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NYC Stern

by Rob Eshman

December 28, 2009 | 11:38 am

In New York for vacation.  It feels like home, partly because the Levy-Wallach clan gathers here, partly because the food is endless and amazing, but also because Howard broadcasts from here.  Lstening to him every week day, I feel a part of the city.

And I’m among his fans. A couple of days ago Cousins Larry and Nina invited us for brunch to their apartment on the East Side, and Larry looked at me seriously and said, “So what about Artie?  Does he leave the show or stay?  I think he’s tanking it.”

There’s a conversation starter you don’t get much in LA.

More Howard moments: Walking on Broadway near 80th, there was a truck from the North Shore Animal Shelter, Howard’s wife’s Beth’s charity. I walked up to the ladies in charge and said, “I’m a member.”

In Times Square, passing the Marriot, where Robin was caught up in the shooting of the CD scammer—surrounded by a billion people, and THAT’S what I remember.

You could write a book at how Howard shaped the image of this city—- another reason to take Stern seriously….

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