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Ryan Braun’s Jewiness

by Uriel Heilman, JTA and Jewish Journal

Posted on Jul. 24, 2013 at 12:46 pm

The news that “Hebrew Hammer” Ryan Braun has been suspended for using da juice while playing America’s favorite pastime apparently has riled up the Jew haters.

The Jewish Journal has compiled a list of  “10 anti-Semitic twitter reactions to Ryan Braun’s suspension.” Here's our favorite:

lol Ryan Braun is NOT giving back his MVP award, name me one time a jew gave something up willingly — Michael MC @irishrebel311

What is it about anti-Semites and Wisconsin?

The irony here is that though Braun, an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, has been embraced by Jews, he apparently doesn’t consider himself Jewish. (I know, I know: We should have copped up to it earlier, when he actually was a hero.)

Here’s what USA Today reported about the matter on Aug. 28, 2007:

Joe Braun was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and came to the U.S.A. at age 7. Diane was raised Catholic in Van Nuys, Calif. Ryan was not raised Jewish and never had a bar mitzvah, but suddenly he’s hearing from Jewish organizations claiming him as their own.

“He’s totally not Jewish,” Diane says. “I heard some organization started called him “The Hebrew Hammer.” I said, ‘Oh no.’ My mother would be rolling over in her grave if she heard that.”

“Ryan [Diane says] is proud that people want to claim him now, but where were they before? You know how that stuff works.”

h/t Interfaithfamily.com

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