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Howard Stern’s Ice Bucket Challenge

by Rob Eshman

August 20, 2014 | 2:02 pm

Jewish Journal staffers take the Ice Bucket Challenge

I almost didn't want to challenge Howard to the Ice Bucket Challenge.  He's dismissed it on the radio, channeled his inner Ben Stern to deem it nonsense, and basically let it be known that it wasn't for him.

And I get it:  we love Howard is exactly because he doesn't follow the crowd.  Back in July, Matt Lauer already nominated him, and if I recall Howard said if anybody poured cold water of his head, he'd cut off theirs

But as the Jewish Journal staff was preparing to dump ice on our heads to raise money for ALS, Danielle Berrin, our staff writer who organized it, suggested we add Howard to the list of people we challenged: Tom Friedman, Jeffrey Goldberg and David Brooks.  It was our short list of mavens-- the people we need to read to help us make sense of the crazy world. 

I thought for a second and decided: Howard belongs on that list.  His commentary on the news is as much a reason to love the show as his interviews and staff interactions.  Howard's commentary is a mix of satire and good sense and sheer outrageousness, and it has been helping me face the world long before Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver came along.   Stewart begat Colbert and begat Oliver... but Stewart himself will tell you he was a Stern listener before he was "Jon Stewart."

If Howard does take the challenge I'm certain he'll find a unique, sick, funny, twisted way to make it his own....

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