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Meditation for Weight Loss

by Sima Cohen

January 11, 2012 | 1:52 pm

Last week I hammered home a concept that may seem foreign to most: losing weight is not about eating less and exercising more. (Quite a concept, I know.) Losing weight actually begins in the depths of our minds, and since my coaching is a process of a few months or more, I thought I should let you in on my second biggest secret: Meditation.

Meditation is a very powerful tool that can help you to open up your mind, clear your thoughts, and free you from unwanted stress and anxiety. It can help you to avoid costly mistakes and find peace within. It’s kind of like having a meeting with God where he reveals to you his freshest ideas and perspectives on your life. If there is anything plaguing you, the answers are there… in the quiet space, waiting on you to find them.

Meditation will also rest your mind the same way that sleep rests your body. Some Tibetan monks meditate for hours at a time while sleeping for less than 4 hours a night! You don’t need to go that far. Even five minutes in the morning is better than nothing. (Ten would be even better, but, you have to start somewhere.)

Think meditating is too zen or stupid? You just turned down a meeting with God, and a very important opportunity to free yourself from whatever demons are plaguing you. (Yes, abusing food and gaining weight, included.) Expect the anxiety, stress, mistakes, and chaos to continue. The best part of meditating is that it’s FREE! (Hey, I’m a Jew - I love free stuff!)

Meditating is also extremely easy. Start by finding a quiet place with no distractions. Sit your booty down, close your eyes, and breathe. Breathe in and out, and every time a distracting or negative thought comes in, power through and let it go. It may take some time to master “letting go”, but it’s really that simple! With time, you’ll be in charge of your thoughts, not the other way around! Your mind won’t play those silly games with you. Meditation will help you to take control; to be the master of your mind, the administrator of awareness. Real change starts “upstairs”, in YOU!

Peace and Om,

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