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  • Carol’s Poems

    By Susan Esther Barnes

    October 15, 2014 | 9:20 am

    Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, it is said, God decides who will live and who will die in the coming year. During that in-between time of judgment, a woman I’ll call Carol died quietly in the night while her husband, who I’ll call Samuel, slept.

    I only met Carol twice. The...

  • Raining on the Ice Bucket Parade

    By Albert Fuchs, M.D.

    August 29, 2014 | 11:13 am

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a truly horrible illness. It is a progressive fatal neurodegenerative disorder that leads to worsening muscle weakness.

    Weakness in the limbs initially makes handwriting sloppy and makes it hard to...

  • The Ice Bucket Challenge: Where metrics meet meaning

    By Danielle Berrin

    August 27, 2014 | 12:49 pm

    A philanthropic campaign designed to combat an aggressive and debilitating disease has gone viral on the Web. 

    In little more than a month, the Ice Bucket Challenge has inspired a spectrum of regular folks and celebrities — including politicians, athletes and movie stars — to...

  • ‘Rubble bucket challenge’ is latest online salvo in Gaza conflict

    August 25, 2014 | 3:41 pm

    It’s been going on for weeks. Relentlessly. With each new salvo, we wonder: will it never end?

    It is the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, a viral social media trend that’s inspired celebrities, politicians and thousands of everyday citizens to make videos of themselves dumping buckets of...

  • Jewish Journal’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    August 20, 2014 | 1:19 pm

    The Jewish Journal does the Ice Bucket Challenge and we would like to challenge Jeffrey Goldberg, Tom Friedman, David Brooks and Howard Stern to do it next!

    To donate, please visit www.alsa.org.

  • Jews take up the Ice Bucket Challenge – and some choose hummus

    August 19, 2014 | 12:46 pm

    Over the past month, a viral sensation has flooded the Internet: the ALS ice bucket challenge,  in which people post on social media videos of themselves dumping buckets of ice water over their heads to raise awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the neurodegenerative...

  • The Sacrament

    By Rob Eshman

    May 25, 2010 | 4:26 pm

    Before he came to Los Angeles to die, my cousin Lloyd lived in a courtyard apartment in Oakland. He was 34. That year, the doctors diagnosed his twitchy arm and
    trippy legs as Lou Gehrig’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He saw a specialist at UC San Francisco who...