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  • Israel happy at compromise deal on Iran between Congress-Obama

    4 days ago

    Israel is pleased at a compromise deal on Iran achieved between the United States Congress and the administration of President Barack Obama, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday.

    In what was seen as a setback for Obama, the U.S. president agreed on...

  • U.S., EU optimistic that Congress will pass Iran deal

    4 days ago

    Secretary of State John Kerry made clear at a meeting of G7 foreign ministers that he was optimistic an Iran deal will get through Congress, Germany's foreign minister said, while the EU's foreign policy chief was also upbeat.

    President Barack Obama had agreed on Tuesday that...

  • Daily Kickoff: Spotlight on Sen. Cardin | Abramovich buys in Tel Aviv | Ghermezian’s Dream Approved

    By Jewish Insider

    5 days ago

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    TOP TALKER: "After Last-Minute Changes, Iran Bill Sweeps Key Vote With White House Support" by Jessica Schulberg: "After several months of wrangling between the White House and Senate...
  • Terrible Taharah

    5 days ago

    [Editor's Note: This was written some time ago, looking back. It reflects on a past experience and the author's response to it then.  The phrase 'comedy of errors' seems to float into conciousness as it unfolds. This entry is intended for amusement, with an aspect of satire. Enjoy....

  • Free Range Kids

    By Susan Esther Barnes

    5 days ago

    A Maryland family is in the news again because they let their kids, ages 10 and 6, walk to a park about a mile from their home. The kids made it to the park just fine, played there just fine, and had almost made it all the way back home before they were picked up by the police,...

  • The Iranian deal panic gap

    By Rob Eshman

    5 days ago

    Last week, Foreign Policy magazine released a poll of 921 scholars of international relations at colleges and universities across the United States. By a 7-to-1 margin, the scholars agreed that the proposed deal with Iran will “have a positive impact on regional stability.”

  • Stanford student’s impassioned op-ed says she was unfairly questioned during endorsement interview

    By Ryan Torok

    5 days ago

    The Stanford Daily on April 13 ran an op-ed by Molly Horwitz, a Stanford University junior, titled, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” in which she gives her account of events that transpired on March 13 when, she says, the Students of Color Coalition asked her, a...

  • Obama drops objection to letting Congress vote on Iran deal

    5 days ago

    President Barack Obama dropped his opposition on Tuesday to a bill giving Congress a voice on a nuclear deal with Iran after members of his Democratic Party negotiated changes to the bill that had won strong support from both parties.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said...

  • Obama tells Congress he plans to remove Cuba from terrorism list

    5 days ago

    President Barack Obama told Congress on Tuesday he intends to remove Cuba from a U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, clearing the way for restoring diplomatic relations and reopening embassies shut for more than half a century.

    Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro sat down...

  • Darth Vader says ‘I am your father’ in Hebrew (and 19 other languages)

    5 days ago

    Ever wondered what the most famous Star Wars line sounds like in Hebrew? Or Thai? Or Catalan? Well, thanks to this supercut, now you can quench your insatiable thirst for this kind of knowledge.

  • Swastikas drawn in University of Missouri dorm

    5 days ago

    Swastikas and anti-Semitic epithets were written in a stairwell of a dormitory at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

    The two incidents occurred on the morning of April 9 and the evening of April 10. No suspects have been identified.

    The writing was done in ash, such as...

  • Poll: American Jewish support for Obama dropping

    5 days ago

    Job approval ratings for President Obama have dropped among American Jews from 61 percent to 50 percent since the start of 2015, a new Gallup poll found.

    The American Jews interviewed for the poll released this week gave Obama a 50 percent approval rating in March, dropping from...

  • Nazi-hunter group praises Germany’s efforts to track down ex-Nazis

    5 days ago

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center praised Germany’s recent efforts in tracking down former Nazis while noting a general lack of progress in finding them throughout the rest of the world.

    The organization’s 14th Annual Status Report on the Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi...

  • Netanyahu phones Putin to object to missile sale to Iran

    5 days ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Russian President Vladimir Putin to express “grave concerns” regarding the potential future sale of S-300 missile systems to Iran.

    During the phone call on Tuesday, Netanyahu said the sale would encourage Iranian aggression in the...

  • Israeli music education start-up raises $5 million in new funding

    5 days ago

    An Israeli start-up company that creates music education technology has raised $5 million in new funding.

    Tonara raised the funding from Baidu, the maker of China’s leading search engine, and Israel-based Carmel Ventures, a repeat investor.

    The Israeli company offers two apps:...

  • Children of Holocaust survivors more concerned about Iran nuclear threat, study finds

    5 days ago

    A new study in Israel shows that adult children of Holocaust survivors are more concerned about the threat of a nuclear Iran than those whose parents were not survivors.

    “Transmitting the Sum of All Fears: Iranian Nuclear Threat Salience Among Offspring of Holocaust Survivors,” a...

  • Top U.S. negotiator tells Israeli journalists: Final Iran deal will be signed by June 30

    5 days ago

    Iran and the world powers will reach a comprehensive final agreement on curbing Iran’s nuclear program by the June 30 deadline, the top U.S. negotiator in the talks told Israeli journalists.

    A diplomatic negotiated solution is the best option to slow Iran’s nuclear program,...

  • Netanyahu, Herzog hold secret meeting over unity government

    5 days ago

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met secretly with opposition leader Isaac Herzog of the Zionist Union, according to an Israeli news report.

    The meeting took place a few days ago, Israeli journalist Ayala Hasson of Israel’s Channel 1 reported Monday. No official coalition talks...

  • Le Pen picks fight with father amid party’s surging Jewish support

    5 days ago

    At 27, David Rachline is the youngest senator in the history of France’s Fifth Republic and a rising force within the country’s third largest party.

    A university dropout and the son of a Jewish Socialist Party activist, Rachline crushed his opponents in the 2014 mayoral elections...

  • At Cannabis Seder, Bob Marley tunes and a blessing over the weed

    By Rebecca Spence

    5 days ago

    This seder included a legal disclaimer.

    “The cannabis products at this Seder are available to OMMP cardholders only,” the sign at the check-in table read, referring to the state of Oregon’s medical marijuana program. “All others consume at your own risk.”

    The fine print...

  • Obama, in meetings with Jewish leaders and donors, stresses how much he cares

    5 days ago

    Jewish leaders expected President Barack Obama to sell them hard on the Iran nuclear deal. Instead, participants in two White House meetings on Monday said he offered a softer pitch on how deeply he cares for Israel and the Jewish people.

    “He tried to explain he understands...

  • U.S., allies conduct 18 air strikes in Syria, Iraq against Islamic State

    5 days ago

    U.S.-led forces targeted Islamic State militants in Syria with three air strikes and conducted another 15 strikes against the group in Iraq from Monday to Tuesday morning, the U.S. military said.

    All three of the strikes in Syria were conducted using fighter aircraft and hit targets near Kobani, it said in a statement released on Tuesday. In Iraq, the air strikes were conducted with fighter and attack planes as well as drones and occurred near Bayji, Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadim and Sinjar, it said.

  • U.S. Holocaust museum rips revisionist cartoon contest in Iran

    5 days ago

    The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum slammed a Tehran-based contest that invites contributors to create cartoons questioning the historical truth of the Holocaust.

    The Second Holocaust International Cartoon and Caricature Contest, which is under the supervision of...

  • Hungary’s Jobbik drops some hardline policies in push for power

    5 days ago

    Hungary's Jobbik party will leave behind its far-right origins, keep the country in the European Union and come to terms with foreign investors as it sets its sights on government, its leader said on Tuesday.

    Jobbik, condemned throughout Europe as anti-Semitic and racist, is now...

  • Take a walk on the autism side

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    5 days ago

    “A giant whirlpool of hope enveloped me” is how Matt Asner, son of famed TV star Ed Asner, described his first Autism Speaks Walk experience seven years ago at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Now Director of Corporate Development for Autism Speaks, Matt is the father of a 12-year-old son...

  • With fewer survivors around, Holocaust education is in transition

    5 days ago

    On a recent morning, a group of seventh-graders in Natick, Massachusetts, was absorbed in a video of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s acceptance speech of the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize.

    “Why did he win?” asked their teacher, Tracy Sockalosky.

    She guided the discussion to the...

  • Stanford student candidate files complaint over Jewish faith questions

    5 days ago

    A candidate for the student Senate at Stanford University filed a complaint after she was asked how her Jewish faith would inform her decisions.

    Molly Horwitz, a junior, filed the complaint with the student elections commissioner shortly after the March 13 endorsement interview...

  • Israel ‘dismayed’ at S-300 missile deal with Iran

    5 days ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday expressed Israel's "dismay" to Russian President Vladimir Putin at Russia's decision to lift a self-imposed ban on supplying S-300 missiles to Iran.

    A statement from Netanyahu's office said he "expressed Israel's dismay at the decision... (and) told President Putin that this step will only increase Iran's aggression in the region and will destabilize security in the Middle East."

    Putin lifted the ban on delivering the air defense system to Iran on Monday.

  • White House doesn’t say whether Obama will support Senate bill on Iran

    5 days ago

    The White House said on Tuesday it could not state definitively whether President Barack Obama will support the U.S. Senate's bill on Iran's nuclear capabilities until all changes are made.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said there is reason to think a Senate panel working on the bill may address some areas of concern the White House has had over the bill, which Obama has said threatens to undermine an international deal with Iran to curb its nuclear capabilities.

  • Ex-N.Y. Assembly speaker’s son-in-law arrested for allegedly running Ponzi scheme

    5 days ago

    The son-in-law of former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested for allegedly running a $7 million Ponzi scheme.

    Marcello Trebitsch, 37, was arrested on Monday by federal agents and indicted in Manhattan federal court on charges of wire fraud and securities fraud....

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