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  • ‘Littleton Didn’t Just ‘Happen Overnight’

    April 29, 1999 | 8:00 pm

    In the wake of the Littleton shooting tragedy, a nation of finger-pointers has rounded up the usual suspects: media violence, guns, video games, the Internet. But for Jonathan Kellerman, this laundry list -- inevitably brought out in the wake of such violence -- omits one major...
  • ‘No Irony but Only Tragedy’

    April 29, 1999 | 8:00 pm

    Dylan Klebold, one of the two Colorado teen-agers who carried out a mass murder at a suburban Denver high school on Hitler's birthday, was descended through his mother from a prominent Jewish family in Ohio.

    The Klebold family attended a Lutheran church in Littleton, the Denver suburb...