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Greatest Living American Humorist, II

by Rob Eshman

June 22, 2011 | 4:38 pm

Today Arlyn, one of my colleagues here, stopped my on the way to the coffee room and said, “Howard loves you.”

Arlyn drives in from the Valley, a looong schlep, and she listens to Howard each way.  Thirty something, single mom, professional, well-educated—exactly the type of person Howard’s critics assume DON’T listen to him.  And she loves him.

She told me Howard mentioned my blog post from yesterday.  I missed that listening on the way in, but we found it on YouTube:

Just for the record, here’s my Top Ten for America’s Greatest Living Humorist:

1. Howard Stern
2. Woody Allen
3. Steve Martin
4. Larry David
5. Stone and Parker
6. Garrison Keillor (Not my cup of tea but fair is fair)
7. Jon Stewart
8. Stephen Colbert
9. Don Rickles
10. Bill Maher

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