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  • From creation to the end of days

    By Roger Price

    January 12, 2016 | 10:08 am

    When the cosmos was about to be created -- the fundamental forces of nature being unified in an exceedingly hot, dense point and galaxies, stars, planets, even stable matter itself yet unformed -- there was no recognizable space, no measurable time. There was no darkness over the...

  • The Chabad exchange, part 3: ‘Alas, the old Moshiach question’

    By Shmuel Rosner

    December 2, 2015 | 4:05 am

    Rabbi David Eliezrie is the Director of North County Chabad –Congregation Beit Meir Ha'Cohen, Yorba Linda, CA. He serves as President of the Rabbinical Council of Orange County and Long Beach; Board Member of the Jewish Federation and Family Services of Orange County; Member of the...

  • Biting my Tongue at the Airport

    By Susan Esther Barnes

    October 28, 2015 | 1:30 am

    I was on vacation last week. It was a lovely vacation – very relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. A few days into it, my husband and I were sitting at the airport, awaiting our flight from one vacation spot to another, when I overheard a woman speaking from a chair across from...


    By Marcus J Freed

    December 25, 2014 | 4:23 pm

    Today is a cultural curiosity. Billions of people are putting their energy into a sometimes-spiritual event while many Jews are busy eating Chinese food(1) and emphasising it is “just” a normal day. “Messiah/Moshiach” is a deeply Biblical concept, so why don’t we all use today to...

  • The Audacity of Hope: Raising Little Messiahs.

    By Dr. Afshine Emrani

    July 14, 2014 | 7:43 pm

    “Seventy years ago these beautiful men would likely have been members of the Nazi party” emailed me a friend while watching Germany battle for the World Cup. 

    I saw another perspective.  As I watched many fellow Jews cheer for Germany, I realized one day peace is possible.

  • Why Bush shouldn’t talk to the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

    By Rob Eshman

    November 12, 2013 | 1:07 pm

    A media firestorm kicked up last week after Mother Jones broke the story that President George W. Bush was to be the keynote speaker at the annual fundraiser of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute on Nov. 14. 

    I blogged about the news as soon as I heard about it, and I’ve now...

  • Rabbi: Only messiah can straighten out gay ruling

    June 28, 2013 | 10:04 am

    A few stragglers took a bit longer to formulate their responses to the landmark Supreme Court decision this week on gay marriage.

    The National Council of Young Israel wasn’t quite as eloquent as the Orthodox Union, nor as elegiac as Agudath Israel of America, but the essential...

  • Messianic Judaism’s new interfaith push in Beverly Hills

    By Jonah Lowenfeld

    August 1, 2012 | 11:48 am

    Since it opened in 2011, the Interfaith Center of Beverly Hills has been sitting mostly empty.

    On the one hand, it occupies a piece of prime real estate on the ground floor of a modern office building on a busy stretch of South Beverly Drive. Actors and agents take meetings at Urth...

  • Is Harry Potter the Jewish idea of the messiah?

    By Danielle Berrin

    July 21, 2011 | 3:09 pm

    I posted an earlier version of this piece prior to the release of the film, but after seeing it, I have some fresh thoughts, which I’ve limned below.

    The marketing campaign for the final installment in the “Harry Potter” franchise saw billboards throughout the country declare...

  • Even Muslims think Obama is the messiah

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    February 5, 2009 | 6:09 pm

    Before hearing that President Obama’s first interview since taking office was with Al-Arabiya, Reuters asked the Grand Mufti of Bosnia what he thought of the new American leader:

    Americans “think that they have elected him, but I believe that he was elected by God,” Mustafa Ceric...

  • Messianic truth in advertising

    June 26, 2008 | 11:31 am

    The growth of the Jews for Jesus and messianic movements in Israel, especially during Israel's 60th anniversary, is unprecedented and an outcome of unrestrained relationships with fundamentalist Christians.

    There are more than 15,000 messianic Jews residing in Israel and more than...

  • David: Great Leader or Damaged Hero?

    By Mihal Lemberger

    September 22, 2005 | 8:00 pm

    "The Life of David" by Robert Pinsky (Schocken Books, $19.95).

    Every morning, pious Jews pray to God that "the offspring of Your servant David may speedily flourish ... for we hope for your salvation all day long."

    The hope of future redemption and a return to ancient glory has long...

  • Longing for the Messiah

    By Rabbi Eli Spitz

    April 1, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    When we open our doors at the seder and invite Elijah the Prophet to sip the glass of wine that we have designated for him, we express our longing for

    the Messiah. Elijah, in our tradition, will herald the arrival of a ruler who will enable a world of peace. The message of the seder...

  • Why Jews Don’t Accept Jesus

    By Rabbi David Wolpe

    January 9, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    Why don't Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah or son of God?

    Growing up in Philadelphia, I attended Akiba Hebrew Academy, a private Jewish school. In 11th grade, a Southern Baptist preacher came to speak to our class. He looked around the room, and with a kindly smile said, "You seem...