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  • News reports revive AJU environmental debate

    9 hours ago

    Nuclear activist Dan Hirsch made a promise in 1979 that would drag him into a three-decade fight he didn’t ask for, a fight that has since drawn in Boeing, an alphabet soup of regulators and, most recently, American Jewish University (AJU).

    Hirsch’s students at UCLA had dug up...

  • Poet ponders what transpired after photographer’s shutter clicked

    9 hours ago

    The 1913 photograph by August Sander on the cover of Adam Kirsch’s third book of poetry, “Emblems of the Passing World: Poems After Photographs by August Sander” (Other Press), shows two young women in high-necked blouses gazing at the camera over cups of morning coffee. One sits...

  • Jerusalem and L.A. join forces for Biennale

    9 hours ago

    When the Jewish Artists Initiative, the Los Angeles-based arts collective chaired by Ruth Weisberg, decided to participate in the 2015 Jerusalem Biennale, Georgia Freedman-Harvey knew she’d be accumulating a lot of frequent-flier miles. Along with co-curator Anne Hromadka, she has...

  • Calendar: November 27 - December 3

    By Amanda Epstein

    9 hours ago

    FRI | NOV 27


    Winner of the 2015 Ophir Award for Best Documentary, “Censored Voices” has its Los Angeles theatrical premiere. This Israeli documentary presents, for the first time, uncensored recordings of conversations between Israeli soldiers and renowned...

  • U.S. teen’s murder in Israel ripples among L.A. parents

    By Jared Sichel

    9 hours ago

    When Leat Silvera wakes up in the morning and sees alerts on her Facebook news feed for terror attacks in Israel — which is 10 time zones away — she quickly looks for words such as “Alon Shvut” or “Gush Etzion,” the area of the West Bank south of Jerusalem where her 18-year-old...

  • How one man's funny business is fueling the growth of streaming comedy specials

    By Jared Sichel

    9 hours ago

    “I just beg people. All day, all day,” Brian Volk-Weiss said only half-jokingly, as he hung up a phone that rang just as he began to describe what it’s like being one of America’s most influential (not his words) executives in the big — and growing bigger — arena of streaming...

  • Torah portion: Speeding up to slow down

    10 hours ago

    In one of my favorite essays by the humorist David Sedaris, he recounts his experience of chasing after his husband Hugh on their various vacations. Sedaris writes, “Most of Hugh’s and my travel arguments have to do with pace. I’m a fast walker, but he has longer legs, and likes to...

  • Letters to the editor: Islamic extremism, contamination at Brandeis-Bardin and more

    10 hours ago

    Hydra vs. Islam

    As a friend and fan of Rabbi Reuven Firestone, I was disappointed by “Heads of the Hydra” (Nov. 20). He writes: “Let’s be clear. This terrible violence is not about Islam. That accusation is a canard. It’s an excuse, a pitiful substitute for careful analysis and...

  • Obituaries: Week of November 27, 2015

    10 hours ago

    Gedalia Arditti, 87, was born March 29, 1928, in Salonika (Thessaloniki), Greece, the second of four children of Abraham Arditti and Sara Bar-Zion. His father was a cantor in one of Salonika’s largest Sephardic synagogues. In April 1943, the Nazis transported the entire family —...

  • The once great Los Angeles Times

    By Bill Boyarsky

    11 hours ago

    Talented, experienced journalists are now leaving the Los Angeles Times, and we alums feel depressed about the toll their departures will take on their lives and on Southern California.

    Kevin Roderick reported on his LA Observed website (to which I am a contributor) that more...

  • A Race to Space, Curing Baldness and More - This Week from the Startup Nation

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    11 hours ago

    Israeli Innovators Looking to Win Big at CES in Las Vegas

    CES is one of the biggest conferences of its kind in the world, drawing some 3,600 exhibitors and 150,000 people, with plenty of media coverage on the latest and coolest gadgets to hit the circuit. The Israeli delegation...

  • Conservative Judaism seeks its true name

    By Rabbi David Wolpe

    11 hours ago

    This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.

    I grew up as a Conservative Jew, my father a Conservative Rabbi. The appellation "conservative" was not a perfect fit for the Judaism I learned as a child. Conserving ancient traditions was essential, to be sure, but the...

  • NYC subway covered in Nazi insignia for Amazon ad promotion

    11 hours ago

    A New York City subway has been covered with the Nazi insignia in an ad promotion for a new Amazon series.

    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s highly trafficked 42nd Street shuttle is covered in the Nazi and Imperial Japan insignias to promote “The Man...

  • So no Charedi draft, until next time

    By Shmuel Rosner

    15 hours ago

    The current wave of violence in Israel – Palestinian attackers have kept trying, and at times succeeding, to kill Israelis in the last two days – is a blessing for no one. Israelis are suffering, Palestinians are suffering, Israelis are getting killed, Palestinians are getting...

  • Become What You Believe: Week 1 with Oprah & Deepak

    By Lisa Ellen Niver

    1 day ago

    Week One of the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Become What You Believe by Oprah, Deepak and the Chopra Center has been worthwhile. I hope you enjoy the centering thoughts from Week One. Perhaps you will be inspired to share your story in my Gratitude Travel Writing Contest.


  • To be a Jew means ‘I love you’

    1 day ago

    On Thursday last week, a suicide bomber murdered forty three human beings in Beirut and injured two hundred and forty. On Friday last week, a suicide bomber murdered nineteen human beings in Bagdad and injured thirty three. In Paris, seven men murdered one hundred twenty three...

  • Jewish leader in Germany suggests cap on number of refugees

    1 day ago

    The head of Germany’s main Jewish organization has suggested capping the number of refugees allowed into the country, so Germany can do a better job of integrating those already there.

    At issue are attitudes toward Jews, women and gays in the home countries of many refugees, said...

  • Cache of Holocaust-era documents found in wall of Budapest apartment

    1 day ago

    An “unprecedented” cache of documents on the Jewish population of Budapest in 1944 before its liquidation by the Nazis was found hidden in a wall during the renovation of a city apartment.

    The 6,300 documents that comprise a census of the Hungarian capital’s Jewish population...

  • New Israeli security measures will prevent 2,000 Palestinians from working in settlements

    1 day ago

    In the aftermath of several deadly terrorist attacks, including the stabbing of a 21-year-old woman, Israel plans to bar Palestinians from working in the West Bank’s Gush Etzion bloc of settlements.

    The move, which according to the Palestinian Maan news agency will affect some...

  • Jewish Tulane medical student shot while stopping attempted abduction

    1 day ago

    A Jewish Tulane Medical School student was shot in the stomach while trying to stop the attempted abduction of a woman on a New Orleans street.

    Peter Gold, 25, a fourth-year medical student from Longwood, Florida, was hospitalized in guarded condition as of Friday night following...

  • Jonathan Pollard’s job offer rescinded over parole requirements

    1 day ago

    An employer rescinded a job offer to released spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard over the conditions of his parole.

    According to The Jerusalem Post, an unnamed “respected” investment firm officially revoked its offer of a research analyst’s position on Monday, saying the conditions...

  • What Patriots owner Robert Kraft has done for the Jews

    1 day ago

    On Monday night, the undefeated New England Patriots will observe a moment of silence before their NFL game against the Buffalo Bills to memorialize Ezra Schwartz, the Jewish 18-year-old from Sharon, Massachusetts, who was killed last week by a Palestinian gunman in the West...

  • #myLAcommute I really enjoy making patients comfortable

    1 day ago

    MAYA H.

    My commute is long, but I don’t complain about it. And I don’t fight it. It’s better to have a positive attitude. I’m a dental assistant. The other day, I had a patient who was crying, freaking out, and saying she was going to pass out. People are really vulnerable at the dentist. I know everyone hates going to the dentist, but I really enjoy making patients comfortable. I had braces growing up, so I have empathy.

    Laurel Canyon Blvd. to Western Ave.

    #myLAcommute is a project of Zócalo Public Square.

  • Drake is not dead: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet

    1 day ago

    There are a couple things you can count on occurring at least once every couple weeks on social media. One, some kind of hoax will go viral on Facebook whether it’s a scam for free airline tickets or Bill Gates passing out money if you “share this post.” The other is news of a...

  • Jacob in ISIL, or, The prayers of the refugees should be our prayers

    1 day ago

    As we read in last Shabbat's Torah portion, Jacob left Canaan for Paddan-Aram, not knowing whether he would return, asking for divine help. He negotiated with God — if you protect me and return me safely, only then will you be my God, only then will I worship you. (Gen. 28:20-21)

  • France finds explosive belt, detects Paris suspect’s phone

    1 day ago

    A suspected explosive belt was found dumped near Paris on Monday and the mobile phone of a fugitive believed to have taken part in the attacks on Nov. 13 was detected in two locations in the city, a source close to the investigation said.

    France and Belgium have launched a...

  • U2 sets December dates for Paris concerts postponed by attacks

    1 day ago

    Irish rock band U2 set early December dates for concerts in Paris on Monday, after cancelling two earlier performances following the attacks by Islamic State militants that took 130 lives.

    U2 said they hoped to reflect the indomitable spirit of the city with their "iNNOCENCE +...

  • I’ll have what she’s having

    1 day ago

    This article originally appeared on Zócalo Public Square.

    My maternal grandparents, Jean and Lou Kaplan, did not keep kosher. That was their ancestors’ way, the path of slavish adherence to the stringencies of Jewish law. But old habits die hard, and they never ate the foods...

  • Suspected Paris attacker Abdeslam was in Italy in August

    1 day ago

    Suspected Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam travelled through Italy in August with a companion, but his presence caused no alarm because he was not a wanted man at the time, an investigative source said on Monday.

    His companion was Ahmet Dahmani, a Belgian man of Moroccan origin who...

  • Dermer blasts world’s confusion on Islamic terror, treatment of Israel

    1 day ago

    The lineup of speakers at the Zionist Organization of America’s annual Louis D. Brandeis Awards dinner at the Grand Hyatt in NY Sunday evening, turned out to serve as the perfect venue for venting about Israel’s standing in the world and the offering of suggestions about the U.S....

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