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  • Strength in Numbers

    By Michael Aushenker

    April 11, 2002 | 8:00 pm


    The message was loud and clear: Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, with terrorist backing by Iran and Iraq, was considered no less a monster than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladin. That was the message backed by thousands of Southland residents...

  • Dancing to a Different Magbit

    By Solange Borna

    February 7, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    When my friend first mentioned the word Magbit to me, I knew she was thinking of getting married. For us Persian Jewish girls, Magbit (pronounced Magbeet) comes to mind when you're all partied out, ready to settle down and attend the 11-year-old organization's elaborate singles...

  • Another of ‘Iran 10’ Released

    By Rachel Pomerance

    January 24, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    The second of 10 Iranian Jews jailed on charges of spying for Israel has been freed, but Jewish leaders don't see it as a shift in Iranian policy.

    "We take no delight in an innocent man serving more than 1,000 days in a prison for exercising his religion," said Pooya Dayanim,...

  • Washington Reassesses

    By James D. Besser

    January 17, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    The Bush administration, reeling from a week of explosive developments on the troubled Israeli-Palestinian front, is reexamining even its limited efforts to win a cease-fire in the 16-month-old intifada.

    That reassessment -- that resulted in this week's indefinite postponement of a...

  • Foul Wind From Iran

    By Gil Sedan

    January 10, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    Iran has again surfaced on Israeli radar screens as a strategic threat to the Jewish state.

    Israeli officials charged that 50 tons of weapons captured aboard a ship in the Red Sea last week were destined for the Palestinian Authority. The officials also made clear where they thought...

  • Terror Under Cloak of Charity

    By Mike Levy

    October 11, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Have you ever given money to terrorists? Are you sure?

    The Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an Iranian group based in Iraq and dedicated to overthrowing Iran's rulers, is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations. But the seven defendants arrested in Los Angeles last February...

  • Young Standouts

    By  Orit Arfa

    October 4, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    These days Benhaz Eshrat Zaghi doesn't like talking about the hardships she faced as a Jew growing up in Iran. After the terrorist attacks on America, she says, it's not the time to draw attention to the struggles between Jews and Islamic governments. Yet, it is precisely the...

  • Target One, Target All

    By James D. Besser

    October 4, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Is President George W. Bush serious about waging a global fight against terrorists and the nations that support them? Or is he just targeting the sprawling network of Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks in Washington and New York?

    So far, most evidence...

  • To Become American

    By Gina Nahai

    October 4, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    I'm 11-years-old, my world a patchwork of mixed identities and conflicting beliefs, my eyes searching for a horizon I cannot yet see but that I follow almost by instinct. It's August in New York -- a long and gray stretch of humidity and noise, people speaking to me in an accent I...

  • How to Fly if you look Middle Eastern

    By Tom Tugend

    October 4, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Sam Kermanian has drawn our attention to a list of travel tips for Iranian Jews and others of "Middle Eastern" appearance, who might be fingered as potential Arab hijackers by nervous airline passengers.

    Short of "bleaching our faces and dyeing our hair blond," the president of the...

  • Mistaken for Muslim

    By Tom Tugend

    September 20, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Two days after the devastating attack on the World Trade Center, Jimmy Delshad was driving toward the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale to attend a funeral, when he stopped to ask an elderly man for directions.

    The man took one look at Delshad's face, then angrily waved him off,...

  • The Year In Review

    By Julie Wiener

    September 13, 2001 | 7:59 pm

    At the start of the Jewish year last Rosh Hashana, American Jews seemed on the cusp of fulfilling all their dreams. This year the major terrorist attack on American soil will no doubt have overshadowed every other event of the year.

    Last year, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), the...

  • World Briefs

    By JTA Staff

    August 9, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Settler Murder Retaliated

    IDF helicopters fired three to four missiles at a Palestinian security post in the West Bank city of Nablus on Wednesday causing no casualties, Palestinian security forces and witnesses said. The strike on the Force 17 post came just hours after Israeli...

  • Your Letters

    July 5, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Rabbis' Wives

    After 56 years of being a rabbi's wife, thanks to The Journal ("Rabbis' Wives," June 22) I now discover I am obsolete. I resent the implication that the old-fashioned rebbetzin is someone to disparage. Although I have never been a paid professional Jewish educator, I...

  • Age of Restoration

    By Gina Nahai

    June 21, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    I'm two hours late for a noon invitation, my eyes itching from the unfamiliar weight of mascara so early in the day, and as I drive through town I'm rehearsing the many excuses I think I'll have to offer my host. It's a Sunday in June, and I'm about to celebrate a cousin's high...

  • Sponsor Terror, Lose Business

    By Matthew E. Berger

    June 21, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    The House International Relations Committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill this week that would continue to restrict foreign access to Iranian and Libyan oil resources as punishment for those countries' support of terrorism.

    The Committee voted 41-3 on Wednesday to...

  • Iranian Community Honors Katsav

    By Tom Tugend

    June 14, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    On the last evening of Moshe Katsav's three-day visit to Los Angeles, it was the turn of the Iranian Jewish community to fete Israel's Iranian-born president, and the hosts made the most of it.

    Like a Jewish mother drawing pleasure from a favorite son, speaker after speaker during a...

  • Jews Free Muslim

    By Michael Aushenker

    June 14, 2001 | 7:59 pm

    David Tabari's evening on April 29 started out as just another post-Shabbat night on the town. He and his wife were dining at a Malibu restaurant with 14 other Persian Jewish couples, among them Moize Benjamin.

    Benjamin told the group about Dariush Farshidian, an Iranian immigrant...

  • Coordinating Terrorism

    By Gil Sedan

    April 26, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    As the United States and other Western powers try to reduce Israeli-Palestinian tensions, Iran moved this week to fan the flames.

    In a bid to become the hub for anti-Israel activities, Iran invited Arab terror groups -- including Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad -- to a two-day...

  • Mideast Forecast

    By Tom Tugend

    March 29, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    Iraq and the United States will face off again within two years, while a likely confrontation between Israel and Syria is also on the horizon.

    The dour predictions were delivered last week at a small private luncheon by Kenneth R. Timmerman, an investigative reporter who has made the...

  • Purim in the Land of Esther

    By Julie G Fax

    March 1, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    Picture Queen Esther. Now, take those golden locks and replace them with thick black tresses, and instead of those big round baby blues, imagine almond shaped eyes the color of onyx. And that creamy white complexion? Try something a little tawnier, a little more olive.

    Now you have a...

  • Purim Story

    By Gina Nahai

    March 1, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    I have a picture of my daughter the first time she dressed up for Purim. She is 4 years old, her bangs too short as a result of a self-inflicted haircut, her face round and perfect as a green apple. She is standing between her two brothers, an arm around each boy's neck, a...

  • Briefs

    By Jewish Telegraphic Agency

    February 22, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    Iran Bans Jews From U.N. Forum

    An international Jewish human rights group said it was told by an Iranian official that Jewish groups "would not be welcome" at a U.N. conference on racism and discrimination.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center said the forum should not be held this week...

  • Money That Matters

    By Michael Aushenker

    February 22, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    On Sun., Feb. 25, a local institution turns 25. Not a physical institution, like a building or a memorial, but an idea -- a community-wide esprit de corps that, over the years, has inspired thousands of people.

    Super Sunday brings out the best in our community -- the roughly 5,000...

  • The Price of Freedom

    By Rabbi Dov Fischer

    February 1, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    To facilitate pidyon shvuyim (redeeming captive Jews from secular prisons) we are commanded to go so far as to sell a community's Torah scroll. Yet it is hard to rejoice that Bill Clinton pardoned four chassidim from the village of New Square, N.Y., along with an alleged tax evader...

  • Iranian TrialTimeline

    September 28, 2000 | 8:00 pm

    The following is a timeline of key events in the trial of the "Iran 13":

    • January-March 1999 - 13 Iranian Jews are arrested in the southern province of Fars.

    • June 7, 1999 - The Iranian government charges the 13 Iranian Jews with spying for the United States and Israel. Both countries...

  • Not Good Enough

    By Michael J

    September 28, 2000 | 8:00 pm

    Iran appears to have made a concession by reducing jail time for the "Iran 10," but American Jewish advocates insist it's not nearly enough.

    Decrying the "justice denied" in the appeals verdict announced in Iran Thursday, activists vowed that the fate of the prisoners will not be...

  • Angry Response

    By Tom Tugend

    September 28, 2000 | 8:00 pm

    Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi was met by more than 100 angry protesters Saturday evening as he wound up a four-day visit to Southern California with a reception in Orange County.

    Demonstrators threw eggs and plastic bottles at the luxury cars of guests arriving at the...

  • Global Gatherings

    By Michael Aushenker

    July 13, 2000 | 8:00 pm

    It was perhaps the most emotionally potent moment of the evening, as the elderly Rabbi Yedidiah Shofet, addressing his audience in Farsi, broke down and cried, his voice trembling, his frail body shaking.Representing the Nessah Cultural Organization, Shofet was part of a lineup of...

  • Expressing Outrage

    By Tom Tugend

    July 6, 2000 | 8:00 pm

    Throughout Los Angeles, Iranian Jews stood by their phones and radios at 1 a.m. Saturday to hear the first news on the sentences imposed on the "Shiraz 13" Jews, charged with spying for Israel."My wife has been crying ever since," said Cyrus Javaherian some 15 hours later. His wife,...

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