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  • Israel and Apartheid

    By LiAmi Lawrence

    8 hours ago

    Everyday I open the internet to read that Israel is an apartheid country. Although the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is very small in number, it is getting a lot of press and its lies are repeated everywhere.  Left wing radical politicians all over the world  are...

  • Israeli military networks breached by hackers

    22 hours ago

    Hackers have managed to penetrate computer networks associated with the Israeli military in an espionage campaign that skillfully packages existing attack software with trick emails, according to security researchers at Blue Coat Systems Inc.

    The four-month-old effort, most...

  • One Israeli creation for the weekend

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    1 day ago

    This week’s Israeli creation doesn’t really need an introduction. Balkan Beat Box (BBB,) is one of the most famous Israeli musical groups in the world, and chances are you already know all of their big hits, even if you’ve never actually heard of them before.

    Balkan Beat Box...

  • Letters to the Editor: Obama, Iran and Jews in Egypt

    2 days ago

    Connect. Inform. Inspire.

    Over lunch, I read the April 10 issue of the Jewish Journal cover to cover. The articles were informative, inspiring and gave me pause. The Iran framework offerings pushed me in all directions to think, rethink and re-rethink my position. I found plenty...

  • Clinton weighs loyalty to Obama, distinctions on Israel issues

    2 days ago

    Hillary Clinton does not appear until 90 seconds into the two-minute video rolling out her campaign. No one among the bright and diverse array of everyday Americans in that video mentions foreign policy. Or Barack Obama.

    Jewish Democrats say the video released this weekend is...

  • U.C. Santa Barbara student senate votes down Israel divestment resolution

    2 days ago

    The University of California, Santa Barbara, student senate narrowly voted down an Israel divestment resolution.

    Following an eight-hour debate, the resolution was defeated early Thursday morning in a vote of 13 against and 12 in favor, with one abstention. The Associated...

  • Israel’s business community braces for sanctions

    2 days ago

    Just one week before the Israeli election, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat sent an angry letter to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. 

    Erekat was furious that Paris-based Société Anonyme Française d’Etude de Gestion et d’Entreprises (SAFEGE), an engineering...

  • Bible Marathon retraces path of 12 Tribes

    2 days ago

    Drumming Charedi musicians and uniformed soldiers are not the typical fans to pack an Israeli sporting event. Nor are clean-cut men with handguns tucked into in the back of jeans. But the Bible Marathon held April 9 was not an ordinary race. It was the first major Israeli athletic...

  • Israeli man killed after Palestinian drives car into Jerusalem bus stop

    2 days ago

    A Palestinian man from eastern Jerusalem drove his car into two Israelis waiting at a bus stop, killing one and critically injuring the other.

    Police are investigating whether the late Wednesday night incident in the French Hill neighborhood, near the border of eastern and...

  • Is the Obama administration making nice with Israel?

    2 days ago

    On Monday, President Barack Obama met with two sets of Jews, and from what we were told, essentially wondered aloud each time why his love for the Jewish people and for Israel is not more widely known.

    The second group comprised donors and strategic advisers, and their answer,...

  • The remembrance tools of the Jewish disaster

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 days ago

    There's no escape from asking how we will continue to remember in the future, and until when. There's no escape from asking how we will continue to remember in the future, and in what way. The annals of Jewish history are rich in tragedies. We don’t really count the small ones...

  • Beyond Chocolate Bunnies and Passover Baskets

    By Diana Emuna

    3 days ago

    As I prepared for Passover last week, one of my co-workers asked me if I made “Passover baskets” for my kids.  When I replied no, she asked, “You mean your kids don’t get bunnies and Easter eggs?”

    And so it begins.

    Soon, my co-workers file in and the questions begin.  I am...

  • Iran says nuclear deal depends on lifting of sanctions

    3 days ago

    Iran said on Wednesday it would only accept a deal over its contested nuclear program if world powers simultaneously lifted all sanctions imposed on it.

    The comments by President Hassan Rouhani came the day after U.S. President Barack Obama was forced to give Congress a say in...

  • Rethinking the ‘Birthright’: A trip to the Israel for adults

    By Elyse Glickman

    3 days ago

    Birthright trips to Israel are the ultimate opportunity for young Jewish adults to get face-to-face with the places and history that shape their Jewish identity. But what about more mature adults who never got that chance?

    Stacy Wasserman believes she has the answer in her L’Dor...

  • Report: Violent anti-Semitic incidents worldwide soar by 40 percent

    3 days ago

    Anti-Semitic attacks surged worldwide in 2014, with the highest number of incidents occurring in France, according to an annual study published in Israel on Wednesday.

    The report, by Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, said 766...

  • Israel happy at compromise deal on Iran between Congress-Obama

    3 days ago

    Israel is pleased at a compromise deal on Iran achieved between the United States Congress and the administration of President Barack Obama, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday.

    In what was seen as a setback for Obama, the U.S. president agreed on...

  • U.S., EU optimistic that Congress will pass Iran deal

    3 days ago

    Secretary of State John Kerry made clear at a meeting of G7 foreign ministers that he was optimistic an Iran deal will get through Congress, Germany's foreign minister said, while the EU's foreign policy chief was also upbeat.

    President Barack Obama had agreed on Tuesday that...

  • The Iranian deal panic gap

    By Rob Eshman

    4 days ago

    Last week, Foreign Policy magazine released a poll of 921 scholars of international relations at colleges and universities across the United States. By a 7-to-1 margin, the scholars agreed that the proposed deal with Iran will “have a positive impact on regional stability.”

  • Children of Holocaust survivors more concerned about Iran nuclear threat, study finds

    4 days ago

    A new study in Israel shows that adult children of Holocaust survivors are more concerned about the threat of a nuclear Iran than those whose parents were not survivors.

    “Transmitting the Sum of All Fears: Iranian Nuclear Threat Salience Among Offspring of Holocaust Survivors,” a...

  • Top U.S. negotiator tells Israeli journalists: Final Iran deal will be signed by June 30

    4 days ago

    Iran and the world powers will reach a comprehensive final agreement on curbing Iran’s nuclear program by the June 30 deadline, the top U.S. negotiator in the talks told Israeli journalists.

    A diplomatic negotiated solution is the best option to slow Iran’s nuclear program,...

  • Obama, in meetings with Jewish leaders and donors, stresses how much he cares

    4 days ago

    Jewish leaders expected President Barack Obama to sell them hard on the Iran nuclear deal. Instead, participants in two White House meetings on Monday said he offered a softer pitch on how deeply he cares for Israel and the Jewish people.

    “He tried to explain he understands...

  • An update on a brave dead IDF soldier from Los Angeles and his six dead friends

    By Shmuel Rosner

    5 days ago

    In one of the most powerful moments in Omri Assenheim’s documentary about the battle of Shejaiya – a battle in which seven Israeli soldiers died last summer – Nir Holtzman, a survivor of that battle, doesn’t hesitate much when he says “yes, I would do it again.” Assenheim’s...

  • Kerry to ask Congress for more time and space on Iran deal

    5 days ago

    Secretary of State John Kerry will make the case this week to skeptical Republicans and Democrats that the U.S. Congress should give him another two and a half months to secure a final nuclear deal with Iran.

    In closed briefings with the full House of Representatives on Monday...

  • Political garbage time: Fighting about public transportation on shabbat

    By Shmuel Rosner

    5 days ago

    Is Passover a good time to engage in small-scale religious strife? It seemed so last week. Israelis celebrated Pesach with their families, while also trading barbs over tired debates related to religion, and to the way in which Judaism manifests itself in Israel’s public sphere....

  • Netanyahu offers alternatives to Iran deal following latest Obama criticism

    5 days ago

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel offered alternatives on the nuclear framework agreement with Iran.

    Netanyahu released a statement on Sunday with the changes to the deal signed earlier this month, a day after President Barack Obama told reporters that Netanyahu had not...

  • Hillary Clinton’s White House bid sparks examinations of her Israel record

    5 days ago

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose complex dealings with Israel date back to her days as first lady of Arkansas, announced her second bid for the White House.

    Clinton’s announcement Sunday made headlines in Israel, with newspapers running front-page chronologies of her relations with...

  • Competing views of Iran deal highlight challenges ahead

    5 days ago

    Now that the outline for an Iran nuclear agreement has been released — or, more precisely, two outlines, one by Iran, the other by the Obama administration — major gaps have emerged that will need to be resolved ahead of a June 30 deadline for a final deal, including when sanctions...

  • Iran, Israel cooperate in nuclear test detection drills

    5 days ago

    Iran and Israel have been cooperating under the auspices of an international body set up to monitor a ban on nuclear bomb tests, its director said on Monday.

    Negotiated in the 1990s, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty enjoys wide global support but must be ratified by...

  • Parking solutions, driverless ride, revolutionary apps and more – This week from the Startup Nation

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    5 days ago

    An Israeli device to revolutionize Augmented Reality

    So far, the augmented reality (AR) consumer revolution hasn’t taken off as expected. Devices like Google Glass and others in that space proved to be too expensive and inflexible for use by most people. But a new system produced...

  • Sunday Reads: Israel’s ‘compensation’ for the Iran deal, Erdogan’s attack on social media

    By Shmuel Rosner

    6 days ago


    George Will discusses the impossible task of containing a huge, hostile nation’s nuclear ambitions:

    Dealing with Iran is disagreeable, but no more so than depending on Stalin’s Soviet Union as a World War II ally more important than all the other allies combined....

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