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  • Summer Sailing Dreams

    June 17, 2014 | 8:48 am

    danubeCruises have always been a favorite pastime vacation of singles, couples and families alike.  There are many types of cruises.  Some are day long excursions, visiting one destination, such as day cruises to swim with Sea Lions or Sea Turtles at the Galapagos Islands. These are more...

  • Did Katie Holmes file for divorce to shield the kids from Scientology?

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    June 30, 2012 | 10:54 am

    Normally, I think that only Us Weekly readers care about a celebrity divorce. But yesterday’s shocking news that marriage just wasn’t working for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has shaken another community: Scientologists.

    It’s been a tough few years for Scientology, which has been...

  • Adam Shankman melds worry with chutzpah in ‘Rock of Ages’

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    June 13, 2012 | 1:35 pm

    Five years ago, at Sadie Sandler’s first birthday party, at the estate of her father, Adam Sandler, filmmaker Adam Shankman was sitting in a plastic toddler’s chair when he was startled by another guest who sat down beside him.

    “He said, ‘Hi, I’m Tom Cruise,’ and I freaked out,”...

  • Israeli American is owner of capsized cruise liner

    January 18, 2012 | 10:09 am

    Israeli-American businessman Micky Arison is the CEO and chairman of the company that operates the cruise line whose ship ran aground off the Italian coast.

    Arison, who also owns the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat, is the head of the Carnival Corp., of which Costa...

  • Aye-Aye, Rabbi!

    July 21, 2011 | 5:44 pm

    For years, John Sherwood was a rabbi whose congregation was adrift.

    And he couldn’t have been happier.

    That’s because as a cruise chaplain, his floating congregation drifted to places like Venice, Istanbul, Costa Rica and Alaska.

    “My wife and I have a passion for travel,”...

  • Oh Carnival Cruise Line, how I wish you’d step up to the rest of them…

    By Julia Bendis

    July 18, 2011 | 9:26 pm

    Maybe some of you noticed that I haven’t written in the last week.  Alright, none of you noticed but that’s not the point.  My husband and I took the boys on a long awaited vacation on board the “brand new” Carnival cruise ship called ‘Splendor’, or as I am calling it ‘Ineptness’.

  • Don’t miss the boat: Chanukah Cruise

    By Lisa Ellen Niver

    May 20, 2011 | 11:03 am

    Join the Jewish Journal and the Jewish Cruise Club for Ahoy Vay CHANUKAH Cruise.

    Don’t miss the boat!
    December 17th-24th, 2011 Chanukah Cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Magnificent Voyager of the Seas.  Seniors, singles, couples and families are all welcome!!  The ship will be...

  • Still the one

    By Mrs. Shoshana F

    October 20, 2008 | 1:30 am

    One year ago, there were fires in mid-October.
    This year, there were fires in mid-October.

    One year ago, we were planning to take a cruise.
    This year we are planning to take a cruise.

    One year ago I was single.
    This year I am celebrating one year of marriage (this Tuesday to be...

  • In the summertime

    By Mrs. Shoshana F

    June 19, 2008 | 3:24 pm

    This Friday afternoon is the start of summer, which should make me very happy: BBQ dinners, ice cream trucks, really stupid TV shows that the networks are too embarrassed to run during the regular season. Summer ... you can’t say it without smiling.

    For most of my life, summer...

  • It’s a double date

    By Mrs. Shoshana F

    March 10, 2008 | 1:42 pm

    It has been a long time since I could call my dad and say “I made a new friend today.” I consider it one of the perks of being married. Since October, my husband and I have met several new married friends whom we’ve had dinner with, encountered on a vacation or made plans to get...

  • Tom Cruise, Jewish supermensch?

    By The Web Guy

    January 18, 2008 | 1:43 pm

    First came the Scientology promo video from Tom Cruise.

    Then came the Jewish version, from our friends at Jewcy.com:

  • Honeymoon in the sun

    By Lisa Alcalay Klug

    April 19, 2007 | 8:00 pm

    Sunny climes are made for honeymoons. Whether you opt for a kosher cruise, a getaway to Costa Rica, a retreat to Hawaii or another warm locale, juicy possibilities await with plenty of exotic, warm weather options. So take a look and pencil something in. You may soon decide it looks...
  • Keep Kosher, Cool on Alaska Cruise

    By Lisa Alcalay Klug

    April 20, 2006 | 8:00 pm

    Witnessing glaciers calving into crystal blue waters, humpback whales fluking their magnificent tails and clouds weaving cottony billows around the tips of waterfront spruce forests are all in a day's work for the average Alaskan cruise-goer.

    Like the humpback whales each summer,...

  • Choose Your Own Cruise Adventure

    December 1, 2005 | 7:00 pm

    Cruising isn't what it used to be. And to the more than 10 million people who took to the high seas last year, that's a good thing.

    While cruising used to be considered a venue for "the newly wed or nearly dead," 21st century cruising is attracting an entirely new audience,...

  • Eat, Daven, Eat on the High Seas

    By Lisa Alcalay Klug

    March 31, 2005 | 7:00 pm


    Performing cantors, adventurous shore excursions and all-you-can-eat sushi are on the menu when Kosherica sets sail. The company's most recent run, departing Ft. Lauderdale for seven days in the Eastern Caribbean, was no exception. Dudu Fisher inaugurated a string of shows, well...

  • Flying Solo This Winter? Head South

    By Lisa Alcalay Klug

    November 18, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    The leaves have turned, the days are shorter and Chag Urim, the Holiday of Lights, glimmers ahead. In the meantime, if you're single or a student, and itching to plan a winter getaway, we've rounded up a pair of juicy possibilities. Singles might consider a luxury Caribbean cruise...

  • Enjoy Wedded Bliss in Lotus Position

    By Alison Ashton

    November 13, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    Not every couple's notion of the ideal honeymoon entails a hedonistic beach resort and lots of fruity drinks garnished with umbrellas. Some want to begin married life with yoga.

    Some couples pursue tantric yoga, a form that includes a tranquil sexuality, in hopes of creating a...

  • Political Fight Wages Over Abbas

    By Joe Berkofsky

    April 17, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    The capture of Mohammed "Abu" Abbas may advance the U.S. war on terror, but it also could set off a political time bomb.

    Less than a day after U.S. Special Operations Forces in Baghdad nabbed the mastermind of the infamous 1985 Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking, parties ranging...

  • Singles Ahoy

    By Joanna Broder

    February 27, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    I've always wanted to take a cruise: the ease of planned day trips, the lure of the casino, the all-you-can-eat midnight buffets.

    So when I see an ad for a cruise on the JDate Web site, I decide to take the plunge.

    I pack four bottles of hand sanitizer (due to recent...

  • Cruise Vacation Worth the Weight

    By Tom Tugend

    December 19, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    Here's a tip to non-Jewish travelers looking for a low-cost vacation cruise.

    Pick your cruise dates to include the Jewish High Holidays in September or October, because then the ships offer their deepest discounts to fill the empty berths left by the noticeable absence of Jewish...

  • Fuzz

    By Marlene Adler Marks

    September 6, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    A day before I left for a vacation cruise to Alaska, I looked in the mirror and spied, atop my clean, bald head -- Hair! There wasn't much of it, standing less than one-sixteenth of an inch tall. But when I ran my hand over my crown, I felt the delicious tickle of stubble.