because the political leader of Israel has said that the deal represents a mortal threat to the security of Israel. — Joe Cirincione

    In dissecting the reality that is the confusion surrounding the impending...

  • Matisyahu is one busy non-Chasidic reggae artist

    By Ryan Torok

    2 days ago

    Matisyahu has a lot going on these days. Media outlets everywhere covered the debacle over the European music festival that canceled Matisyahu’s performance before re-inviting him to perform, and the latest from Matisyahu following that celebrated concert is that he will be...

  • What America will offer Israel after the nuclear deal

    2 days ago

    The moment the Iran nuclear deal becomes law, as seems increasingly likely given growing congressional support for the agreement, the focus of the U.S.-Israel conversation will shift to the question of what’s next.

    What more will Washington do to mitigate the Iranian threat and...

  • Two more Democratic senators back Iran deal, leaving Obama one vote shy of victory

    2 days ago

    Two more senators said they will support the Iran nuclear deal, leaving President Barack Obama just one vote shy of the number needed to stop any efforts to quash the agreement in Congress.

    The announcements on Tuesday by Sens. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Chris Coons of...

  • Israel slams Palestinians’ push to fly their flag at U.N.

    2 days ago

    Israel on Tuesday complained to the United Nations about a Palestinian initiative to fly their flag alongside full member states' at the world body's headquarters, calling it "another cynical misuse of the U.N. by the Palestinian Authority."

    Currently, only member states' flags...

  • For aliyah promoters, Ukraine’s troubles provide a boost

    2 days ago

    Until April of last year, Julia Podinovskaya felt like she had a pretty good handle on where her life was going.

    Born to a middle-class Jewish family in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, Podinovskaya, who is in her 20s, was volunteering with the local Jewish community while...

  • Jewish-Israeli man stopped from joining Islamic State

    2 days ago

    A Jewish-Israeli man who planned to join the Islamic State was apprehended in Turkey and returned to his parents.

    Turkish authorities apprehended the man, 21, whose family members arrived in Turkey and traveled back to Israel with him on Tuesday, according to the Times of Israel....

  • White supremacist should die for 3 Kansas murders, prosecutor argues

    2 days ago

    A prosecutor urged a jury on Tuesday to give a Missouri white supremacist he called a "remorseless killer" a death sentence for murdering three people, including a boy, he thought were Jewish outside two Jewish centers in Kansas last year.

    Frazier Glenn Cross, 74, was convicted...

  • Los Angeles named U.S. bid candidate for 2024 Olympic Games

    2 days ago

    Los Angeles was selected on Tuesday as the American candidate city that will bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics after Boston pulled out of the race in July, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) said.

    Los Angeles, which has hosted the Summer Games twice before in 1932 and...

  • Netanyahu to peace activists: Ready for negotiations without preconditions

    2 days ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a meeting with peace activists that he is prepared to continue negotiations with the Palestinians.

    “I am ready now to go to Ramallah or any other place in order to meet and hold direct negotiations without preconditions,”...

  • Iran’s Nuclear Agreement: To Accept or Not to Accept

    2 days ago

    Many provisions of the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran are not satisfactory, which leads to the conclusion that the agreement itself is unacceptable.

    The most important issue is totally intolerable – namely, the proposed 10- to 15-year duration of the agreement. For some...

  • Lights on! Planned Palestinian city welcomes first ‘Rawabians’

    2 days ago

    Hanadi Abu Zahra turns on the tap in her kitchen and is elated to see the water flowing – something most new residents would take for granted even if they had not just moved into a brand new state-of-the-art apartment in a luxury building located in a development that has been the...

  • ‘Homeland’ creator to direct film on Israel’s rescue of Ethiopian Jews

    2 days ago

    Since adapting his Israeli show “Prisoners of War” for U.S. audiences in the form of the Showtime hit “Homeland,” writer and director Gideon Raff has seen his Hollywood career take off.

    After creating the series “Tyrant” for FX and “Dig” for USA, the Israeli Raff has now sold a...

  • Polish governor tamps down expectations of Nazi gold train

    2 days ago

    The Polish governor of the province in which a fabled Nazi train loaded with stolen treasures reportedly has been located tried to lower expectations of the discovery.

    Tomasz Smolarz, the provincial governor of Lower Silesia, in southwest Poland, said at a news conference Monday...

  • Democrat Casey becomes 32nd U.S. senator to support Iran nuclear deal

    2 days ago

    Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) said on Tuesday he would support the nuclear deal with Iran, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    "I believe that this is better for our security and better for Israel's security, without a doubt, short term and long term," the Pennsylvania senator told...

  • Largest Luxembourg supermarket chain stops selling Israeli produce

    2 days ago

    Cactus, the largest supermarket chain in Luxembourg, has stopped selling produce from Israel until its suppliers verify that it does not originate in the West Bank.

    A pro-Palestinian group has held demonstrations over the last months in front of Cactus stores, spurring the...

  • Families of Israeli submarine crew receive declassified reports on ’68 sinking

    2 days ago

    The families of the 69 sailors who died when an Israeli submarine sank nearly a half century ago have received all of the reports generated after the incident.

    The reports on the sinking of the Dakar on Jan. 25, 1968, had remained classified until Monday, when the families met...

  • How Hillary Clinton turned gefilte fish into a hashtag

    2 days ago

    We are nowhere near Passover season, if there is such a thing, but gefilte fish is trending across the Internet. How this much-maligned fish dish became a social media sensation is a story that’s almost too good to be true — involving Democratic presidential candidate Hillary...

  • For Hasidic Jew who consults for Google, no college degree required

    2 days ago

    When Issamar Ginzberg enters his Jerusalem office on a sweltering summer day, he’s wearing a long black coat tied at the waist and a black hat. His long, scraggly beard and sidecurls, or payos, offer no relief from the heat.

    The office — thank God — is air conditioned, and...

  • Hundreds of Palestinians riot following Israeli raid in West Bank

    2 days ago

    An Israeli soldier was wounded, possibly by friendly fire, during clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians following an Israeli raid in the West Bank city of Jenin.

    Israeli soldiers, as well as officers from the Shin Bet security service officers and Israel Police, came...

  • #myLAcommute I enjoy the food in L.A., but French food is better

    2 days ago


    I’m from a small town near Marseille, France. I’m studying English at a school for international students. I’ve been in L.A. for one week and I will be here for two more weeks. I really like Hollywood because I love cinema. My favorite films are by David Lynch....

  • Debate rages over filmed confrontation between Palestinian activists and Israeli soldier

    2 days ago

    This article first appeared on The Media Line.

    Images of an Israeli soldier grabbing a Palestinian child around the neck and pinning him to the ground, during an arrest in the West Bank have gone viral on the Internet. One version of the video, on the Tamimi Press Facebook page,...

  • Letter to the editor: Dueling lawsuits

    2 days ago

    Dear Rob,

    I have just sent the following email to your reporter, and am now sending it to you.

    Regarding your story, “Will dueling op-eds turn into dueling lawsuits?” I find it highly objectionable that you used quotes made by me in confidential emails with the parties.  


  • Campaign to push Islamic State from Anbar Province in Iraq intensifies

    2 days ago

    This article originally appeared on The Media Line.

    One month after the Iraqi government announced a new initiative to take back Anbar province in western Iraq, analysts and diplomats say the campaign is beginning to take root and Iraqi troops have regained control of some...

  • Can an Israeli teacher protest the IDF?

    By Shmuel Rosner

    3 days ago

    Let’s suppose that the school your child attends gets a new principal. And let’s  suppose — you’ll soon see why — that this new principal just signed a petition that calls on citizens to cheat on their tax forms because he believes taxes are immoral or he is not satisfied with the...

  • The Betzavta Method: Turning Conflict into an Opportunity for Growth

    By Lia Mandelbaum

    3 days ago

    "Conflict is a different form of aliveness" ~ Wendel Meldrum

    After gaining invaluable experiences and skills in conflict resolution, my perception of everyday conflicts and misunderstandings is increasingly met as a chance for gaining greater self-awareness, self-transformation,...

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