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  • A boy, a soldier, an occupation snapshot

    By Shmuel Rosner

    1 hour ago

    There is something inherently confusing about an IDF soldier that is attacked by Palestinian women as he attempts to arrest a Palestinian boy. The photo of such a soldier was published the other day, and it ignited a fierce debate among Israelis.

    It is confusing because the...

  • Sunday: The risks of going for a better deal with Iran, How to fight Israel haters on campuses

    By Shmuel Rosner

    1 day ago


    James Acton, co-director of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment, takes a look at the risks of going for a better deal with Iran:

    If Congress now prevents the United States from implementing its part of the deal, the risk that the sanctions regime will...

  • Obama reassures Jewish groups on U.S.-Israel relationship

    3 days ago

    President Barack Obama reassured U.S. Jewish groups on Friday that the U.S.-Israel relationship is strong, despite differences over the nuclear deal with Iran, and called for more talks between the two governments on security cooperation.

    "As soon as this particular debate is...

  • Abbas reportedly building $13M presidential compound

    3 days ago

    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly having a $13-million luxurious presidential palace built near Ramallah despite his government facing a $2-billion deficit.

    According to the Times of Israel and several other Israeli news outlets, the project, which...

  • Fifteen percent of West Bank settlers are American citizens.

    3 days ago

    Fifteen percent of West Bank settlers are American citizens.

    According to an Oxford University professor, approximately 60,000 American Jews live in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Haaretz reported Thursday.

    “This provides hard evidence that this constituency is strikingly...

  • WIT Israel Attracts Women Entrepreneurs From Around The World To The Startup Nation

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    3 days ago

    A first of its kind international Women tech entrepreneurship conference was held in Israel last week, as a group of female tech bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the world were invited for a one-week trip to explore the 'Startup Nation'.

    The conference, titled WIT (Women...

  • To live with the Iranian threat

    By Elad Massuri

    4 days ago

    When I was 5 years old,  my mom picked me up from kindergarten and brought me back to our house in North Tel Aviv.

    I asked her a question that seemed so normal: “Mom, at what age do people go to the military?”

    “At the age of 18,” she answered.

    “And what will I need to do...

  • לחיות עם האיום האיראני אלעד מסורי

    By Elad Massuri

    4 days ago

    זה‭ ‬היה‭ ‬כאשר‭ ‬הייתי‭ ‬ילד‭ ‬בן‭ ‬חמש.‭ ‬אני‭ ‬זוכר‭ ‬שאימי‭ ‬ליוותה‭ ‬אותי‭ ‬בחזרה‭ ‬מהגן‭ ‬לביתנו‭ ‬אשר‭ ‬היה‭ ‬ממוקם‭ ‬בשכונה‭ ‬שבה‭ ‬גדלתי‭ ‬בצפון‭ ‬תל‭ ‬אביב. ‬

    שאלתי‭ ‬אותה‭ ‬שאלה‭ ‬שאז‭ ‬נראתה‭ ‬לי‭ ‬כל‭ ‬כך‭ ‬נורמלית:‭ ‬‮"‬אמא‭, ‬באיזה‭ ‬גיל‭ ‬הולכים‭ ‬לצבא‭?‬”

  • ‘The most dangerous weapons ever invented’: Policy expert talks nukes, Israel and the Iran deal

    By Danielle Berrin

    4 days ago

    Joe Cirincione is a nuclear policy expert who served for nearly a decade on the staff of the House Armed Services Committee, beginning during the Reagan administration. He has since authored several books on the history of nuclear weapons and nuclear security strategy. Today, he is...

  • Gaza rocket strikes Israel, no injuries reported; IDF hits back

    4 days ago

    A rocket fired from Gaza struck an open area in Israel, causing no injuries or damage.

    The rocket hit an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, late Wednesday night. In response, the Israel Defense Forces bombed a weapons production plant in central...

  • So you suddenly want to listen to what the military says? 2 notes on Iran

    By Shmuel Rosner

    4 days ago


    In recent weeks some writers have been trying to convince their readers – and Obama administration officials have been encouraging this – that while the Israeli "government" opposes the Iran deal, Israeli "intelligence officials" really support the deal. These people point to...

  • An Egyptian-American view on Israel

    5 days ago

    As the commencement speaker for Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) graduating class on Aug. 13, I invited my classmates to take a moment to reflect about the beginning of their adventure in Israel. Did they remember receiving their acceptance letter? When they did, they were probably...

  • Umm al-Hiran, racism and the confounding of Zionism

    5 days ago

    The Israeli government is set to destroy Umm al-Hiran, a Bedouin village in the Negev, to build a Jewish town in its place, which will be called Hiran. No matter what anyone tells you about unrecognized Bedouin villages, no matter what Israel’s Supreme Court or Justice Minister...

  • Israelis aren’t unified on Iran deal

    By Rob Eshman

    5 days ago

    One of the strongest arguments the Jewish opponents of the Iran nuclear deal have wielded is that Israelis are unified in their opposition to it.

    If the famously fractious Israelis all agree that the Iran deal is bad, they argue, it must really be awful. This line of reasoning...

  • Masa Israel broadens study-abroad options

    By Elyse Glickman

    5 days ago

    Many college students have romantic notions of studying abroad in places like Italy or France, but Aaron White found himself at Tel Aviv University thanks to Masa Israel Journey, a program that connects young Jewish adults with study-abroad, internship and volunteer opportunities...

  • FIFA’s Israel-Palestinian committee meets for first time

    5 days ago

    A new FIFA committee began its attempt to settle the dispute between the Israeli and Palestinian football federations when it met for the first time on Wednesday, soccer's world governing body said.

    The meeting was chaired by South African businessman and former political...

  • New Pew report highlights Modern Orthodox Jewry straddling two worlds

    By Jared Sichel

    5 days ago

    Just as Charedi Jews in the United States are likely to enroll their kids in a yeshiva, attend synagogue every week and vote Republican, so too are Modern Orthodox Jews.

    But also, just as non-Orthodox Jews in the United States tend not to marry before the age of 25, earn at least...

  • The Conversion exchange, part 1: Does Israel care about conversion?

    By Shmuel Rosner

    5 days ago

    Dr. Netanel Fisher is a visiting lecturer at Israel’s Open University and head of a research group at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Dr. Fisher holds a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has served as a an adjunct lecturer at the Hebrew University and as an...

  • Israel’s football team playing Spain in first international game

    6 days ago

    Israel’s national football team will compete in Spain in its first official international game.

    The Israelis will play the Spanish national team on Sunday in a bid to qualify for the International Federation of American Football’s B-Group International Tournament in 2016.


  • Withhold U.S. aid over Palestinian teens’ deaths, U.S. lawmaker suggests

    6 days ago

    A Minnesota congresswoman called on State Department officials to investigate whether the killing of two Palestinian teenagers by Israeli soldiers requires the withholding of U.S. military aid.

    Rep. Betty McCollum, a Democrat, in a letter made public Monday sought the probe over...

  • Terror cell planning Joseph’s Tomb attack is arrested

    6 days ago

    Israel’s security service said it arrested a Palestinian terror cell that was planning an attack on Jewish worshippers at Joseph’s Tomb.

    A statement released by the Shin Bet on Tuesday did not say when the arrest of the four-member cell based in the West Bank took place. The...

  • U.S. judge says Palestinian Authority must post bond in terrorism case

    6 days ago

    A U.S. judge ordered the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization on Monday to post $10 million in cash or bond while they appeal a jury's finding that they supported militant attacks in Israel.

    At a court hearing in Manhattan, U.S. District Judge George...

  • Patriots star Julian Edelman blows through Israel

    6 days ago

    Ever since New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman’s breakout performance in the Super Bowl last February, football fans have wondered whether they could proudly count him as a member of the tribe.

    His latest trip to Israel certainly helps them make the case. Few NFL...

  • Is U.S. taxpayer money subsidizing Jewish terrorism against Arabs?

    6 days ago

    Taxpayer dollars in the United States and Israel are subsidizing Jewish terrorism against Arabs, a complaint filed with the New York state Attorney General’s Office alleges.

    The accusations follow a recent expose by Israel’s Channel 10 about the work of the 13-year-old Israeli...

  • Israel and Australia: A conversation with Minister Turnbull

    By Shmuel Rosner

    6 days ago

    The Australian Jewish News described my conversation with Australian Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull as “a vibrant, robust conversation”.  It was a conversation in front of a friendly crowd at the Zionist Federation of Australia’s 2015 plenary. Friendly to me – they invited...

  • Palestinian police: No evidence Jewish settlers set blaze in Palestinian home

    1 week ago

    There is no evidence that a fire in a home in the West Bank Palestinian village of Duma was set by Jewish settlers, Palestinian security officials said.

    The fire early Monday morning sent three Palestinian residents to the hospital suffering smoke inhalation and damaged the home,...

  • Rivlin: Nation’s right to West Bank not debatable

    1 week ago

    Israel’s right to the West Bank “is not a matter of political debate,” President Reuven Rivlin said.

    Meeting Monday with West Bank leaders, Rivlin also said that “settlement of the land of Israel” is an expression of that right.

    Rivlin called the settlers “pioneers,” saying...

  • Israel bought $1 billion in oil from Iraqi Kurds

    1 week ago

    Israel has purchased $1 billion worth of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan in recent months, the Financial Times reported.

    The import of some 19 million barrels of oil took place over the last three months, the Financial Times report said, citing shipping data, trading sources and...

  • Illegal migrants released from detention barred from Tel Aviv, Eilat

    1 week ago

    Some 1,200 illegal migrants who will be released from a Negev detention facility will not be allowed to settle in Tel Aviv or Eilat.

    The migrants, mostly asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, will receive a temporary residence permit when they leave the Holot center that will...

  • American Airlines to cancel flights to Israel

    1 week ago

    American Airlines announced that it will stop flying to Israel.

    The airline said it will halt its Philadelphia-Tel Aviv flight in January because it is losing money, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The Philadelphia flight, which was begun in 2009, is American’s only route to...

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