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  • Poem: The Nineteenth-Century Novel II

    December 9, 2015 | 12:54 pm

    I am the heroine
    in a novel, and there are twenty pages left.
    Someone is reading the novel, holding
    the numbered pages in their hands, almost finished.
    Every night, in bed, they read my story
    with the novel propped on their chest.
    I want them to read quickly, but they read
    a page a night, without
    urgency, as if there is no rush
    before turning off the light.

    From “Morning Prayer” (Sheep Meadow Press, 2005)

    Eve Grubin teaches at New York University London and is poet-in-residence at the London School of Jewish Studies.

  • Poem: Jerusalem

    October 21, 2015 | 2:33 pm

    In the dream I walk with my teacher across a field.
    It is day, the field
    a dying brown.
    Lifted by sudden wind we stand
    in midair, our wool coats hanging
    like heavy curtains.
    When we drop back down, our boots in the dust,
    I ask, “Why did that happen?”
    She says, “Because we...

  • A Prayer Book of Many Colors

    By Gaby Wenig

    January 1, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    Lori Justice-Shocket thought that the traditional praying experience was just a bit too black and white. Not the prayers, themselves, per se, but the siddurim (prayer books), with their plain black typeface on white pages and the archaic traditional language, made davening, for her...