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  • My prayer for an incoming Knesset member

    4 days ago

    Mordechai Bar-Or, founder of KOLOT, wrote this on the election to the Knesset of his friend Roy Folkman, a member of the Kulanu party.

    Dear Roy,

    How exciting and moving to know you have become a Member of the Knesset!  You've entered into a difficult and complex situation...

  • All you need to know about Israel’s coalition games in 800 words

    By Shmuel Rosner

    4 days ago

    Parties that represent 67 Knesset members recommended Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister to President Reuven Rivlin. Netanyahu now has the task of turning these members of Knesset into a functioning coalition. What are Netanyahu’s options? If he and Labor leader Yitzhak...

  • American Jews are disappointed with Israel’s election? Tough luck

    By Shmuel Rosner

    5 days ago


    This happens every time the Israeli electorate decides to elect a government that is right of center.

    It happens every time an Israeli Prime Minister does something that does not bode well with the political affiliations of American Jews.

    When Ariel Sharon was elected in...

  • Palestinians want world pressure on Israel after Netanyahu win

    1 week ago

    Palestinian leaders on Wednesday called for international pressure on Israel and support for their unilateral moves towards statehood after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election win.

    Netanyahu's surprise victory, after pledging in the final days of the campaign that there...

  • Pelosi sees ‘lively discussion’ of Middle East peace after Israel vote

    1 week ago

    U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, said on Wednesday she respected the results of Israel's election and anticipated they would produce a "lively" discussion of the Middle East peace process.

    "The people of Israel have spoken," she...

  • What Israel’s next government might look like

    1 week ago

    On Tuesday, Israeli voters gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a clear mandate to form the next government. To do that, he’ll need the support of at least 61 of the Knesset’s 120 lawmakers. Here are a few of his options, and for background, here’s an overview of the parties and...

  • The morning after the elections: Things that I need to take back

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 weeks ago

    1. Unity? I don’t think so

    Yesterday evening, when the exit polls showed a tie (or a near tie) and a possible Netanyahu coalition of 63 or 64 seats – that is to say, a very narrow coalition – one could still see a path to a unity coalition. Today, with the results showing a much...

  • Election 2015: Winners, losers and Israel’s next coalition

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 weeks ago

    Note to readers: The following post is based on Israel’s exit polls. The final outcome is different. So we advise you to also read my later post: The morning after the elections: Things that I need to take back.

    Election night is not a night for great themes, it is a night for a...

  • Fatah leader, Lebanese newspaper urge Arab-Israelis to vote Joint Arab List

    2 weeks ago

    A Fatah leader in the West Bank urged Arab-Israelis to vote for the Joint Arab List in the Israeli elections, as did a Lebanese newspaper.

    In voicing an opinion about the election, Hatem Abdul Qader broke with Fatah’s longstanding policy of not intervening in Israeli politics, ...

  • How voter turnout could sway Israel’s election

    2 weeks ago

    Israel’s politicians have spent the past three months telling voters they’re the best choice to serve Israel. But their success tomorrow will depend not just on whom they convince, but on how many of their supporters make it to the ballot box.

    Since 2001, voter turnout in Israel...

  • Livni says she’ll forgo being prime minister should Zionist Union win

    2 weeks ago

    Israeli politician Tzipi Livni said she will forgo the opportunity to take the prime minister position in two years should her Zionist Union slate prevail in the elections.

    Livni made the announcement on Monday night, less than a day before Israelis vote for a new national...

  • Netanyahu: No Palestinian state on my watch

    2 weeks ago

    Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview that as long as he is Israel’s prime minister, a Palestinian state will not be established.

    The interview was published Monday on the Israeli news website NRG, a day before Israelis head to the polls, as Netanyahu attempts to shore up...

  • Five things you need to know about tomorrow’s Israeli election

    2 weeks ago

    1. It’s too close to call

    With Israelis headed to the polls tomorrow, the race remains tight. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is trailing Isaac Herzog’s center-left Zionist Union by a few percentage points and is expected to come in second. Five of six...

  • Business leaders see peace boost if Netanyahu loses Israeli election

    2 weeks ago

    An upset victory by Israel's centre-left opposition in Tuesday's election could be a welcome change for a business and corporate sector eager for the "peace dividend" that might come with a government willing to talk with the Palestinians.

    Although Prime Minister Benjamin...

  • Netanyahu era ‘coming to an end,’ says former ally Lapid

    2 weeks ago

    The era of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ending, with Israeli voters clearly more concerned about economic and social issues than about security or fears over Iran, a leading election candidate said on Monday.

    The centre-left opposition is poised for a surprise victory...

  • Netanyahu meets the press

    2 weeks ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is famously media shy, avoiding interviews with Israeli journalists, declining televised debates with his opponents and communicating almost exclusively via speeches and official statements.

    But with his Likud party trailing in the polls...

  • Tens of thousands of right-wing Israelis rally in Tel Aviv

    2 weeks ago

    Tens of thousands of right-wing Israelis at a Tel Aviv rally heard Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vow not to withdraw from the West Bank.

    The rally Sunday in Rabin Square, two days before Election Day, came one week after a 40,000-person rally in the same location advocated...

  • Netanyahu uses settlement as backdrop for pre-election vote appeal

    2 weeks ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, trailing in opinion polls, used a strategic Jewish settlement he helped found as the backdrop on Monday for an election eve bid to win back right-wing votes.

    His main challenger, Isaac Herzog, leader of the Zionist Union, said on ...

  • Ex-Israeli generals target Netanyahu’s security image

    2 weeks ago

    Against a soundtrack of dramatic music, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lists his government’s security accomplishments, declaring over the shouts of opposition lawmakers that his Likud Party has stopped terrorists, stood up to Iran and secured Israel’s borders.

  • Center-left opposition rides a solid lead into Israeli election

    2 weeks ago

    Israel's center-left opposition is poised for an upset victory in next week's parliamentary election, with the last opinion polls before Tuesday's vote giving it a solid lead over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party.

    Final polls published by Israel's Channel 10 and Channel...

  • Netanyahu’s main challenger widens lead in Israeli opinion polls

    2 weeks ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a last-minute media blitz on Thursday to counter what appears to be a rising tide of support for his main opponent in next week's election, the centrist Zionist Union.

    The latest opinion polls show momentum shifting to Zionist...

  • Israel’s Herzog takes election momentum to Tel Aviv market

    2 weeks ago

    With opinion polls showing his party holding a narrow but steady lead five days before Israel's election, opposition leader Isaac Herzog took his campaign to a central Tel Aviv market on Thursday, glad-handing and haggling with eager stallholders.

    Street markets are a traditional...

  • As Israeli election nears, peace earns barely a mention

    2 weeks ago

    In a rare TV debate ahead of Israel's tightly contested election on March 17, eight party leaders from across the political spectrum held forth for 90 minutes in a noisy, argumentative discussion of Israeli policy.

    While social issues and the economy were grappled over at length,...

  • In Israeli election, it’s all about Bibi

    3 weeks ago

    However much they disagree with his policies, opponents of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would surely admit he was right about one thing: These elections are all about him.

    When he called for new elections in December, Netanyahu said the vote would enable him “to gain...

  • For some Israelis abroad, cost and distance no barrier to the ballot

    3 weeks ago

    Much of what Alan Teitleman teaches in his political science classes at South Piedmont Community College in North Carolina is theoretical. But on March 17, Teitleman will undertake a political act that is anything but.

    Teitleman is canceling two days of classes to travel from...

  • Women and smartphones in haredi ads? Relax, it’s an election campaign

    3 weeks ago

    In an Israeli campaign ad released Monday, a secular Israeli husband and wife stress about housing prices, until a member of Knesset pops onto their iPhone screen, touting his party’s economic policies and accomplishments.

    It’s a common trope in this campaign — where voters’ top...

  • Whether ‘Bibi’ or ‘Bougie’, Israelis demand living costs relief

    3 weeks ago

    Whoever wins Israel's election next week must answer demands for relief from soaring housing prices and a high cost of living, but the days of big state spending on social programs are unlikely to return.

    Opinion polls show that more than half of Israelis believe social issues...

  • Persistent Israeli ethnic divide may split vote for Netanyahu

    3 weeks ago

    In the past, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party could count on Israelis like 50-year-old shopkeeper Yossi Levy when it came to election day.

    Levy, who describes himself as a lifelong Likud voter, is a member of Israel's Sephardic community - Jews of Middle...

  • What a bad-mouthed painter revealed about Israel

    By Shmuel Rosner

    3 weeks ago

    Yair Garbuz is an Israeli painter. I know nothing about painters but those who do say he is a good painter. He is also known for being funny, and is often called a "satirist". I never thought he was really funny, but humor, like many other things, is a matter of taste.

    Last week,...

  • Netanyahu denies report he’s backed off two-state solution

    3 weeks ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office denied reports on Sunday he has backed away from a 2009 commitment to seek a two-state peaceful solution with the Palestinians.

    A statement by Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party widely reported by Israeli media said he had said...

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