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HBO’s The Newsroom

by Joy Bennett

August 13, 2013 | 2:02 am

If you only watch one show on TV, make it The Newsroom on HBO Sunday nights at 10.  This tight, funny, mesmerizing drama, based on the high-wire act of producing a live daily national news show, is truly one of the best TV shows ever produced.  Aaron Sorkin creates and writes the majority of the episodes, and it’s brilliant. 

The show is based on the network ACN, based in the fictional city of Atlantis, reminiscent of CNN’s home base in Atlanta, Georgia.

The characters are all smart, neurotic types, who have an excess of book sense and not quite enough street sense to get by.  Of particular note is Jeff Daniels, who plays the anchorman.  This actor certainly has remarkable range.  Mr. Daniels  was such a convincing fool in the movie Dumb and Dumber, now he is the exact opposite: a highly intelligent but smug and neurotic news anchor.  Other actors worth mentioning:  the beautiful and talented Olivia Munn plays a financial reporter perfectly; and even the legendary Jane Fonda has a small role as a network executive. 

You might say after watching a few episodes, well, people don’t talk like that, with whip smart, velvety dialogue, but oh, if only they would!

I’d also like to mention the free service you get if you’re an HBO subscriber.  They now have a free service called HBO GO, which you can sign up for.  It allows you to watch their programming on ROKU, iPads, your smart phone, Apple TV, Android, and other devices anytime you wish.  Fun!

A note about comments:  I understand it is very difficult to comment here at the Shiksa in Hollywood blog.  However, if you visit my main website, joybennett.com, it is very easy to post comments there, and I hope you will.    

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