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  • Husband reneges on promise to have kids

    By Marcia and Dr. Rick

    March 19, 2010 | 4:24 pm

    Jess in Palo Alto, California asks:
    I’ve been married about a year to a woman I do love. Before we got married we agreed we’d start a family after a year. But I now realize I don’t want children. How do I handle this with my wife?

    Advice from Marcia:
    I think if you are serious... read on

  • My Daughter’s real father?

    By Marcia and Dr. Rick

    March 18, 2010 | 2:11 am

    From: Connie in Austin, Texas
    My 14-year-old daughter’s biological father may be a man I had an affair with while married to my current husband who is the only father she has ever known. I have been tormented about this all these years and am hoping the two of you can help me... read on

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