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What is The Glycemic index?

by Sima Cohen

February 3, 2014 | 8:42 pm

What is The Glycemic index?( Or GI)

Basically,the glycemic index is just a way of roughly measuring just how a food's carbohydrate contents will affect a person's blood glucose levels. The more unhealthy the food is,the more it will fall under the high glycemic category and the healthy food fall under the low glycemic index.  Diets with high glycemic foods, such as white bread, paste, white rice often results in the person suffering from obesity, excess belly fat, heart disease,and diabetes.

To lose weight and avoid all these wonderful 'treats' above
You need to eat low glycemic food,since it has lower negative impact on the glucose levels in the blood and lead to lower body fat levels in your body. It's sound complicated, but it's really not. How do you recognize if a food is high or low on the GI?Simple. If the food is

Un-processed, it will be low on the GI. That means that all foods with refined or processed
Ingredients should be avoided as much as possible.
Another easy thing to remember about the GI is that anything with a value of 55 or less is considered low. If it's 70 or more it will consider high. The medium range is anything between 56-69.

Just remember: low glycemic levels are also low carbohydrates level.

Foods with carbohydrates that break down too quickly will overload the body with sugar energy,and that sugar energy gets converted into fat. These foods are very high on the GI. However,foods that breaks down slowly,releasing energy at the rate that your body can handle and use are rated very low on the GI.

Look below to see for yourself which of the foods that your eating are the one responsible for your love handles and weight gain.

LOW glycemic foods are:
Brown rice
Whole grains
Most vegetables and fruits
Whole oats
These have no or low carbohydrates and they're digested very slow in the stomach, releasing their sugar energy slowly and will give you long lasting energy!

MEDIUM on the GI:
Whole wheat products

Plain bagel

Black bean soup

Still a healthy option!

HIGH on the GI
White bread
White rice

Danish pastry

Taco shell
When you eat these foods is the same if you swallow a tablespoonful of sugar. The Carbs in these foods transform quickly into sugars which can not be used by the body and turn into fat!

So choose wisely.
Only YOU can control what goes inside your body, nobody else.

What's your favorite low-glycemic food? Let us know at the comments below.

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