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Husband’s love letter

by Marcia and Dr. Rick

May 13, 2010 | 10:44 am

Sarah from Agoura Hills

I found a love letter on my husband’s computer that was written to an employee of our small business.  He might not have sent it to her but what do I do?  Fire her? Confront him?

Clearly there’s a problem in your marriage. And from the sound of it -  there may be many problems.  You discovered a letter by snooping so already it tells me you have a trust issue with your husband.  And you found what you probably were looking for, a letter that most likely tells you that your husband is being somewhat unfaithful.  So it’s time to talk turkey with your husband and after you do that, if you want to save this marriage you go and get some professional help to find out how to resurrect your relationship.

I would agree with Marcia that there is no other alternative then to have a very direct conversation with your husband telling him how hurt and disappointed you are by this letter you discovered.  The primary issue is whether this is a marriage worth saving and the two of you need to confront how you got to this pivotal moment.

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