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  • He witnessed — and filmed — the horror of the Holocaust

    By Roberto Loiederman

    3 days ago

    In early April 1945, Arthur Mainzer, barely 22, was a United States Army Air Forces cameraman assigned to documenting the war in Europe; he’d been serving for three years, and, so far, World War II had not been a horrific experience for him. In fact, it had been exciting. He’d had...

  • Argentina’s Senate approves one-time payments to AMIA bombing victims

    3 days ago

    Argentina’s Senate unanimously approved a bill that offers one-time compensation to the families of the 85 people killed in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center.

    Under the bill approved Wednesday without debate, the compensation will be about $170,000 for each fatality in...

  • Thousands march at Auschwitz to remember the Holocaust

    3 days ago

    Thousands of young people from at least 45 countries participated in the March of the Living in Poland at the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex of concentration camps.

    The 27th International March of the Living took place Thursday on Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Each...

  • Daily Kickoff: Cruz woos Orthodox Jews | Rubio woos Indian Creek Jews | Holocaust Remembrance Day

    By Jewish Insider

    3 days ago

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    IRAN BILL BATTLE: "Congress’s Role in Iran Nuclear Deal Shows Limits of Obama’s Power" by Peter Baker: "In his assertions of executive power to advance his agenda in an era of gridlock,...
  • The remembrance tools of the Jewish disaster

    By Shmuel Rosner

    3 days ago

    There's no escape from asking how we will continue to remember in the future, and until when. There's no escape from asking how we will continue to remember in the future, and in what way. The annals of Jewish history are rich in tragedies. We don’t really count the small ones...

  • Did Madonna Sexually Assault Drake?

    By Deena F. Greenberg

    3 days ago

    On Sunday, Madonna made an unexpected guest appearance at the Coachella music festival during rapper Drake’s set.  Apparently with Drake’s agreement, Madonna performed some songs on stage while dancing around him as he sat on a chair.  However, without his agreement, or even, as...

  • Beyond Chocolate Bunnies and Passover Baskets

    By Diana Emuna

    4 days ago

    As I prepared for Passover last week, one of my co-workers asked me if I made “Passover baskets” for my kids.  When I replied no, she asked, “You mean your kids don’t get bunnies and Easter eggs?”

    And so it begins.

    Soon, my co-workers file in and the questions begin.  I am...

  • West Coast Jewish Theatre takes the stage

    By Tom Tugend

    4 days ago

    Last year, Howard Teichman, the artistic director of the West Coast Jewish Theatre (WCJT), stood before the audience applauding the final performance of “The Whipping Man” and sorrowfully announced there would be no future plays — there simply was no more money in the kitty.


  • Conductor Joshua Weilerstein to debut with Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

    By Rick Schultz

    4 days ago

    In the old days, the conductor was king. Fritz Reiner, George Szell and Arturo Toscanini, for example, were leaders in the style of the film “Whiplash,” notorious for abusing musicians who didn’t meet their demands. But Joshua Weilerstein is one of a new breed of gentler, kinder...

  • Josef Kreitenberg

    By Jane Ulman

    4 days ago

    As the transport from Tacova, Czechoslovakia (then called Tecso, Hungary), pulled up to the Birkenau platform in late May 1944, the doors of the cattle cars slammed open. “Raus, raus,” the SS shouted, directing those fit for work into separate men’s and women’s lines. The others,...

  • ‘The Last Girl at Victoria Station’ a Kindertransport story

    4 days ago

    Every morning in 1936, Anne Forchheimer would bicycle to school, over a bridge in the German town of Coburg. She tried not to notice the signs of hate she passed along the way.  Hate for Jews and the call for their removal from German society. German law had forbidden Jewish...

  • At Auschwitz-Birkenau, the silence and the song

    4 days ago

    Snow brings a strange silence. No more so than in the vastness of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where on Jan. 27 we all began several months of remembering the unfolding of the liberation of the Nazi camps 70 years ago. That day, I walked alongside Los Angeles resident Dario Gabbai in the...

  • Letters reveal a Jewish businessman’s struggle with family requests from Nazi Germany

    4 days ago

    Although it was more than a decade ago, I still remember the phone call. The excited voice at the other end that went on and on regardless of whether I uttered a response. Attorney Roger Blane had a donation for the American Jewish Committee Archives, where I work as the director....

  • L.A. Times Festival of Books is back for its 20th year

    By Jonathan Kirsch

    4 days ago

    The publishing landscape has changed in ways that would not have been dreamed of back in 1996, when the Los Angeles Times invited readers and writers to gather for its first Festival of Books. But one thing remains the same — the Festival of Books is still going strong, still...

  • Stanford student accuses group of anti-Semitic question

    4 days ago

    A junior at Stanford University who is running for the student senate says she faced anti-Semitic questioning from a student group whose endorsement she was seeking.

    During a March 13 interview in front of eight members of the university’s Students of Color Coalition, Molly...

  • Like a Miracle

    4 days ago

    And still it is beautiful as a miracle
    This rosy twig of lilac…
    Even in our days
    of evil, terror and dread.

    Even in our street
    when hate swells grand with khutspa
    the little lilac twig stretches out
    to you and to me like a miracle…

    Zusman Segalovitch (1884-1948) was...

  • Who are you calling a ‘dirty hippie’?

    By Rebecca Spence

    4 days ago

    "We’re here to freak the straight culture out,” David Bronner says excitedly, dressed in hemp sneakers and a gold foam helmet emblazoned with a red heart.

    The 6-foot-4 president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has just finished his first Spartan Race — an obstacle course/mud bath...

  • Iran says nuclear deal depends on lifting of sanctions

    4 days ago

    Iran said on Wednesday it would only accept a deal over its contested nuclear program if world powers simultaneously lifted all sanctions imposed on it.

    The comments by President Hassan Rouhani came the day after U.S. President Barack Obama was forced to give Congress a say in...

  • Customize your home decor with digital printing

    By Jonathan Fong

    4 days ago

    Seven years ago, when I designed a room at the Greystone Mansion Designer Showcase in Beverly Hills, I upholstered the walls with fabric I’d had custom printed with giant photographs of magnolias. The ability to easily custom print fabric with digital images was relatively new at...

  • A taste of Morocco without leaving town

    By Tess Cutler

    4 days ago

    I remember six years ago being in Tarifa — on the southernmost coast of Spain, a 30-minute ferry ride to Tangier, Morocco — and being tempted to cross continents. The port was so close to Africa, I could nearly taste it. The cloth was brighter, the spices more aromatic, the sea...

  • Looking good in those genes

    By Rebecca Steinberger

    4 days ago

    Your day begins with a cup of joe, and to get through the afternoon, you’ll be gulping down a few more: There’s a gene for that. 

    Caligenix, a genetics-based lifestyle company in Brentwood, can help people find out whether they have that caffeine-craving gene variation, along...

  • Scoping out the senior scene

    By Elyse Glickman

    4 days ago

    Why take Max Izenberg’s advice on what’s going on around town? Because the retired nutritionist knows what’s good for you. 

    Izenberg built her career on helping people and being well-informed, qualities she’s found useful in gathering and sharing information with an extended...

  • Saving lives by monitoring chronic heart failure at home

    4 days ago

    Chronic congestive heart failure (CHF), which involves a weakening of the heart’s pumping power, is the primary cause of hospitalization in people older than 65, affecting about 26 million people globally. The related cost in the United States alone is estimated at up to $40...

  • Rethinking the ‘Birthright’: A trip to the Israel for adults

    By Elyse Glickman

    4 days ago

    Birthright trips to Israel are the ultimate opportunity for young Jewish adults to get face-to-face with the places and history that shape their Jewish identity. But what about more mature adults who never got that chance?

    Stacy Wasserman believes she has the answer in her L’Dor...

  • Former Patriots star Hernandez gets life in prison for 2013 killing

    4 days ago

    Former National Football League star Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for murdering an acquaintance in an industrial park near his Massachusetts home, concluding the first of two murder trials he faces this year.

    A Massachusetts jury found Hernandez,...

  • Report: Violent anti-Semitic incidents worldwide soar by 40 percent

    4 days ago

    Anti-Semitic attacks surged worldwide in 2014, with the highest number of incidents occurring in France, according to an annual study published in Israel on Wednesday.

    The report, by Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, said 766...

  • V. Stiviano to appeal order to return $2.6 million to Donald Sterling

    4 days ago

    V. Stiviano, the former companion of Donald Sterling, will appeal a Los Angeles County judge’s tentative decision that she return more than $2.6 million in cash and gifts to the former NBA team owner, her attorney said.

    On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin Jr. ruled a...

  • Israel happy at compromise deal on Iran between Congress-Obama

    4 days ago

    Israel is pleased at a compromise deal on Iran achieved between the United States Congress and the administration of President Barack Obama, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday.

    In what was seen as a setback for Obama, the U.S. president agreed on...

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