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“Let Him Rot in Hell”

by Rob Eshman

June 30, 2009 | 2:12 pm

Larry Levine

So Madoff got 150 years.  Best interview I’ve heard on this was with an ex-con named Larry Levine, who now evidently does big business consulting with other white collar criminals on their time inside the Big House. He paints a chilling picture of what Madoff can expect inside:

Levine: Well, he was in a detention center. … He’s had a little taste of custody, but now he’s going to be living in a cell, which is going to be his permanent home and this man who lived in a penthouse for years is going to be living basically out of a two-foot by four-foot wall locker. That’s where all of his personal items are going to be stored and he’s going to be subject to being counted several times a day, possibly strip-searched. He’s not going to have any privacy, and he’s probably going to be terrified for his life because people are going to want to get to him.

He goes on to detail the kinds of people Madoff will be hanging out with until the end of his life. 

He’s going to go to a medium. And he’s going to come in contact with people that are bank robbers, killers, rapists and gang members. He’s going to be in an extremely dangerous environment and he’s going to be serving time with other people that have life sentences. Those people don’t have an out date either. So if things jump off, they’re not going to hesitate to do something to Bernie. They don’t care. What can you possibly do to somebody who is serving a life that’s not getting out anyway? Nothing.

Levine makes his living consulting with these prisoners and their families.  But when the interviewer asks him if he’d help with Madoff, his response is just heartwarming:

I wouldn’t help the guy out because I view him as an economic terrorist. If you rip off a bank and insurance company, an institution, that’s an acceptable crime. Bernie hurt people. He hurt people individually and I refuse to help people like that. Let him rot in hell.

Perfect. Amen.

Read the whole interview here.

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