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Getting Gary Down

by Rob Eshman

March 17, 2011 | 1:19 pm

The Howard 100 News Team did a piece on my last post about Gary Dellabate’s leadership woes.  Gary, it turns out, was not a fan.

After the news piece I genuinely felt bad for being perceived as piling on Gary—a popular Stern Show sport. I meant every word I wrote about what an accomplished producer he is, but he’s the one who is constantly complaining about the staff not respecting him, and about Howard undermining his authority.  Those were the complaints I asked Drew Kugler to address.

Then again, maybe it’s none of my business.  The magic of the Stern show is that it pulls you into a universe of people and issues that really have nothing to do with your life.  You get caught up in it, like a batty old man talking back to his television.  I have no clue to what extent Gary’s complaints are real or “for the show.”  I have no idea who Gary is, beyond how he comes across on my car radio.  If his complaints about being disrespected are entirely an act, then I stand corrected—and he’s a damn good actor. 

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