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  • ‘Son of Saul’: A Holocaust film through a different lens

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    October 29, 2015 | 4:53 pm

    Hungarian filmmaker Laszlo Nemes’ harrowing debut feature film, “Son of Saul,” spotlights a day-and-a-half in the life in 1944 of a member of the Sonderkommando in Auschwitz-Birkenau –  Saul Auslander (Geza Rohrig) is a Hungarian Jewish prisoner, one of those forced to help usher...

  • The Holocaust film that is upending the genre – and other Jewish notes from Cannes

    May 21, 2015 | 1:56 pm

    Given the long and storied history of the Holocaust film genre, it’s unusual for a new movie on the subject to be lauded as innovative.

    But the new film “Son of Saul,” the first by Hungarian director Laszlo Nemes, is being called just that. It’s also become the most widely talked...

  • New York real estate magnate Charles Cohen builds a movie studio

    By Danielle Berrin

    February 20, 2015 | 12:55 pm

    Charles Cohen, the New York real-estate mogul, is sitting quietly in his massive corner office at the Pacific Design Center (PDC), the landmark red-blue-green triptych of West Hollywood buildings he owns, when his two top executives burst in to deliver their morning report. 

  • A short film goes a long way for actress Sarah Adler

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    February 12, 2015 | 3:25 pm

    French-Israeli actress Sarah Adler has walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and at the Ophir Awards (the Israeli Oscars) for starring turns in noted dramas such as Jean-Luc Godard’s “Notre Musique” and Etgar Keret’s “Jellyfish.” So she was startled to learn that her...

  • The future of Hollywood, according to Steven Spielberg

    June 14, 2013 | 1:41 pm

    Can’t imagine shelling out $25 to see “Iron Man” in the theater? Soon you may not have a choice, says Steven Spielberg.

    Per The Hollywood Reporter, the famed director predicts price variances at movie theaters, where “you’re gonna have to pay $25 for the next ‘Iron Man,’ you’re...

  • Palestinian film wins Cannes prize

    May 29, 2013 | 4:40 pm

    A film funded by the Palestinian Authority won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

    “Omar,” directed by Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, was filmed in the West Bank and presents Israel and its military in a negative light. It tells the story of three Palestinian...

  • This week from Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    May 27, 2013 | 12:34 pm

    King David's at the top!

    The lifestyle magazine Robb Report, has selected the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv as two of the world's top 100 hotels in the African and Middle East categories.  The King David hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels...

  • ‘Killer Joe’s’ William Friedkin:  ‘I could have been a very violent person’ [VIDEO]

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    August 2, 2012 | 3:10 pm

    William Friedkin, the Oscar-winning director of “The French Connection,” The Exorcist” and now “Killer Joe”—about a violently dysfunctional Texas family—was courtly and chivalrous at the Four Seasons hotel recently, moving a comfortable chair over for me and offering coffee...

  • ‘The Dictator’ reviews are in, and the verdict is…

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    May 17, 2012 | 10:04 am

    The reviews are in for Sacha Baron Cohen’s “The Dictator,” ladies and gentlemen, and while there are pans and mixed notices, a number of the some 20 top critics I perused had good things to say about Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest spoof—mostly praising his social satire or crass...

  • Director retracts apology for Hitler sympathy at Cannes

    September 20, 2011 | 11:22 am

    Director Lars von Trier has retracted his apology for his expressions of sympathy for Hitler and Nazis at the Cannes Film Festival.

    In an interview in this month’s GQ magazine, von Trier said his apologies at and immediately after Cannes, where he was declared a persona non grata...

  • Trio of Israeli student films shine on the French Riviera

    By Jane Ulman

    May 24, 2007 | 8:00 pm

    Asaf Korman rushes into the Quinzaine Des Réalisateurs, Directors' Fortnight pavilion on the Cannes Croisette.

    "I'm sorry I'm late," he says, explaining that he's just come from a screening of "The Banishment," a Russian film by Andrei Zviaguintsev in Official Competition and...
  • Three Israeli entries vie for honors at 60th Cannes International Film Festival

    By Jessica Steinberg

    May 10, 2007 | 8:00 pm

    With three Israeli films competing at this year's 60th Cannes International Film Festival, running May 16-27, as well as several Israeli student films, Israel Film Fund director Katriel Schory credits the country's success to the "strength and power of our stories."

    The number of...

  • Cannes Not Anti-Semitic, After All

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    May 30, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    After the hullabaloo over ads urging celebrities to reconsider attending the Cannes Film Festival in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks in France, the fest's top prize went to a celebrated French-born Jewish director -- and to a film that deals more than a bit with anti-Semitism.