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  • Real Housewives of Orange Country Week 18 Recap

    By Ilana Angel

    3 hours ago

    Typos are generously sponsored by Jose Cuervo.

    It is hard to believe we have been watching this show for over four months and they are still talking about whether or not Brooks has cancer. It is as if they think we actually care, which we don’t. If you are an idiot, and you get...

  • Cool clothes for chilly weather

    By Julie Bien

    6 hours ago

    Class has been in session for a while now, but that doesn’t mean your back-to-school shopping is over. Outfit your daughter for fall with some of these snuggly suggestions. Just remember, moms: Sweater sets are so passé. 

    Your child will look fierce in the handmade felt ...

  • Fresh start at Harkham GAON Academy

    By Ryan Torok

    7 hours ago

    The contrast at the Westside Jewish Community Center (WJCC) was marked: In the gymnasium, Harkham GAON Academy students were actively engaged in a basketball game. In the auditorium next door, members of a different generation were performing their own exercises in a WJCC-sponsored...

  • Iranian parliamentary panel gives conditional nod to nuclear deal

    8 hours ago

    An committee of Iran's conservative-dominated parliament gave its support on Sunday to Iran's nuclear agreement with world powers on condition there would be no foreign inspections of military sites and no curbs on developing its missile program.

    These proposals, contained in a...

  • New microbrew made from Boston river water — with Israeli tech

    9 hours ago

    An Israeli-founded water purification company has teamed up with Boston-based Harpoon Brewery to channel the once-famously polluted Charles River into a new beer.

    Desalitech, which started in Israel seven years ago and then moved to Boston, is using its patented technology to...

  • California governor signs bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide

    9 hours ago

    Physician-assisted suicide will become legal in California under a bill signed into law on Monday by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, despite intense opposition from some religious and disability rights groups.

    The law, based on a similar measure in Oregon, allows doctors to...

  • Israel-Russia military coordination talks on Syria to open Tuesday

    9 hours ago

    A senior Russian military delegation will visit Israel on Tuesday for two days of talks on how the countries can avoid accidentally clashing while operating in Syria, an Israeli military officer said.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin...

  • U.S. ‘greatly concerned’ by Russia incursion of Turkey airspace

    12 hours ago

    Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday the United States was "greatly concerned" about the incursion by a Russian plane into Turkish airspace over the weekend and he had intensified discussions with Moscow.

    He said his Turkish counterpart called him about the incident on...

  • Pink Floyd founder: Bon Jovi stands with ‘settler who burned the baby’

    12 hours ago

    Roger Waters, a founding member of the rock band Pink Floyd and an activist in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, published an open letter criticizing rocker Jon Bon Jovi for performing in Tel Aviv on Oct. 3.

    Waters, a frequent critic of Israel, ...

  • Palestinians banned from Jerusalem’s Old City in wake of two stabbing attacks

    13 hours ago

    Palestinians will be banned from entering the Old City of Jerusalem for the next two days following two terrorist attacks, including one that killed two Jewish-Israelis.

    Access to the Old City will be limited to Israeli citizens, Old City residents, tourists, businesspeople who...

  • PA condemns Israel for killing 2 Palestinian attackers

    13 hours ago

    The Palestinian Authority condemned Israel for the killing of two Palestinian attackers in Jerusalem and called on the United Nations to intervene to protect its citizens.

    In a statement published Sunday on the website of the Wafa Palestinian news and information agency, the P.A....

  • Why Israelis are fearing a third intifada

    13 hours ago

    First it was clashes on the Temple Mount. Then a mother and father were shot before the eyes of their four children. Then two men were killed in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City.

    Now Israelis fear the wave of conflict will only rise. Here’s why the violence began, how...

  • Funerals held for two Jerusalem stabbing victims

    13 hours ago

    Thousands attended the funerals of two Jewish-Israelis who were stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Old City.

    The funerals for Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Benita, a 22-year-old soldier, were held in Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon. They were stabbed to death on Saturday night by...

  • West Bank Palestinians arrested for attack that killed Israeli couple

    14 hours ago

    Several Palestinian suspects were arrested in connection with the drive-by shooting in the West Bank that killed an Israeli couple.

    The suspects were arrested in raids in the Palestinian West Bank city of Nablus early Saturday morning during a joint operation of the Israel...

  • Life Saving Apps, Tel Aviv’s Newest Title, and More - This Week from the Startup Nation

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    14 hours ago

    Tel Aviv Named One of 25 Top Global Financial Centers

    Tel Aviv has been chosen as one of the top 25 leading financial world centers, according to a study sponsored by the Qatar Financial Centre in Doha. According to the study, Tel Aviv is ranked 25th, and advances, among others,...

  • The Green Monkey Smoothie

    By Elana Horwich

    15 hours ago

    I call this the Green Monkey because it makes you go bananas. Don't let the color fool you, this is delicious and sweet and doesn't taste like veggies.

    That's because the spirulina, a powdered algae that you can find in your health food store, doesn't have flavor. That's why I...

  • The Teen Project

    By Ilana Angel

    1 day ago

    Our world is amazing with limitless possibilities at the same time it is dark with endless suffering. I support many charities and believe that only when you give will you receive. I don’t give to receive of course, but the feeling I get when I give fills my heart and gives me...

  • Sunday Reads: Obama’s alliance with Russia & Iran, What did Abbas actually say?, AIPAC’s tough times

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 days ago


    Rob Satloff and James Jeffrey believe that President Obama has his priorities wrong in the Middle East and that an alliance with Russia and Iran isn't the way to go:

    Taken together, the Administration’s wrong assumptions led it to an analysis that misreads the Middle East...

  • Australia: Brave New World Part 2

    By Ilana Angel

    2 days ago

    I left Los Angeles on a Sunday and arrived in Australia on a Tuesday. I skipped an entire day, which was good because it meant I arrived in Brisbane a day younger and looking Xanax rested and fresh faced. Once I landed in Brisbane I took a shuttle to Byron Bay.  I sat in the front...

  • Palestinian kills two in Jerusalem, then shot dead: police

    2 days ago

    A Palestinian man stabbed and killed two people in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday before police shot him dead, officers said, amid an uptick in violence in the city and occupied West Bank.

    Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad issued a statement claiming the attacker as one...

  • Two Israeli men killed, 2 injured, in Jerusalem stabbing attack

    2 days ago

    Two Israeli men in their 40s died of their wounds Saturday night after being stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City in a terror attack.

    One of the men’s wife is in serious condition and their two-year-old baby was lightly wounded.

    The men were stabbed in the upper body and were unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene.

    Read more at timesofisrael.com.

  • Forgiveness

    3 days ago

    I was standing with my brother on the top floor of a hotel in Atlanta having checked in for a conference he had organized.  The elevators were jammed and they didn’t have enough to accommodate all the guests.  More, some of them went to the lower floors and others to the upper.  We...

  • Netanyahu and Abbas agree: Blame the UN

    3 days ago

    Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas took plenty of shots at each other.

    But in their dueling dueling speeches to the United Nations General Assembly, the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian Authority president directed much of their fire at the same target: the assembled...

  • Fast food: Why do Americans rush meals?

    3 days ago

    American eaters, they’re like a pack of animals, hustling dinner in 10 minutes or less. It sounds like a recent complaint, but in fact it comes from 1864, when the Englishman John Francis Campbell was startled at the rapidity with which fellow steamboat passengers consumed their...

  • #myLAcommute Anything with music makes me happy

    3 days ago


    I’m from Glassell Park. I love the neighborhood, but gentrification is really affecting us in the middle and lower classes. It’s really sad to see people move out because they can’t afford to live in the neighborhood where they’ve lived all of their lives.

    When I’m...

  • Orthodox woman sues Lucille Roberts gyms for banning modest clothing

    4 days ago

    A women’s-only gym chain founded by a Soviet Jewish emigre who wanted to protect women from lewd attention, is being sued by an Orthodox woman in Brooklyn who says its employees repeatedly harassed her over her modest attire.

    Yosefa Jalal, 25, has filed a federal lawsuit against...

  • Jewish groups urge passage of gun control legislation

    4 days ago

    This post was originally published on jewishinsider.com.

    Major Jewish organizations are lining up behind President Barack Obama’s call on Congress to pass effective gun control legislation in wake of the horrific shooting and the killing of at least nine students at Umpqua...

  • Is it really a shock that 1/3 of Americans wouldn’t hide Jews?

    4 days ago

    Is the glass one-third empty or two-thirds full?

    A poll commissioned by distributors of Holocaust film “Return to the Hiding Place” asked 1,000 Americans a question many Jews have pondered: “If you were living during World War II, would you have risked the imprisonment and death...

  • U.S. job growth stumbles, raising doubts on economy

    4 days ago

    U.S. employers slammed the brakes on hiring over the last two months, raising new doubts the economy is strong enough for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by the end of this year.

    Payrolls outside of farming rose by 142,000 last month and August figures were revised...

  • Let us now praise Israeli coffee

    4 days ago

    In Israel, American stores dot shopping malls and McDonald’s branches proliferate. But one chain you won’t see is Starbucks.

    Starbucks has franchises around the world, but its brief experiment with Israeli stores lasted just two years, from 2001 to 2003. Maybe, as some have...

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