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Henry Rollins

by Joy Bennett

January 19, 2014 | 9:47 pm

Henry Rollins, photo by Joy Bennett

I went to the Los Angeles Travel Show today at the LA Convention Center, and while there saw Henry Rollins speak.  He is an amazing, very energetic, unusual fellow.  He’s a writer, musician, actor, spoken word performer, etc.  He’s also a wonderful speaker, and spoke for over an hour with no notes, just off the top of his head. 

Some of the many points he made: “Disabuse yourself of ignorance through travel.”   He traveled at first with his mom when quite young, then on his own.  If he had his choice, he would always be on the road, or planning a trip.  He’s been all over the world, and prefers the remote, out of the way places, the more difficult to get to and far away the better.  He said “the world is quite a friendly place.”  He’s found wherever he goes, if you go with a welcoming attitude and be polite and friendly, most everyone is the same way back.  He said “this is a pretty mundane existence unless you travel, and “life is short, and travel makes you fascinating.” He said the most dangerous place was in California, that’s where he almost got killed twice!

He really emphasized that it’s important to travel and see the world because that will eventually make everyone realize we are all the same under the skin.  It is impossible to want to bomb a country after you have visited there, talked to the residents, gotten to know their children, and understood what they were all about.

The Los Angeles Art Show was there also, which was excellent, and had amazing artwork from all over the world.

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