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Dealing with a boss who lies

by Marcia and Dr. Rick

September 1, 2011 | 6:04 pm

Claudia writes: I have a boss that lies constantly and yells a lot. Sometimes he seems genuinely unbalanced.  Complaints to upper management have resulted in my being even more poorly treated. It’s clearly time to leave before I get fired so I am actively looking for another position. Should I report the screaming fits to Human Resources before I go? It seems like there is no possibility for a good reference from my boss, so why not try to effect some change?  On the other hand, this would most likely just worsen things for me during my remaining time.  What should I do?

Dr. Rick says:  I think the answer to your question is extremely clear.  It’s only a matter of putting things in the right sequence.  First, hold on to this job while searching for your next position and once you have secured it and given notice, then it makes sense to make your concerns known to Human Resources in the hopes that others might suffer less.  It makes sense to wait on any further complaints in an effort to make your day-to-day life there as pleasant as possible.

Coach Marcia B Says:  I agree with Dr. Rick in terms of the steps you should take.  My concern is for your references.  While you are searching for a job, you can ask future employers to please not contact your present work place, as they don’t know you are looking for a change.  Make sure you don’t whine about this job to anyone.  It’s not a good selling point.  Simply say the job was not a good fit for you but prepare a reason why.  Before you leave your company, ask Human Resources for a letter of recommendation or a promise that the dates of your employment will be the only information to be disclosed.  After all is said and done you can tell Human Resources what has transpired although I’m not sure way you haven’t talked about this with them.

Best wishes,
Marcia and Dr. Rick

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