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by Rob Eshman

January 11, 2010 | 5:23 pm

Tracy Millman with Joey Boots

For the past few days Howard’s been playing and replaying an argument that took place on the after-hours “Wrap Up Show” between Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk and Tracy Millman.  It’s verbal cage fighting.  Benjy is a funny guy, a show writer, but he cannot go word for word with this tough chick who bats him around with her mouth until he literally starts making animal noises.  And here’s the kicker: Tracy is not an on-air talent, she’s the office manager

A few years ago, Tracy had a now-famous run in with Steve Grillo, a former show intern who was working as a bartender. She accused him of stiffing her with a big bar tab for drinks he said he’d comp her. That was the first time Stern—and his fans—heard Tracy Unleashed, and it was radio gold.  Stern’s talent, his genius, is to recognize the power of a truly individual voice.  In some ways that’s the heart of his show’s success: his ability to bring out and highlight the unique voice of everyone in his orbit.  He recognizes, and is truly excited by, the power of the true, honest individual voice.

Now he’s talking about giving Tracy Millman her own radio show.  (I can just see it, TMZ, the Tracy Millman Zone. Let Harvey Levin come after her and she could snap his head off with a hard stare).

“If she could bring up that level of honesty and anger,” Stern said , “she’d be a huge personality.”

There’s a big lesson there: find your true voice, and you could be huge.

Especially if your true voice is really articulate when its angry…...

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