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  • Former ADL Regional Director Harvey Schechter; 91

    11 minutes ago

    Harvey Bernard Schechter died peacefully at the Los Angeles Jewish Home in Reseda on May 23, 2015, at the age of 91. Harvey is survived by his wife of sixty years, Hope Schechter of Beverly Hills, his nephew/son Bruce Schechter of Sherman Oaks and many additional family members and...

  • Military chaplains gather to answer call of duty

    By Kylie Jane Wakefield

    25 minutes ago

    It’s not easy being an observant Jew in the military sometimes, especially under extreme circumstances. What do you do, for example, if there’s no kosher pot that can be used for cooking?

    Rabbi Avrohom Teichman of certifying agency Kehillah Kosher offered an answer to a...

  • Holocaust lessons brought live to classrooms

    By Avishay Artsy

    33 minutes ago

    “When you see injustice, stand up.” 

    That’s the message Paula Lebovics wants her audiences to remember. On May 13, the 81-year-old survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp shared her story in person with three young students at USC, but their discussion went much farther — it...

  • How the FIFA corruption scandal could affect Israel

    36 minutes ago

    Israelis were expecting some big news to come out of the annual FIFA Congress this week.

    But they probably weren’t expecting this.

    In a bombshell operation, a Swiss law enforcement team showed up at the Zurich hotel hosting the annual gathering of the international soccer...

  • ‘How Sweet It Is!’ is a gangster’s paradise

    By Jonathan Kirsch

    46 minutes ago

    The first voice you hear in the latest novel by Thane Rosenbaum, “How Sweet It Is!” (Mandel Vilar Press), belongs to the Great One himself, Jackie Gleason. 

    “Miami Beach is magical, but it is the magic of the dark arts,” Gleason is made to say. “Black magic masquerading as...

  • Wanted: More women in Los Angeles City Hall

    By Bill Boyarsky

    49 minutes ago

    What Los Angeles City Hall needs is a strong Jewish woman.

    Nothing against the three Jewish men who occupy citywide offices — Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Attorney Mike Feuer and Controller Ron Galperin. But they’re so quiet, so devoted to working behind the scenes that it’s easy to...

  • Blair to resign as Mideast peace envoy in June

    54 minutes ago

    Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, will step down next month as the special Middle East peace envoy of the Quartet group representing the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations.

    Blair has occupied the post since 2007, but there has been...

  • Ethiopian-Israeli soldier beaten by officers sues Israel police

    1 hour ago

    The Ethiopian-Israeli soldier whose beating by police officers sparked violent protests has filed a lawsuit against the Israel Police.

    Damas Pakada filed the approximately $100,000 lawsuit on Tuesday with the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, according to reports. The lawsuit accused...

  • Record-breaking heat wave hits Israel

    1 hour ago

     A record-breaking heat wave in Israel has sparked forest fires, caused flight delays and prompted a sharp increase in reported cases of dehydration and fainting.

    Temperatures reached 102 degrees in Tel Aviv, 104 in Haifa and 98 in Jerusalem on Wednesday. A forest fire broke out...

  • Hebrew word of the week: Ken

    1 hour ago

    Two simple one-syllable words, yet they are not so simple. The English “yes” comes from yea + si, meaning “so be it!,” a stronger yea. Shakespeare uses it only as an answer to a negative question. The Hebrew word ken means “right,” related to nakhon “correct, true” derived from the...

  • Ecclesiastes

    1 hour ago

    Katamon, Jerusalem

    It’s so nice to be pretty and wearing polka dots
    on a swinging dress with a small cinched waist
    pushing a blue-eyed child through
    the trade winds in her pram. The trees
    are swaying, and on the bench below them
    an old woman looks up through the boughs
    to a...

  • Tribute to the man reviving the Breed Street Shul

    By Ryan Torok

    2 hours ago

    Stephen Sass wiped tears from his eyes as he took the stage May 17 to receive an award recognizing his leadership toward the renovation of the century-old Breed Street Shul in Boyle Heights. 

    Although his work over about the past 15 years has been tough going at times, he said...

  • ‘Wanted’ list spreads fear in Yemen among critics of the Houthis

    2 hours ago

    This article originally appeared on The Media Line.

    A “list of shame” has been published, on street corners and on public transportation throughout cities in Yemen. The roll call includes 54 names, all individuals who have criticized Yemen’s de facto rules, the Houthis or...

  • Egypt intensifies crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

    2 hours ago

    This article originally appeared on The Media Line.

    If carried out, the recent death sentence of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi could spark widespread disturbances in Egypt. The court is expected to confirm the sentences of more than 120 Muslim Brotherhood leaders...

  • World soccer rocked as top FIFA officials held in U.S., Swiss graft cases

    3 hours ago

    Seven of the most powerful figures in global soccer faced extradition to the United States on corruption charges after their arrest on Wednesday in Switzerland, where authorities also announced a criminal investigation into the awarding of the next two World Cups.

    The world's...

  • Mega Corporations Such as Google and Facebook Push to the Annihilation of Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    3 hours ago

    It seems as if Google, who is often being recognized as an Israel supporter, has recently joined the list of corporations who cleared Israel off the map.

    Ynetnews has recently published quite a disturbing discovery: A Google search of leading figures who were born in Jerusalem...

  • Israel, Palestinians pull back after Gaza exchange of fire

    3 hours ago

    Israel and Palestinian militants appeared to be pulling back on Wednesday from further hostilities after Israel responded with air strikes to a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

    No casualties were reported on either side of the border, and Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon...

  • The Arab High Tech Exchange, Part 2: ‘Sadly, segregation feels natural to many Jewish Israelis’

    By Shmuel Rosner

    7 hours ago

    Roni Floman is an Israeli writer. Her first book, Sojourners and Settlers, is a non-fiction book about the Israeli community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her second non-fiction book, Good Intentions – Arab high-tech in Israel, came out in Hebrew in 2013. Its English translation...

  • Do Paths Diverge? Is there a Fork in the Road? or Do Paths Run Together Again?

    8 hours ago

    Now in my early 50’s, I’ve lived longer than either of my parents did.  My dad died at 44 and my mom died at 48, just before my 20th birthday.

    Over the years, particularly on those challenging parenting days, I often thought about how my parents managed family, work, life.  I...

  • Amnesty International: Hamas committed war crimes against Gaza civilians

    17 hours ago

    Amnesty International said in a report on Wednesday that Islamist Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip during last year's war with Israel.

    A ceasefire last August ended 50 days of fighting between Gaza militants and Israel in which health...

  • Israel asking U.S. for 50 percent increase in next defense assistance package

    20 hours ago

    Israel reportedly  wants the U.S. to increase its annual defense assistance package by half, to an average $4.5 billion.

    Defense News reported this weekend that Israel and U.S. officials have in recent months begun negotiations on the next 10-year aid package.

    The previous...

  • I’m grateful for life’s little bumps

    By Mindy Leaf

    21 hours ago

    We all know it's bound to happen, sooner or later. Spend any time on the road in South Florida and no matter how “safe” and “defensive” a driver you are, you’re bound to get into an accident.

    My turn came while turning from one three-lane highway into another in North Miami Beach...

  • Obama loves the wrong Israel

    By David Suissa

    21 hours ago

    Every time I hear President Barack Obama tell us how much he loves Israel, I feel like asking him: Which one?

    Apparently, he’s not too crazy about the current Israel. The Israel that owns his heart is the one from before 1967, when the Jewish state was a noble little nation...

  • Anne Meara, wife of Jerry Stiller and mother of Ben, dies

    21 hours ago

    Anne Meara, the wife and comedy partner of Jerry Stiller and the mother of actor and director Ben Stiller, has died

    Meara died Saturday in Manhattan at the age of 85.

    Meara and Stiller were married for 61 years. Born and raised as Roman Catholic, Meara converted to Judaism in...

  • Will Israel end child subsidies for anti-vaxxers?

    21 hours ago

    Each month, the Israeli government sends a check to every Israeli family with at least one child. The more children you have, the more money you get.

    Unless, that is, you don't vaccinate your children.

    According to a clause in the coalition agreement signed last month...

  • Nepal Consulate in Los Angeles calls for ongoing post-quake support

    22 hours ago

    The Nepalese Consulate in Los Angeles is facilitating donations and charitable gifts through its networks for humanitarian support for victims of the powerful earthquake that hit Nepal twice, killing more than 8,000 people, and destroying thousands of houses, heritage temples and...

  • Palestinians tackle green energy

    22 hours ago

    This story originally appeared on The Media Line.

    Palestinians plan to begin using solar, wind and geothermal power in an effort to cut their dependence on Israeli energy and save money at the same time. The Palestinian Authority has approved a national plan to reach ten percent...

  • Appeals court rules with states challenging Obama’s immigration action

    22 hours ago

    The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday in favor of 26 states challenging President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration, potentially paving the way for a Supreme Court decision on the issue.

    Two judges on the three-judge panel ruled that the executive...

  • Tunisian soldier opens fire on comrades, killing seven

    23 hours ago

    This article originally appeared on The Media Line.

    Seven servicemen have been killed in Tunisia in what appears to have been an insider attack by a fellow soldier. It is unclear whether the assailant, who seized a weapon and turned it on his comrades, was linked to a terrorist...

  • Houthis aunch assault on critical media in Yemen

    23 hours ago

    This article originally appeared on The Media Line.

    Sana’a, Yemen -- An atmosphere of intimidation is silencing Yemen’s journalists. At least 100 media outlets have closed out of fear that they will be targeted by Houthi fighters who are waging a campaign to mute criticism of the...

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