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  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s full speech to AIPAC

    1 hour ago

    Thank you. Wow, 16,000 people. Anyone here from California? Florida? New York? Well, these are the easy ones. 

    How about Colorado? Indiana? I think I got it. Montana? Texas? You're here in record numbers. 

    You're here from coast to coast, from every part of this great land....

  • AIPAC wants to talk Iran, but it can’t get away from speechgate

    2 hours ago

    For all its focus on Iran, AIPAC can’t seem to get away from the controversy surrounding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s impending speech to Congress.

    Speaking to attendees Sunday at the launch of the largest-ever annual conference of the American Israel Public...

  • Netanyahu warns an Iran deal could threaten Israel’s existence

    By Jeffrey Hensiek

    4 hours ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the United States on Monday that the nuclear deal it is negotiating with Iran could threaten Israel's survival and insisted he had a "moral obligation" to speak up about deep differences with President Barack Obama on the issue.

  • Netanyahu says U.S.-Israel relationship ‘stronger than ever’

    5 hours ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that the alliance between his country and the United States is "stronger than ever" and will continue to improve.

    Netanyahu, speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, said reports that the relationship between the two countries was fraying were "not only premature, they're just wrong."

  • Israeli official sees U.S. Congress as ‘last brake’ to stop Iran deal

    21 hours ago

    The U.S. Congress could be "the last brake" for stopping a nuclear deal with Iran, a senior Israeli official said on Sunday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the United States for a speech this week that has strained U.S.-Israeli relations.

    The official, who...

  • Kerry to defend Israel as Netanyahu readies critique of Iran talks

    21 hours ago

    Secretary of State John Kerry will defend Israel at a U.N. human rights body on Monday as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to criticize nuclear negotiations with Iran that the top diplomat is leading.

    Kerry landed in Geneva late on Sunday for up to three days of...

  • AIPAC emphasizes Iran talks at record-breaking conference

    22 hours ago

    AIPAC launched its largest-ever conference with a focus on the Iran nuclear talks.

    The legislative focus of the conference, which started Sunday with a record-breaking 16,000 activists in attendance, is two bills that seek increased congressional involvement in the nuclear talks...

  • Ex-Israeli military officials call on Netanyahu to cancel speech

    22 hours ago

    More than 180 Israeli former military and intelligence officials called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his speech to the U.S. Congress.

    An alliance calling itself Commanders for Israel’s Security made the announcement on Sunday, hours after Netanyahu left for...

  • Netanyahu arrives in U.S., signs of some easing of tensions over Iran speech

    1 day ago

    The United States and Israel showed signs of seeking to defuse tensions on Sunday ahead of a speech in Washington by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu when he will warn against a possible nuclear deal with Iran.

    Policy differences over the negotiations with Iran remained firm,...

  • Obama: Honoring Iran, dissing Israel

    By David Suissa

    1 day ago

    While all eyes will be on Bibigate this week, there's another drama brewing in Washington that's even more consequential. This is a new bill introduced on Friday that would give the U.S. Congress the power to approve or kill any nuclear deal President Obama makes with Iran.


  • Netanyahus to be probed for home spending after election

    3 days ago

     Israel’s attorney general recommended opening a preliminary probe after the elections into allegations of overspending at the homes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein announced his recommendation for the procedure during a meeting Thursday of...

  • Boehner defends Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress

    4 days ago

    House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner on Thursday challenged an assertion by the Obama administration that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming speech to Congress about Iran's nuclear program would be destructive to U.S.-Israeli relations.

    "The president's...

  • Our annual Purim cover: Kanye interrupts Bibi, Foxcatcher gets sequel and Lyft offends with new logo

    4 days ago

    Click on cover image to enlarge.

    Cover design by Lynn Pelkey. Headlines by Jewish Journal staff, Esther D. Kustanowitz and Elon Gold.

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  • How not to bomb Iran

    By Rob Eshman

    5 days ago

    Oh, to be in Geneva right now, facing the Iranians across a long polished table in a quiet hotel room--  because everywhere else the debates over their nuclear ambitions are raging, and the anxiety, accusations and intrigue are exasperating. Never have so many weighed in on so much...

  • Kerry questions Netanyahu’s judgment as U.S.-Israel row deepens

    5 days ago

    U.S. officials on Wednesday questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's judgment and said his outspoken condemnation of efforts to secure an Iranian nuclear deal had injected destructive partisanship into U.S.-Israeli relations.

    In an escalation of hostile exchanges...

  • Netanyahu declines Dems’ invitation for meeting during visit

    6 days ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined on Tuesday an invitation to meet with U.S. Senate Democrats during his trip to Washington next week.

    "Though I greatly appreciate your kind invitation to meet with Democratic Senators, I believe that doing so at this time could compound the misperception of partisanship regarding my upcoming visit," Netanyahu wrote in a letter to Senators Richard Durbin and Dianne Feinstein obtained by Reuters.

    Durbin and Feinstein had invited Netanyahu to a closed-door meeting with Democratic senators in a letter on Monday.

  • Obama should send high-level rep to AIPAC conference

    6 days ago

     The Obama administration reportedly will not be sending a senior representative to address next week’s annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

    Snubbing AIPAC will help lock in the caricature of a president who dislikes Israel and disrespects the...

  • Kerry appears to take swipe at Netanyahu over Iran nuclear talks

    6 days ago

    Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday appeared to take a swipe at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying critics of an emerging nuclear deal with Iran did not know what they were talking about.

    Speaking to senators, Kerry also said he expected to know soon whether...

  • Netanyahu’s main challenger to focus on his own security credentials

    6 days ago

    Battling Benjamin Netanyahu's accusations that he is soft on national security, the Israeli prime minister's main election rival said on Tuesday he would boost efforts to focus voters on his own military and strategic credentials.

    Isaac Herzog, who heads the center-left Zionist...

  • Senate Democrats invite Netanyahu to meeting during visit

    1 week ago

    Two senior U.S. Senate Democrats invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to a closed-door meeting with Democratic senators during his upcoming visit to Washington, warning that making U.S.-Israeli relations a partisan political issue could have "lasting...

  • How to spend $24,000 on takeout as prime minister of Israel

    2 weeks ago

    $68,000 over two years for makeup and hairstyling.

    $1,000 in bottle-deposit refunds.

    $20,000 in cleaning costs.

    And perhaps most impressively, $24,000 for takeout in one year.

    Those numbers are part of the "October surprise" in Israel's election, which will take place on...

  • Speaking to American Jewish leaders, Netanyahu holds firm on Congress speech

    2 weeks ago

    Speaking to a group of American Jewish leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his intention to address Congress next month, despite calls for him to cancel the speech.

    On Monday night, Netanyahu told a delegation from the Conference of Presidents of Major...

  • Comptroller’s report: Netanyahu family spent excessively with public funds

    2 weeks ago

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could be facing a criminal investigation following a government report that said he and his family spent public funds excessively on personal items.

    The report issued Tuesday by State Comptroller Yosef Shapira cited the excessive spending...

  • Does Netanyahu represent “the entire Jewish people”? An attempt at having a dispassionate discussion

    By Shmuel Rosner

    2 weeks ago

    Two weeks ago, I attempted to have a dispassionate discussion about Netanyahu's decision to go to Congress. This is not an easy task when the public discourse is saturated deep in political biases and manipulated by spin masters of all sides. Today I am going to once again try to...

  • Denmark chief rabbi rejects Netanyahu call to make aliyah

    2 weeks ago

    Denmark’s chief rabbi rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for European Jews to move to Israel in the wake of a terror attack on a Copenhagen synagogue.

    “Terror is not a reason to move to Israel,” said Denmark Chief Rabbi Jair Melchior said Sunday.


  • Nobel winner Elie Wiesel lends support to Netanyahu’s U.S. speech

    3 weeks ago

    Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel is lending his support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's March 3 speech to Congress on the dangers of Iran's nuclear program - an address that has antagonized the White House and divided American Jews.


  • Netanyahu, Israel Prize judges clash over alleged politicization

    3 weeks ago

    Several judges from Israel’s prestigious Israel Prize resigned, accusing the Prime Minister’s Office of political meddling.

    Six judges resigned from the literary panel after the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vetoed nominations for two other judges, apparently due to...

  • Answering readers’ comments on “Don’t speak to Congress, Mr. Netanyahu”

    By Shmuel Rosner

    3 weeks ago

    I cannot promise to do this following every New York Times article of mine, but some of them do prompt a large number of responses and merit a follow up. So today I will answer comments and questions following my latest article, Don't Speak to Congress, Mr. Netanyahu – the same way...

  • Don’t disrespect our president, black lawmakers tell Netanyahu

    3 weeks ago

    The audience for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on March 3 is shaping up to be largely Republican — and almost completely white.

    Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus say they’re planning to skip the speech, calling it a slight to...

  • Why Bibi should give his speech

    By David Suissa

    3 weeks ago

    Like many other American Jews, I’ve had serious reservations about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s decision to speak to Congress on March 3, against the wishes of President Barack Obama. I’m in that camp of Israel supporters who are obsessed with keeping the most...

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