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Madoff scheme stings Israel

By Danielle Berrin

December 18, 2008 | 11:00 pm

As Bernard Madoff awaits trial in his $10 million Manhattan apartment, non-profit organizations in Israel are closing their doors.

The Chais Family Foundation, which closed its Encino... read on

  • Jewish Community Foundation moves to recover Madoff funds

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    December 18, 2008 | 9:27 pm

    Since losing $18 million in cash investments—worth $25.5 million on paper at the end of October—the Jewish Community Foundation has emphasized that it is “aggressively pursuing every possible recovery and remedy.” Tomorrow it will make that effort more official when it announces the... read on

  • Uncle Sam could lose billions in Madoff scandal

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    December 18, 2008 | 8:50 pm

    The U.S. government didn’t invest directly in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. But it could take the biggest hit of all. From the AP:

    Even Uncle Sam may get burned by Bernard Madoff. Investors who lost their fortunes in Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme will end up paying far... read on

  • Count Minneapolis Jews on Swindler’s List

    By Rob Eshman

    December 18, 2008 | 4:28 pm

    Between $200-$600 million dollars.
    That’s one estimate on how much money members of the Minneapolis Jewish community lost to Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.
    “Many, many people are wiped out,” someone close to that community told The Jewish Journal.
    (More details later from our... read on

  • Madoff cost Jewish Family Service $425,000

    By Rob Eshman

    December 17, 2008 | 8:17 pm

    Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles (JFS), the premier Jewish provider of a wide variety of social services to LA’s poor, elderly and disabled population, lost $425,000 in the Bernard Madoff scandal.

    The money, a portion of the JFS Endowment Fund, wasmanaged as part of the Jewish... read on

  • What Madoff investments reveal about Hollywood Jews

    By Danielle Berrin

    December 17, 2008 | 7:51 pm

    As financial losses resulting from the Madoff scheme continue to bleed throughout the country, two things have become clear: Jewish investors are acutely affected, and a few of them hail from Hollywood.

    First we heard about Spielberg, then Katzenberg, then their longtime business... read on

  • Bernie Madoff won’t ruin my Shabbat

    By David Suissa

    December 17, 2008 | 6:53 pm

    If you want to understand what’s behind the financial and ethical scandals we’re all consumed with these days, go to the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas on any Saturday night, and look for the loudest craps table.

    If it’s a loud table, that means the roller’s on a winning... read on

  • Another Madoff domino falls: Hadassah loses $90 million

    By Brad A. Greenberg

    December 17, 2008 | 5:55 pm

    The number is almost too big to comprehend. It’s not quite as much as the $110 million that Yeshiva University lost in the Bernard Madoff investment scheme. But I’m not sure Hadassah has $90 million to spare. That’s right: $90,000,000.

    JTA reports:

    Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist... read on

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