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Madoff stolen sculpture back with a note to ‘swindler’ re film?

by The Web Guy

January 1, 2009 | 11:30 pm

Bernie Madoff’s modren art sculpture, which had disappeared from his Palm Beach estate, has been found, police said.  A note attached to the sculpture may refer to recent a German anti-capitalist movie, or one of the Ten Commandments, your choice.

The note read:

Bernie the Swindler, Lesson: Return Stolen Property to rightful owners. Signed by - The Educators

From The Gothamist:

Earlier this week, scamming investor Bernard Madoff’s housekeeper reported that a $10,000 statue was stolen from his Palm Beach estate. Yesterday, the Palm Beach police found it—near the Palm Beach Country Club, where Madoff reportedly wooed many investors to join his Ponzi scheme—and the statue had a note attached.

The Palm Beach Post reports the statue of copper statue of two lifeguards (he was once a lifeguard in Far Rockaway) was found by two pest control company (!) employees who saw it in the bushes. It had a note reading, “Bernie the Swindler, Lesson: Return Stolen Property to rightful owners. Signed by - The Educators.” Palm Beach police captain George Frick said, “There is a little symbolism that it was left on the west side of the country club.”

And when the PB Post told him about the 2004 German film, The Edukators, “in which anti-capitalist activists break into the homes of rich people, move furniture around and leave notes that say ‘the days of plenty are over,’” Frick said, “Interesting.”

A English language (plus subtitles) trailer for ‘The Edukators’ is here. The original title, in German, is ‘Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei,’ which means ‘the fat years are over.’  And don’t we know it! Have you priced a prime filet lately?

The ‘west side of the country club’ symbolism is confusing, but if he means the lifeguards are on the left edge of the club looking east, then the club is under water, which may be portent or paranoia.

Maybe my geography is off.  Boca I know.  West Palm a little.  Palm Beach not so much.




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