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  • ‘House’ of Oscar Fever

    By Tom Tugend

    January 29, 2004 | 7:00 pm

    Jewish talent and themes scored only modestly in the Oscar nominations announced Tuesday.

    However, there was recognition for the critically acclaimed "House of Sand and Fog" by Vadim Perelman, a 39-year old native of Kiev, in his first feature film.

    Although Perelman did not make the...

  • Briefs

    December 25, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    Milken Family Foundation Surprises Five

    "It was quite amazing because I'm not someone who is easy to surprise," said Shulamith May, an eighth-grade teacher and assistant principal of Jewish studies at Harkham Hillel Academy in Beverly Hills, remembering the moment she found out...

  • Q & A With Darren Star

    By Andrea King

    September 18, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Darren Star doesn't want you to know that he spent a portion of his bar mitzvah money to buy himself a subscription to Variety, the entertainment industry's bible. It's been written about before, he claims. But it's just too good a story not to include it. Because somehow it sums...

  • The Circuit

    By Michael Aushenker

    September 4, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Juniors Rule!

    Rachel Firestone and Michel Grosz, both juniors at Milken Community High School, were among the 26 teenagers across North America to receive 2003 Bronfman Youth Fellowships that entitled them to spend five weeks in Israel this summer. Firestone and Grosz were chosen...

  • Community Briefs

    August 28, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Programs Survive State Budget Slash

    Several programs that cater to a largely Jewish clientele have survived California's budget ax -- for now.

    The Adult Day Health Care Center in North Hollywood, which had been expected to close with the passage of a state budget, got a new lease...

  • The Circuit

    By Michael Aushenker

    June 12, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Power Lunch

    "One land, one people, one bond."

    A powerful slogan for any organization, but all the more powerful coming from State of Israel Bonds, which held its "Women of Power" annual spring luncheon, organized by Israel Bonds' Golda Meir Club, at the Four Seasons Hotel.


  • The Circuit

    By Michael Aushenker

    June 5, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Film Fest Fun

    The succession of subtitles onscreen was riveting and jarring: "The biggest singer in France is Israeli.... Mike Brant looked relaxed and beautiful, except his head was lying in a pool of blood."

    The text flashed across the screen during a teaser for "Mike Brant: Laisse...

  • Charity Makes Tamkin an ICON

    By Nancy Sokoler Steiner

    May 29, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Dr. S. Jerome Tamkin doesn't keep a little black book, but he does keep a large white binder. And if you're an educational, Jewish or health organization, you want to be listed there, because the binder tracks 32 organizations which Tamkin and his wife, Judith, have chosen to support...

  • The Circuit

    By Michael Aushenker

    May 22, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Family Man

    "There are three major religions and they all say the same thing: 'You honor others and you will have others honor just as you do.'"

    So sayeth Spartacus himself -- Kirk Douglas -- during a one-on-one discussion with Rabbi David Wolpe following a benefit screening on...

  • Heschel’s ‘Visionary’ Principal Retiring

    By Jane Ulman

    May 22, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    "You always have to wait for Shirley," the receptionist at Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School announces to the people congregated in the office.

    Inside, Shirley Levine, the school's founder and head, confers with her assistant. She meets briefly with three teachers who have...

  • Israel Fest Crowd Smaller, but Solid

    By Wendy J. Madnick

    May 15, 2003 | 8:00 pm

    Rides, kabobs, Mother's Day and the Los Angeles Lakers made the 15th annual Israeli Festival an interesting experience this past Sunday. The combined forces of the holiday and the NBA playoffs brought the attendance rate at the May 11 event down to about 35,000 festival-goers --...

  • A Time ‘Too’ Laugh

    By Tom Tugend

    March 20, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    "May you be reincarnated as a chandelier -- hang all day and burn all night" -- From Avi Hoffman's selection of Yiddish curses upon encountering anti-Semites.

    Avi Hoffman, who wowed Los Angeles audiences two years ago in "Too Jewish?" is returning with "Too Jewish, TOO!" In the...

  • Offbeat Austrian

    By Rob Eshman

    February 6, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    The opening scene of "Gebürtig" is as clever and shocking a scene you'll see on screen this year: The cold, mist-covered grounds of a concentration camp. Skeletal Jews in ragged clothes huddle together for warmth. Nearby, SS officers in thick wool coats smoke, laugh and drink. An...

  • Jews Shine at Sundance

    By Amy Klein

    January 30, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    Maybe every film wasn't as overtly Jewish as "The Hebrew Hammer" -- a "Jewsploitation" spoof featuring the yarmulke-sporting, tzitzit-wearing, and gun-toting Orthodox hero (Adam Goldberg) who saves Chanukah from the Evil Santa (Andy Dick) -- but there sure were a lot of Jewish films...

  • Fear and Loathing in ‘America’

    By Keren Engelberg

    January 16, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    Iris Bahr is pretty, but you could watch her for the full span of her 54-minute one-woman production and still manage to miss that. 

    With the help of a masculine hairdo (she cut her hair for the show, and wears it slicked back) and some minimal wardrobe changes, Bahr morphs into...

  • Joining ‘Gangs’ to Work With the Best

    By Gary Rosenblatt

    January 2, 2003 | 7:00 pm

    When the now-legendary film director Martin Scorsese first discovered Herbert Asbury's book, "Gangs of New York," in 1970 and decided to make it into a film, Rick Schwartz was a 2-year-old growing up in a modern Orthodox home in Teaneck, N.J.

    It took three decades for Scorsese to...

  • The Circuit

    By Michael Aushenker

    November 21, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    Say Halo to Samueli

    Nearly 600 guests were onhand as philanthropist Susan Samueli was honored at the John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI) Auxiliary's annual membership luncheon, held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire on Oct 23 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Samueli received the...

  • Sense From Senselessness

    By Judea Pearl

    September 5, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    What follows is an edited version of a speech that Judea Pearl, the father of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, delivered upon accepting an award on his son's behalf from the Los Angeles Press Club on June 22, 2002.

    It is a great honor for me and Ruth to accept this...

  • JFSHelps Holocaust Survivors

    By Journal Staff

    August 1, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    A grant of $120,000 over three years from the newly established PIMCO Foundation will help Orange County's Jewish Family Service (JFS) expand its services to about 45 elderly Holocaust survivors who reside locally.

    The social services agency, which also provides counseling services,...

  • A Restless Man

    By Charlotte Hildebrand

    June 20, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    Even in the democratic, Anglo-Saxon anti-tank unit that Tom Tugend fought in during Israel's War of Independence, the young journalist found an ironic moment to record -- one of many that has come to define his long life of soldiering, writing and restlessness:

    "We were a bunch of...

  • Your Letters

    June 20, 2002 | 8:00 pm


    Congratulations to The Jewish Journal on winning 10 Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism ("No, Thank You," June 14). We read The Journal from cover to cover every week because you include all shades of opinion and are not afraid to tackle controversial...

  • Hero Not Forgotten

    By Tom Tugend

    May 30, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    Almost 58 years after U.S. Army dentist Capt. Benjamin Lewis Salomon was killed defending his aid station against Japanese troops, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, the American military's highest decoration, by President Bush.

    Salomon, a Los Angeles native, was 29...

  • Community Briefs

    By Journal Staff

    May 16, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    Pearl's Father Receives Science Award

    The father of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, still battling his grief, accepted a high scientific award in London on May 9, and donated the $15,000 prize money to a foundation established to perpetuate his son's ideals.


  • Community Briefs

    May 2, 2002 | 8:00 pm

    Tarbut v'Torah Gets $7 Million Toward New Campus

    Even before beginning a public fundraising drive for $20 million -- the balance

    needed to build the Samueli Jewish campus and Tarbut v'Torah high school in Irvine -- several local families lowered the hurdle by pledging a total of $7...

  • ‘Trembling’ Truth

    By Ivor Davis

    February 14, 2002 | 7:00 pm

    For filmmaker Sandi Simcha DuBowski, "Trembling Before G-d" isn't just a documentary, it's a revolutionary movement.

    The searing, award-winning film profiles gay Orthodox Jews struggling to reconcile their love of Judaism with the strict biblical prohibitions against homosexuality....

  • The Circuit

    By Michael Aushenker

    December 6, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    A Family Affair

    More than 600 people attended the Second Annual L.A. Family Housing Awards at Universal Studios' Globe Theatre. The event, hosted by comedian Paul Rodriguez, raised nearly $450,000 for L.A. Family Housing (LAFH), a nonprofit that helps 12,000 homeless individuals...

  • That Pioneer Spirit

    By Michael Aushenker

    October 4, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    On Oct. 11, City of Hope will honor Edgar Bronfman Jr. with its Spirit of Life Award.

    The success stories of Bronfman, Vivendi Universal's executive vice chairman, and the medical center are remarkably similar: both came from humble beginnings and were rooted in a strong sense of...

  • Kishon Feted

    By Tom Tugend

    April 12, 2001 | 8:00 pm

    Ephraim Kishon, Israel's premier humorist and satirist, stood smiling on the stage of the ornate Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood last week as he accepted a "Lifetime Visionary Award," bestowed by the 17th Israeli Film Festival to mark the opening of its eight-day run in Los Angeles.


  • Young Hero Sets Example

    By Melissa Minkin

    February 8, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    Nothing seemed unusual to sixth-grader Alexandra Coffey when she and nearly 300 classmates filed into the auditorium at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy last week. But then she spotted her parents. Next, she recognized a uniformed police officer. And before she knew it, she was called...

  • Heschel West Trail Blazers Honored

    By Susanna Crosby Perrin

    February 8, 2001 | 7:00 pm

    In the early 1990s, Drs. Bernard and Melanie Gero began to look toward the future for their young children. Both the products of Jewish day schools in South Africa, the Geros wanted their own children to benefit from the daily exposure to Jewish life that comes with being a day...

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