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  • One Israeli creation for the weekend

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    February 6, 2015 | 3:41 pm

    Technology – it makes our lives so much easier, but it also holds great danger, especially if we don't have the right tools to protect ourselves.

    What do you do in order to protect your computer from being hacked? Can you do the same for your car? A new Israeli invention tries...

  • Vegan lifestyle, Superhero in Hollywood, Ultra- Orthodox Capoeira and more…This week from Israel!

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    February 4, 2014 | 12:08 pm

    A bite of the Big Apple

    The flight is long and tiring, the jet-lag is sometimes unbearable, but if you ask Israelis, no place beats the Big Apple! According to a new survey, New York is Israelis' favorite travel destination.  The second place went to Thailand. Despite requiring a...

  • Researchers say Stuxnet was deployed against Iran in 2007

    February 26, 2013 | 9:57 am

    Researchers at Symantec Corp. have uncovered a version of the Stuxnet computer virus that was used to attack Iran's nuclear program in November 2007, two years earlier than previously thought.

    Planning for the cyber weapon, the first publicly known example of a virus being used...

  • Words can kill

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    November 8, 2012 | 9:27 am

    For the past few weeks my mind has been preoccupied. An event that occurred in my home town got me thinking on how mean can people be? And moreover- how mean can young people be? What makes a kid or a teenager, who didn't even get the chance to experience real life, own a heart of...

  • This Week from Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    November 5, 2012 | 9:30 am

    Former Israeli journalist, Shlomo Nakdimon, one of the most respected political correspondents in the history of Israel, will be given a lifetime award by the Israeli Journalists Association. Nakdimon has a major part in the history of Israel, and in the world of media. In his...

  • Israel opens up about national cyber plans

    June 7, 2012 | 3:51 pm

    Israel will establish a national cyber situation room as part of a national cybernetic defense concept.

    National Cyber Bureau head Dr. Evyatar Mataniah also announced Wednesday at Tel Aviv University’s Second Annual International Cyber Conference that Prime Minister Benjamin...

  • Flame computer bug may have been released by Israel, minister says

    May 29, 2012 | 9:17 am

    A computer virus attacking computers in Iran and the West Bank may have been created with Israeli involvement, a government minister hinted.

    Israeli vice prime minister Moshe Ya’alon said in an interview Tuesday on Israel Radio that “Anyone who sees the Iranian threat as a...

  • We are having technical difficulties

    By JewishJournal.com

    November 12, 2007 | 10:39 am

    JewishJournal.com was offline for about ten hours overnight, a repeat of the same technical glitch that knocked us offline earlier last week. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience and want to reassure you that we are working closely with our hosting company’s network engineers to stop the foo.

    This was not the rumored Al-Qaeda cyber jihad attack, by the way, just some runaway PHP/MySQL madness.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Top Ten Ways to tell if Al-Qaeda has vandalized this Web site

    By JewishJournal.com

    November 2, 2007 | 3:28 pm

    Debka.com, an Israeli site that tracks intelligence news, claims the cowardly pigs of Al-Qaeda are about to launch a cyber jihad:

    On Sunday, Nov. 11, al Qaeda’s [sic] electronic experts will start attacking Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites. On Day...