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  • Will dueling op-eds turn into dueling lawsuits?

    August 31, 2015 | 10:56 am

    A war of words between one of the country’s leading Israel-related organizations, the New Israel Fund (NIF), and Ronn Torossian, a scrappy public relations man who has been campaigning against the organization for the better part of a year, is now on the cusp of becoming a legal...

  • Jewish community reacts to the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade attack

    July 30, 2015 | 4:13 pm

    Members of the Jewish community respond to an attack on the Jerusalam Gay Pride parade on July 30.

    Rabbi Laura Geller / Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

    I was one of the thousands of people at the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade on Tu B’Av (the fifteenth of Av), a little known Jewish...

  • New NIF campaign adopts tools of the right

    September 30, 2014 | 9:57 am

    In a strategic shift, the New Israel Fund is arming itself with a set of sharp political tools and picking a fight.

    Its target: Israel’s political right.

    Its weapons: Opposition research, media monitoring, and staking its claims to patriotism and Zionism.

    If NIF’s dramatic...

  • Former S.F. federation head Brian Lurie becomes NIF chief

    July 2, 2012 | 10:23 am

    Rabbi Brian Lurie, the former CEO of the San Francisco-area Jewish federation, has become president of the New Israel Fund.

    Lurie succeeds Naomi Chazan as head of NIF, a nonprofit that funds liberal Israeli groups as well as a few Israeli Arab organizations.

    Chazan, a former...

  • New Israel Fund opening Australian branch

    May 11, 2011 | 10:14 am

    The New Israel Fund has opened a branch in Australia, sparking renewed debate about the pluralist, human rights organization.

    NIF, which has raised in excess of $200 million for more than 800 NGOs in Israel since 1979, will be led by Sydney-based barrister Robin Margo, who was...

  • Ford Foundation to end Israel funding

    April 7, 2011 | 3:34 pm

    The Ford Foundation is denying that it is ending its Israel funding over criticism leveled at the foundation and some of the groups it helps to fund.

    The Forward reported Thursday that the philanthropic foundation, which has contributed $40 million to civil society groups since...

  • NIF changes funding guidelines, but what does it mean?

    September 21, 2010 | 2:45 pm

    When Adalah, an Israeli Arab legal rights group, joined an initiative in 2007 to create an Israeli constitution that would dilute—if not remove—the state’s Jewish character, it unleashed a furor in pro-Israel circles.

    Much of the anger was directed at the New Israel Fund, a...

  • New Israel Fund renews local presence after four-year hiatus

    By Tom Tugend

    November 1, 2007 | 8:00 pm

    "People in Israel are so overloaded by big problems, mainly security but also corruption, that it's easy to disconnect from dealing with social inequities," said Ronit Heyd, a young Israeli activist.

    Heyd, joined by Ilana Litvak, who came to Israel from the former Soviet Union, and...