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  • Mubarak leaves Cairo as protests continue

    February 11, 2011 | 8:53 am

    Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak reportedly is leaving Cairo, but who is in control remains unclear.

    Media on Friday afternoon said Mubarak was on his way to the Sinai resort of Sharm el-Sheik.

    There were conflicting messages, however, about whether Mubarak remained in control, or...

  • Israel and the dictators (besides Mubarak)

    February 9, 2011 | 10:38 am

    It’s not that we’re against democracy, goes the Israeli line on Egypt, it’s that we’re afraid of the Islamists and radical Arab nationalists taking over. We’re afraid to lose the peace. We’re right on Egypt’s border – the front line. We love democracy, we want...

  • Egypt moves to limit presidential terms as protests reach 16th day

    February 9, 2011 | 9:13 am

    A judiciary committee formed to review Egypt’s constitution has agreed to amend six articles, state media reported on Wednesday, as anti-government protests continued for the 16th straight day.

    Articles 76 and 77 are among those to be changed, to put term limits on the presidency and expand who can run for the highest seat in the country - two of the protesters’ key demands.

    The 2005 revision of the Egyptian Constitution, first drafted in 1971, had made the selection of presidential candidates more challenging.

    Read more at Haaretz.com.

  • Egypt and the universal rights of women

    February 8, 2011 | 6:31 pm

    In 1799, the French artist Vivant Denon, accompanying a team of scientists traveling to Egypt with Napoleon (who excused his invasion with the logic that he was bringing democracy to the Arabs) was touring some ancient sites along the upper Nile when he came across an 8-year-old girl...

  • Siren Song

    By Rob Eshman

    February 8, 2011 | 6:25 pm

    The last two weeks have been a shining moment for the Egyptian people. For us Jews, not so much.

    In the fight for freedom they have been bold; we have been cautious.

    They have acted without fear; we have withheld our applause. They have sacrificed; we have remained suspicious....

  • Peres: Israeli-Palestinian peace urgent in light of Egypt crisis

    February 6, 2011 | 1:31 pm

    President Shimon Peres urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to move quickly toward a solution in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in light of the crisis that has wracked Egypt over the last two weeks.

    “The dramatic events of the recent period make it necessary for...