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  • Parking solutions, driverless ride, revolutionary apps and more – This week from the Startup Nation

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    6 days ago

    An Israeli device to revolutionize Augmented Reality

    So far, the augmented reality (AR) consumer revolution hasn’t taken off as expected. Devices like Google Glass and others in that space proved to be too expensive and inflexible for use by most people. But a new system produced...

  • Clinton launches White House bid with promise to champion everyday Americans

    6 days ago

    Hillary Clinton cast herself as a champion for everyday Americans on Sunday, kicking off her long-awaited second run for the White House with a vow to fight for a level playing field for those recovering from tough economic times.

    Clinton, who begins the 2016 presidential race as...

  • Sunday Reads: Israel’s ‘compensation’ for the Iran deal, Erdogan’s attack on social media

    By Shmuel Rosner

    1 week ago


    George Will discusses the impossible task of containing a huge, hostile nation’s nuclear ambitions:

    Dealing with Iran is disagreeable, but no more so than depending on Stalin’s Soviet Union as a World War II ally more important than all the other allies combined....

  • Obama income falls to $477,000 in 2014 as book sales slow

    1 week ago

    President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle earned $477,383 in 2014, a decline over the past few years as sales of the president's biographies declined, according to their tax return released by the White House on Friday.

    Obama is paid $400,000 for his position as the U.S....

  • Earth Day, Race Day, Gun Day, Money Day

    By Marty Kaplan

    1 week ago

    Is change even possible? 

    The national conversation about excessive use of police force that we’re supposed to have been conducting since Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner were killed didn’t save Walter Scott’s life.  The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of 26...

  • Spain Islamists accused in Jewish bookstore bomb plot

    1 week ago

    Members of a suspected militant Islamist cell arrested this week in Spain were trying to obtain explosives to bomb a Jewish bookshop in Barcelona, an investigating magistrate said on Friday.

    Other potential targets of the group included synagogues and public buildings in the...

  • Obama is selling us a lemon

    By David Suissa

    1 week ago

    It’s easy to be lulled or seduced by President Barack Obama’s confident demeanor. He always appears so reasonable. 

    Obama will need all of his persuasive powers to sell us on his “framework” agreement with Iran because the agreement is a lemon — a dangerous lemon.

    At its best,...

  • Up-cycle a matzah box into a mini photo album

    By Jonathan Fong

    1 week ago

    I hate to throw away boxes. Cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, gift boxes — you name it. It’s not that I’m a hoarder, just that the cardboard used in packaging can be a valuable crafting resource. It’s thick, durable and can be used for myriad DIY projects. I pay good money in paper...

  • Iran deal could stumble on sensitive nuclear monitoring

    1 week ago

    Beefing up international monitoring of Iran's nuclear work could become the biggest stumbling block to a final accord between Tehran and major powers, despite a preliminary deal reached last week.

    As part of that deal, Iran and the powers agreed that United Nations inspectors...

  • The fast-food guide to a post-Passover bread binge

    1 week ago

    Passover ends on Saturday, and let’s get real for a second: no one wants to end their week-long bread banishment with something…healthy. Sure, pizza and beer are the go-to foods to break the bread-fast, but real troopers commit themselves to more extraordinary options. Here’s a...

  • One Israeli Creation for the Weekend

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    1 week ago

    On the last day of Passover, you're invited to sit back and enjoy some of the best Israeli-made Passover clips:

    Dayenu, Coming Home - The Fountainheads Passover Song


    Passover Pesach 2015 Seder Rube Goldberg Machine from Technion in Israel


    Amazing Pesach Video Hand in Hand in Israel


    Let Us Go - Passover "Frozen" Parody

  • First in line for Portuguese citizenship: Jewish dreamers and fortune seekers

    1 week ago

    Hunched over a monument for thousands of Jews killed in a 1506 massacre in Lisbon, Danielle Karo (not her real name) felt a swelling in her eyes.

    To Karo, an American poet and business analyst who is descended from one of Sephardic Jewry’s greatest sages, the massacre is not just...

  • Heirs of Nazi victim to get compensation from sale of looted Monet

    1 week ago

    The heirs of a French Jewish art dealer killed in a Nazi concentration camp will get a piece of the upcoming sale at Christie’s of a Monet painting looted by the Nazis and acquired after the war by a Swiss collector.

    The painting, “Haystacks at Giverny,” was painted by Claude...

  • Clinton to announce presidential bid on Sunday: Democratic official

    1 week ago

    Hillary Clinton is expected on Sunday to announce, via video and social media, her intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, a Democrat close to the Clinton camp told Reuters on Friday.

    The relatively low-key announcement is a recognition that the former...

  • Dating 101: My Cat Lady Transition

    By Ilana Angel

    1 week ago

    My dating life is interesting. By interesting of course I mean the smart thing would be to get another cat and call it a day. I often marvel at the men I come across in the city of angels. One would think an actual Angel would have better luck, but alas no. Dating is hard and...

  • Gimme Shelter

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    1 week ago

    Scott Krieger is a man on a mission: to increase housing options for Jewish adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and other special needs.

    As the father of a 26-year-old daughter with disabilities, he knows firsthand the need to increase housing alternatives...

  • Clergy march to LAPD headquarters, City Hall to protest skid row killing

    By Ryan Torok

    1 week ago

    On April 8, group of local Jewish and African-American leaders spotlighted the increase in police-involved deadly shootings in areas such as Skid Row during a press conference outside the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) headquarters.

    “We wanted to reinforce that the Jewish...

  • Real estate scion Durst pleads not guilty to Louisiana gun charges

    1 week ago

    Real estate scion Robert Durst pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Louisiana state court to firearms charges, as prospects for his swift extradition to California to face a murder charge appeared increasingly remote.

    Prosecutors in California have been seeking Durst's return to Los...

  • Lassana Bathily: The Muslim who saved French Jews

    By David Suissa

    1 week ago

    Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Lassana Bathily, a French-speaking African-born Muslim, just 24, whom I met on his recent visit to Los Angeles.

    It’s early Friday afternoon on Jan. 9, and Bathily is at work at the Hyper Cacher market in Paris, where he has been living since...

  • Leon Panetta criticizes Obama for non-activism at Pearl lecture

    By Tom Tugend

    1 week ago

    With some 50 years of public service as an eight-term California congressman, as President Clinton’s chief of staff and President Obama’s Secretary of Defense and CIA director, Leon Panetta believes in the value of experience.

    So it came as no major surprise when he endorsed two...

  • Hebrew word of the week: Bne-Horin

    1 week ago

    In the haggadah, bne-Horin, literally “sons of freeborn, noblemen” (Nehemiah 2:16), are contrasted with avadim “slaves.” The mishnah recognizes cases of half-slave, half-freeman — for instances when a slave who had two masters is freed by one but not by the other (Gittin 4:5).

  • An extensive history of the Holocaust

    By Jonathan Kirsch

    1 week ago

    On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we are confronted by a bitter irony. The vast and ever-expanded scholarship of the Shoah has never been greater, and yet, at the same time, we still hear insistent voices that minimize or even deny that it happened. That’s why the most crucial form of...

  • Listeria in hummus prompts national recall by Sabra

    1 week ago

    The presence of potentially deadly listeria in several samples of hummus has prompted a national recall by Virginia-based Sabra Dipping Co. of 30,000 cases of Classic Hummus.

    Inspectors with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development learned of the possible contamination by listeria monocytogenes after routine inspections March 30 at a Kroger in Port Huron, according to Jennifer Holton, MDARD spokeswoman.

    Read more at USA Today.

  • Registered sex offender charged with attempting to aid ISIS

    1 week ago

    Joshua Ray Van Haften, 34, of Madison, Wisconsin, has been charged with attempting to provide material support and resources, namely himself as personnel, to a foreign terrorist organization, according to the assistant attorney general for national security.  As alleged in the complaint, Van Haften intended to travel into Iraq or Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    Read more at Justice.gov.

  • Moving and shaking: Pioneer Women Award, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and more

    By Ryan Torok

    1 week ago

    The Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women honored Molly Forrest, CEO and president of the Los Angeles Jewish Home, with the Pioneer Women Award during a ceremony March 27 at Los Angeles City Hall.

    The award spotlights those who work to advance the welfare of women and...

  • Gaza police seize Banksy painting in legal row

    1 week ago

    Palestinian police confiscated a bombed-out doorway bearing a Banksy painting  from a Gaza graffiti artist on Thursday after the original owner complained of being swindled into selling it cheap.

    The artist Belal Khaled had paid 700 shekels ($175) for the image of a goddess...

  • British Reform rabbis propose online service to make same-sex shidduchs

    1 week ago

    Reform rabbis in Great Britain are launching an online matchmaking service aiming to make it easier for gay and lesbian Jews to find Jewish partners.

    The proposed website, which will cater to gay and straight Jews, is the initiative of Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, senior rabbi of...

  • Israel trip aims to broaden minds of UCLA student leaders

    By Simone Wilson

    1 week ago

    "In some senses, you’re more on the front lines than I am,” a seasoned Israeli peace negotiator told a roomful of UCLA student leaders. “I have a lot of sympathy for your position.”

    Tal Becker, who has weathered decades of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks — beginning in the 1970s...

  • France set to propose new Palestinian state resolution at UN

    1 week ago

    This story originally appeared at The Media Line.

    The French government has seen a window of opportunity, after recent elections in Israel, to get the United States on board for a renewed effort toward an Israeli-Palestinian settlement, and is preparing a draft United Nations...

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