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  • Han Solo a Jew? Three Jewish actors reportedly short listed for the role

    January 12, 2016 | 2:10 pm

    “Star Wars” character Han Solo could soon join the tribe.

    After seeing thousands of auditions, Disney and Lucasfilm have narrowed down their list of actors to star in an upcoming “Han Solo” spinoff film to “about a dozen,” Variety reported.

    Three Jews — Logan Lerman, Dave...

  • Cinderella, Sir Kenneth Branagh & a Bucket List

    By Ilana Angel

    March 4, 2015 | 7:45 am

    This week I went to the premiere of the new Disney live action Cinderella movie. It is spectacular and I recommend it to young and old alike. Apart from the tension that might come from women catching their breath at the sight of Prince Charming’s blue eyes, it is also a great date...

  • Spock's good mother

    By Marty Kaplan

    March 1, 2015 | 3:34 pm

    “Oh, by the way, Leonard,” I say into the phone, as breezily as I can feign, “what did you think about Diane’s belt?”

    Leonard Nimoy is on location in Cambridge, Mass., preparing to direct “The Good Mother” for Disney, starring Diane Keaton. I’m the executive on the movie, on the...

  • BDS fail, Israeli Disneyland, Tim Cook, Canna-Tech, and more…This week from the Startup Nation!

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    February 16, 2015 | 8:38 am

    Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to inaugurate new headquarters in Israel

    Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., is planning a visit to Israel next week to inaugurate Apple Israel's new headquarters in Herzliya, Globes reported Thursday. During the trip, Cook is also expected to meet with former...

  • ‘D3: The Mighty Ducks’ scrapped an anti-Semitism scene

    June 10, 2014 | 10:25 am

    If you feel Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks” trilogy could have ended better, you’re not alone.

    Producer Jordan Kerner recently told Time that part of his original plot line for D3 — the Ducks failing to defend their title at the international Goodwill Games — would have featured an...

  • Arabic voice of Donald Duck fired over anti-Israel tweet

    February 12, 2014 | 2:03 pm

    An Egyptian radio host who calls himself the official voice of Donald Duck on Disney Middle East was fired after sending anti-Israel tweets.

    Wael Mansour tweeted the news of his firing on February 6, six months after his tweet against Israel.

    “Disney decided I am no longer the...

  • Mary Poppins does not come back

    By Marty Kaplan

    December 4, 2013 | 10:07 am

    I knew better than to expect P.L. Travers to write something sweet in my copy of Mary Poppins, but I didn’t think it would be quite so medicinal. 

    It was 1988, and I’d been a vice president at Disney for two years.  From the time I got there, studio president Jeffrey Katzenberg...

  • ‘Princess Bride’ coming to the stage

    November 14, 2013 | 9:49 am

    In what will hopefully be a blissful mawage, Disney has announced plans to work with William Goldman on a theatrical production based on both his book “The Princess Bride” and on his screenplay for Rob Reiner’s 1987 classic film.

    This is not the first time someone has tried...

  • This week from Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    September 9, 2013 | 1:42 pm

    Birthright for Christmas

    Israeli Tourism Minister Uzi Landau came up with a new initiative to increase the number of tourists arriving in Israel: bringing young Evangelical Christians to Israel for a trip of a lifetime. In a press conference held in Tel Aviv ahead of Rosh...

  • Letters to the Editor: Disney Legend, Prager, Sukkah

    September 3, 2013 | 6:01 pm

    There’s More to Marty Sklar

    I have known and been friends with Marty Sklar and his family for about 50 years. I enjoyed the article about Marty’s book and his accomplishments at Disney (“Disney Legend, Mensch,” Aug. 16). However, Marty Sklar is a multidimensional man whose...

  • This week from Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 19, 2013 | 2:27 am

    An Israeli photographer's new take on Disney fairytales

    An Israeli born photographer is making waves with the project "fallen princesses." Dina Goldstein created a photo project that shows  alternative, more modern endings to the well-known Disney fairy tales. What kind of...

  • Jeffrey Katzenberg: Mogul on a mission

    By Danielle Berrin

    July 17, 2013 | 10:26 am

    My big mistake, upon arriving at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s office, is that I didn’t bring my ballet slippers. 

    But no one really told me about the choreography of a visit here, in which Katzenberg’s vassals at DreamWorks Animation, the company he co-founded and oversees, welcomed me...

  • Philanthropist Stanley Gold set to race “Peking-to-Paris” [Q&A]

    April 10, 2013 | 9:47 am

    Stanley Gold is President and CEO of Shamrock Holdings, Inc., an investment company owned by the family of Roy E. Disney. He chaired the Board of Trustees of the University of Southern California; served as Chairman of the Board of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles; was...

  • Why Kim loves Disney

    By Marty Kaplan

    July 16, 2012 | 1:05 pm

    Until I saw 16 hot North Korean chicks singing “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” to Kim Jong-un, the strangest video that I’d ever seen of a head of state enjoying a performance was Pope Benedict XVI watching four ripped acrobats strip off their shirts and put on a show worthy of Channing...

  • America the Beautiful

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    June 21, 2012 | 1:38 pm

    The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. As much as I love Israel, my many visits in the US made me wish some American features were transferred here so that we can enjoy them as well.  It took me a while, but I narrowed my “wish list” to five American features you are...

  • Israel and the world Pt. 6- weekly news from Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    May 21, 2012 | 11:05 am

    • Tel-Aviv is known to be one of the Gay friendliest places on earth. The Gay pride week, which will take place in the first week of June, has a tourist arrival estimation of 20 thousand people, and the preparations are at their prime. As rainbow colored flags will decorate the...

  • Urban legend coming true?

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    May 1, 2012 | 2:33 pm

    Yesterday, I received a text message from my father who said: “there was an attempt to kidnap a little Israeli girl in Disney World.”

    The first thing that popped into my head at that moment was an infamous urban legend with the same title. The story of that urban legend tells of a...

  • Israeli reporter suspended after false story on Disney abduction

    May 1, 2012 | 10:54 am

    An Israeli reporter was suspended after reporting on an unfounded story that an Israeli girl was briefly abducted at Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

    Sivan Cohen of Israel’s Channel 10 had reported during Sunday’s news broadcast that a 9-year-old Israeli girl was taken from her parents...

  • Two Jews on Film: ‘John Carter’ review [VIDEO]

    March 8, 2012 | 11:10 am

    Okay, so first I have to say that I loved ‘John Carter’, the Disney 3D SciFi adventure film directed by Andrew Stanton (WALL-E)...

    The plot can seem slightly more complicated than it is…so I’ll just give you the main points.

    First, there’s John Carter (the very handsome, Taylor...

  • The Cinderella stories of Aline Brosh McKenna

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    December 30, 2011 | 7:30 pm

    When Aline Brosh McKenna pitched her very first script in her first screenwriting class circa 1990, her words were met by a hushed, possibly startled, silence.  The setting was an extension course at New York University: “I just remember somebody writing something about an art...

  • Big Sunday’s day of community service commemorates 9/11

    By Ryan Torok

    September 13, 2011 | 2:30 am

    Families and friends of all ages boxed cans of tuna and beans and boxes of cereal. A former Red Cross volunteer drew a picture of someone inside the rubble of the Twin Towers following the attacks.

    They were volunteers at Big Sunday’s food drive and community breakfast, which...

  • Mickey Mouse Jesus banned in Russia

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    August 29, 2011 | 11:47 am

    Russia had already banned “South Park” because the show’s religious characters “bore signs of extremist activity.” I guess Russian prosecutors were not a fan of Sea Man.

    Now, though, a Russian court has banned Alexander Savko’s depiction of the Sermon on the Mount, with Jesus...

  • Lessons from “Toy Story 3”

    By Misha Henckel

    February 13, 2011 | 10:18 am

    Well yes, I cried, like a lot of people. Andy shows that he cares and he does not abandon his friends. A cry-worthy moment. It’s what we all hope for from those we love: to know that they value us, after all, and that we really mean something to them.

    The astounding success of...

  • Mickey Mouse and Co. heading to Haifa

    January 4, 2011 | 2:03 pm

    Haifa is poised to be the next home to a Disney amusement park.

    A 20-acre, $168 million entertainment complex including a 25-screen multiplex and a Disney amusement park is set to be built near the Carmel Tunnel.

    The Walt Disney Company’s investment arm Shamrock Holdings and the Israeli New Lineo cinema chain announced the plans Tuesday.

    The new complex is estimated to open in 2013.

  • Trailer for Disney movie about Sarah Palin

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    September 27, 2008 | 7:23 pm

    “From the makers of ‘The Mighty Ducks’ and ‘Syriana,’ comes a comedy you legally have to see—even in cases of incest and rape.”

    I told myself I wouldn’t. But I just couldn’t ignore this gem. Seriously, a lot of the garbage on college humor isn’t even worthy of junior high. But this—like the sketch spoofing blog comments—is smart. However, I didn’t see Matt Damon’s name in the writing credits.

  • Iranian scholar says ‘Tom and Jerry’ part of Jewish conspiracy

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    September 20, 2008 | 9:50 pm

    Remember, the easiest answer is that the Jews did it. I mean, if Osama bin Laden is part of a Jewish world conspiracy, why couldn’t “Tom and Jerry” be?

    To clarify for this Iranian scholar—Hasan Bolkhari, a cultural adviser to the Iranian Education Ministry—who can’t even base his...

  • Matt Damon on Palin: ‘It’s like a really bad Disney movie’

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    September 15, 2008 | 4:53 pm

    Last week, Matt Damon was asked in an interview what he thought about possible President Sarah Palin (sorry to be so macabre, John McCain, but I’m just working off of Damon’s “actuary tables”). He reminds us that we should be afraid, we should be very afraid.

    “It’s like a really bad...

  • The greatest gift of all—and Bunnies!

    By Shoshana Lewin Fischer

    May 29, 2008 | 2:31 pm

    The Greatest Gift

    On June 8, we will celebrate the festival of Shavuot. What is Shavuot?

    Choose the words below that make the sentences correct, and then dazzle your friends with all you've learned.

    1. Shavuot marks the day we received the (phone book/Torah) at (Mount Sinai/the...

  • Producer Josephson’s vision for a new fairy-tale princess stars in Disney’s ‘Enchanted’

    By Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

    November 22, 2007 | 7:00 pm

    One of Barry Josephson's first forays into the world of fairy tales was in an elementary school production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Although the "Men in Black" producer doesn't remember which dwarf he played, that glimmer of the land between "once upon a time" and...
  • Swingin’ Chanukah with Kenny Ellis; The Klezmatics at the Disney; Three More Tenors

    By Keren Engelberg

    December 14, 2006 | 7:00 pm

    Saturday the 16th

    To our knowledge, only one man can claim all of the following titles: writer, director, actor, comedian and Dixieland jazz clarinetist. Artist of all trades Woody Allen focuses tonight on that latter occupation. He and his crew, a.k.a. Woody Allen and his New...

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